Monday, April 28, 2008

Your fav colour, red.
The things you said to me, she doesn't know.
No, not a single clue.
You said you want me back more than her
Flattered, but you & i both know why we can't be together.
You were & is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

MYE has started. Had English paper today. It was alright. Had lunch with nepalese before heading home to study Geog. Lol. The moment i turned my head, i saw DouDou sleeping on my book. Damn cute. After awhile, she got irritated when i tried moving the book. She then walked towards me & laid her head on my lap. & She gave me the damn innocent look. Her eyes can make your heart melt. (:
Have been sutdying since morning till 7 plus. Gaaah! This is considered my break (: Haha.

Okay bye. Gotta go study.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nothing's worth more than your presence
Your presence is all i ever yearn for.
Nothing compares to the great
ness of my Saviour.
He is the way, the truth, the life & light.

Had tution today. I nearly broke down man. My tuition teacher was really pissed with me. I blame myself for not revising on the basic knowledge of math. I really feel so.. Ugh! I'm really scared right now. Gotta start brushing up alr. Need to be serious and sit still, & STUDYYY!
Lol. Al accompanied me to Cine. There was a flea market there. Met Rai shortly after. She bought ALOT, i seriously mean, ALOT of stuff. Haha. All the things she bought were nice :D
Anyhoos, then we camwhored while waiting for Alfee. I had so much fun with Rai. Laughed alot too. It's never a bore when with Rai. Cause she does stupid things to make you laugh! After she met him i left to meet my mum.
Oh &.. I met Daphne!! :DD Haha so happy. I didn't see her at first. I so wanted to hug her. But her mum was there. Another time then ((: Daphne i was so happy to see you. Pardon me for my blur face. It took me awhile to realize it was you. Haha sorry!! I was actually day dreaming. You look happy anyway :DDD Thats good. ilyyy.

P.S Beloved, don't worry so much anymore. I wish i knew how you feel, but i don't. In fact, i was more than estatic when my bro went into the army. But i'll be here for you come what may. :D You've got me to lean on. Whatever time it is, just give me a holla if you need someone to talk to okay. ilyyyy :DDD

Okay pictures of Raihanah & others.

The SPASTIC & RETARDED faces of Raihanah. :DDD

A love that sets me free.
One that gives me hope when i'm down.

It's everlasting.

It's 1.41am & i'm still awake. I shall blog a alittle about the past few days and i'll turn in (:
Celebrated the March and April babies last Wed in class. We actually made a terrible mess in & outside the classroom. Teachers actually came out from the staff room to complain. Lol. People were smearing cake on everyone's faces. I went over to 4N2 to be away from the madness. End up my whole class got scolded badly. We actually disrupted other classes. Had to stay back during recess to clear up the mess. I escaped :D
Last thursday i had food poisoning. Damn that sucks. I couldn't concentrate during tuition. I didn't dare tell her i was unwell. So i just endured. Which did me no good. As i could hardly concentrate. That explain why i didn't attend school on Friday.
I met Beloved yesterday as she sent her bf for BMT(army). Met her after together with Cherie. Cheer up okay Beloved. You'll get to see him in just a blink of an eye :D Plus this Thursday he gets to come out. For the time being, i shall entertain you as much as i can. We'll study together okay beloved :D ilyyy. To Daphne, i'm sure your FB audition went well. You are a natural dancer. So don't worry okay. ily & miss you so so much! :D
Lastly, Past few days didn't really get the chance to spend much time with Al. His busy with school & so am i. His lectures ends so late. Plus whenever we meet, it's less than an hour. At least i get to see him (: I'll always imitate the dumb faces he does to show him how ridiculous he looks when he does that particular expression. Which makes us both laugh like crazy. & My mum talked to him yesterday. HAHA. Cause he called my hp & i was sleeping on my mum's bed. She was beside me taking care of me as i wasn't feeling well. She picked up the phone when he called. Lol.

