Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I miss the game.
I miss the adrenaline rush when i step into the batter's plate.
I miss getting knocked down by huge-violent kick ass girls.
I miss my position as a catcher super much!
I miss the tedious trainings with my girls.
I miss the bruises from getting hit by the ball
Most of all, i miss my team. Their're one of a kind. (:

Today's Hari Raya. So it's a public holiday. Had tuition in the morning. Was 30mins late. Tuition ended pretty late too. Mum picked me up & we ate at Ikea. Meatballs with Broccoli & chicken!! :DD It's super super delicious. After that walked around Ikea. & I saw this medium super soft elephant soft-toy. & My mum bought it for me! YAY! Superrrrrrr happy! :DDDDDD I called my sis to share my joy with her. HAHA. Damn happy. Picture's below. Overall, i had fun eating & walking around with mummy. Laughed alot today. Not cause i got the elephant.

Met Justin, Stacy, Gladys, Wei Xiang, Samuel, Yi Fu & whatever his name is to study. Had lots of fun today. & Afew ppl msged me 'Happy children's day'. For goodness sake, i'm going SEVENTEEN! I'm not a kid! -.- Samuel still can say i talk non stop without any pause. -.- At least i add noise to the quietness right. Oh & one last thing before i go, Samuel & WeiXiang are superrrr funny. Samuel blew solid mucus(Stacy's word) into WeiXiang's mouth. Super disgusting. Didn't see it, but they told me. Freaking sick can. But their're both hilarious. Laugh non stop. Yes yes i spend 50% of my life laughing Justin -.- LOL. That's why my cheeks are so fat. I don't want BAZZAR MAGAZINE!!!! That includes Juice & Cleo. & Stacy, i don't want a comb! & Stop combing my hair half the time. It's not messy! -.- I'll kill you people. Haha.

I miss Rai, Farna & ShiKin very very much ): Meet me after your hari raya!! ;D

P.S. If my pictures aren't clear, it's cause my CAMERA IS SPOILT!! Javier, you owe me more paper!!!!!! ))): My one & only camera!! The flash is spoilt!! ): JAVIER TAY! I wanna kill you. Kay la i won't. Just give me more paper from your amazon & i shall let you off. HAHA. See, i'm such a nice cousin. I'll tell Uncle Andy what you did. LOL.

P.S. Cui Lian, read your blog. Whatever it is, cheer up okay. You've got me!! :D If you ever need anyone to pour your feelings out to, i'm just a call away! (: You're never alone kay. Smile (: I wanna see you all happy & chirpy (: Nadine will blast your life with laughter. Lol. SMILE :DDD ilyyy. Perk up okay? Everything will be okay soon. Don't be so down.


When i have money ima purchase tt for DouDou (:


Cool right the shelf?

Love the prints (:


Drank this ytd with Javier, Yh. Super dizzy after tt -.-

Gladys camera-shy

Justin, Me & Gladys (:

Justin's stupid face & Gladys.

Samuel & WeiXiang. The super funny people.

Justin wrote tt. I do not talk to myself can. No one responds when i talk lo -.-

This is how Stacy & Gladys eat their burger. So weird right? What's the point of calling it a burger when you take out the meat and eat the bread!! LOL.

Stacyyyyyy :DD love love her.

If i could steal her i would :D

Samuel, botak head.

New flavour of Hello Panda. SUPER DISGUSTING. Yuck. Hate it. I stand by my Chocolate Hello Panda.

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