Friday, February 27, 2009

They say a picture portrays better than words do.
I've captured every moment spent with you.
Now, that's better than a diary.

Left school halfway. Having bad cramps and headache. Stupid cramps. Yesterday was far more worst. It was a combination of cramps and headache -.- I vow i felt super uncomfortable. All i wanted was a bed with pillow, and just lie there doing nothing. My cramps were so bad that i puked my dinner. So much for eating. Zy was with me the whole time. He stayed by my side till i slept. He was super sweet though. He was playing the guitar that me & DouDou fell alseep. HAHA. Even DouDou fell asleep. Super cute.
He sacrificed his time at the gym to accompany me. ((:

Okay bye. I wanna take a nap. I so wanna bomb my stomach -.- Stupid cramps go awayyyy! GAAAHH!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Time seems to fly so fast for the past few days. Went home quite early today after school. On the brighter note, i got to see Louis (: Felt as if we were in prison. Haha. Cause he was outside the school. So the only way we could communicate would be behind the fence. Anyway, it has been raining lately. Feeling super duper cold.

P.S. I'm dying to go shopping! My wardrobe needs to be revived. Lol. Seriously, i NEED/MUST/WANT to shop! After April i will? Maybe.

Below is a video of Petra singing. Really nice (: Taken last year. Enjoyyyy :D

Monday, February 23, 2009

No matter how bumpy the journey may be..
Better memories are yet to come.
Better days & happiness is coming our way.
Just you wait & see.

Last night i slept ultra early. LOL. 9pm plus. Was really worn out. Don't know why either. Anyway, school's a bore -.- Plus i recently found out O levels are most likely to be on 26 Oct!!!! ): My 18th birthday!!!! ): Oh well.

I shall upload interesting spastic photos & ytd's one with zy. & A video of Anja dancing. LOL. She's really cute. Sorry if the video's blur. Just see a figure jumping around crazily & music created by her- That's my cousin. Lol.

This is the Physics lab. I have no idea how Justin actually can sleep like tt. Lol.

HAHA. Guessing who? It's Samuel! LOL. During Chinese remedial last Friday, he walked around the class wearing tt mask. He's not even from the school anymore. LOL. Damn spastic.

Somehow i had good hair day ytd. Ultra extra super duper good hair day. Lol.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I vowed i'll never fall back down.
I promised myself to be bubbly.
Maybe, just maybe.. I'll succeed this time?

I haven't been updating daily. Don't really have the time due to school. So many remedials and all. Today is a Thursday -.- Ugggh! Hate Thursdays. Reason being? It is the longest day for me. School ends later than usual, remedial after tt, then home to chng & off i go for tuition. Very packed & rushing for me. & I am very tired. On the brighter note, at least the end of the week's nearing. I need to bath now before it's too late. Kay bye! I shall update soon. Nothing interesting happened this week so far. So.. Yeah. Before i go, i shall end my post with DouDou's picture. Lol.

If you're wondering why DouDou's mouth area is pinkish-red, It's cause she ate something of tt colour. I have no idea what she ate. She gobbled it down real fast even before i could even see what it was. Plus i just bathed her on tt day. & She dirtied herself on the same day -.- She's super naughty. She has been stealing my stuffed toys too.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's day everyone! (:

It's all about the love. LOL. Anyway, actually Zy & i don't believe in Valentine's day. If yknow the story behind valentine's day, how it came about and all, you will know why it's so not worth it to celebrate. Oh well. We still went out anyway. But mainly for our 4th month ((: He booked a jap restaurant(it's my fav) though he doesn't really like to eat jap food. That was really sweet & thoughtful of him (: We met in the evening. Before tt i had a photoshoot with my bestfriends :DDD Rai, Shi Kin & Farna. It's been quite sometime since all 4 of us are free. I had hell of a time. It was ultra fun. Love the scenery & all. The photos are even nicer. The nicest photos i have ever taken by far! (: I'm more than satisfied for now (: Every year we spend our V'day tgth. Haha. I sure do love them very much to the maxxx! :DD

I had a great time with Zy too. He is by far the best thing that's ever happened to me. We have quarreled so much lesser now. & I'm very happy about tt. Plus, he bought me a box of choc & surprised me last Friday by coming to my place earlier. I gotta shock. But i was super ecstatic to see him. Imagine you come out of the toilet & you see him sitting on the bed looking at me. Lol. He even made a card & video for me. That's total sweetness! Not all guys even bother to decor the card. He even cut out heart-shapes to stick on the envelope. This juct shows how much effort he put in. & Not just give me a plain card. The card's really beautiful. The video is one of the best gift i have ever receive! & I love it to the maxxx ((: I am happy happy happy! I love Zheng Yang super much, & no one can ever change my feelings about him.

HAHA. Sorry Farna. I ruin the pic by smiling.. I can't help it! Lol.

Raihanah! ((:

ShiKin! ((:

Farna! ((:

Me! LOL.

Zheng Yang! My one & only :DDDDD

I made this for him. The instructions partially drove me up the wall -.-

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Tash & Nik! (:

My sister's birthday was on 8 Feb. I planned a surprise birthday party for them tgt with my mum & Jo's help. Sent several invitation emails to all their friends to come for the party. Getting Tash friends were difficult man. They never reply -.- At least everything turned out well. They didn't have any idea tt there was a surprise party for them. Their friends arrived earlier than them. Joseph was texting me to tell me where they are. When they were nearing the clubhouse, i switched off the lights and the moment they walked in, everyone started singing the birthday song. They both screamed. Esp Nik. They were shocked to see so many people. Then we played pinata. Nik used a softball bat, Tash an unbrella. Nik was violent. Scared the crap out of everyone. Lol. Overall it was fun (:

Thw twins were actually planning a surprise party for each other. The things they plan were really unique & super out of the box kinda ideas. But they did not amanage to carry out their plans as all their friends could not come cause they were coming for mine. LOL. Their're both really sweet. The things they planned conincidentally were the same! Scary eh? Their're twins i guess. So yeah. Telepathy. Anyway, Pictures shall prove it. There are tons of pics. The rest are in fb.

P.S. I'm too lazy to tag everyone in fb. There's too many people to tag. My neck will litreally break. So will my arms.