Okay i shall turn in now. Gotta wake up early for tuition tmr ))): On the bright side, i get to meeet Farna & Shi Kin. & Hoefully, Rai too cause i miss her so so much :D & Shaa too. If i happen to be at the gig area. (:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I need a light tt shines
One that glows through the darkness that surrounds me
If only you were that light.

Went library with Stacy, Donna, Jessica, Javier & Justin today. We studied there. We studied for 3hr30mins. After tt Stacy & i ate at KFC. Accompanied Stacy & Jessica to wait for their bus then i left. Plus Jessica & Donna keeps laughing at my face -.- It's insulting. Especially Jessica. Shet thinks i'm a form of entertainment and keeps laughing at me. & Her laughter is horribly loud & squeaky. So you can roughly imagine how high pitched & loud she was being. Lol.& Guess what? I lost my ez-link.. Again. I only realized when i boarded the bus. GAAH! Thank goodness my wallet's still with me. I just can't seem to remember where i placed my ez-link. The only place where i THINK it's at, is the library. Hopefully it's there when i check tmr. If it's really lost, this would be my 5th time re-making my ez-link man. Why oh why do i always loose my things. Somore the important things.

I miss those 2 crazy people :DDD

Monday, April 21, 2008

Always & Forever.
Till i turn old & grey, still i will never forget you.
& Yes, you will always always be my number one boy.
Cause nothing can ever compare to the memories you & i both shared.
If only time could bring me back to the day i first got you.
That'll be the happiest day of my life.

I'm freaking tired. Last night i slept close to 2.30am. Reason being, i was doing my F&N coursework. But hey, the feeling of finishing up what i was supposed to do felt so great despite the frustration of staring at the screen & typing non-stop. & Yes, i managed to pull myself outta bed and go to school. Haha. My mum msged me during recess saying that she was happy that i went to school. & So did some others. Made me feel so guilty though.
Anyway, after school hung out with the softball clique, ShiKin & Desiree. Studied abit. Today's nurul's birthday. We crapped ALOT in the library. Laughed alot too. We made so much noise tt Mdm Lily(the librarian) came after us with a rolled up paper and started whacking us. But it's the play play kind. Even she was laughing. Lol. Nurul was happy though. (((: Glad she was happy. Ate dinner with ShiKin :DD & We bumped into Aswhin! Ahhh damn he gave me a shock. Then again, i was damn elated to see him. I hugged him real tight man. Really miss him so so much!
Okay i shall turn in now. I just finish studying awhile ago, & i'm really feeling damn lethargic.

The people i love so dearly & have great fun with!! :DD

Javier wanting to kill tt girl. LOL. Play kill la.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Breathing is harder.
You tell me to take it easy.
Maybe it's too soon to see if i'm happy.

Last Friday Beloved sang for the chinese competition. She sang really well :DDD Haha. She really put alot of effort into it. & She got FIRST place! Ahhh so proud of her!!! (: She deserves to win.
Anyway, played Squash today after church. Started at 4-7pm. Played continuously. Damn tired. I'm physically drained. My wrist hurts too. I got to play with Anja!! Haha. Damn happy. I took afew videos of her. Will post the pictures & vid below. Oh &.. Not forgetting, Beloved's singing video! Yes i took it down :DD

Beloved's Singing :D

Anja. (:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm reallly bored to death! Lol. Okay not really. Anyway, i shall post some random pictures. Lol.
Some pictures below are taken at a studio. I think i was still in primary school. Not sure. I used to audition for commercials. I still remembered what they asked me to act out. Damn dumb. It actually came out on tv. But obviously not me. I was scared like hell. So, yeah. Haha. My mum said when i was little i always laugh & smile. :D

Alfred said ' Wah you so young then act so lian.' Lol. Meaning i like so fierce like one gangster. LOL.

A close up.

This was taken when we(Claris, Me, Lian) were sec one.

Me & Raihanah. HAHA. Doesn't she look ANEROXIC??! HAHA!

SHIKIN! HAHA. She looks so adorable. Lol.

This picture's cool. I like this picture. It's a twin picture ((: Haha.

P.S If you don't know, ask me personally, though it's kinda obvious. Haha.