Sunday, October 4, 2015

Yummy food in Hong Kong.

BEST EGG TARTS IN HONG KONG (to me at least they are!)

Tai Cheong Bakery
35 Lyndhurst Terrace,Central

Chao Yang Restaurant
27F, iSquare, Tsim Sha TsuiHong Kong
Tel: 23698202

It's a must to order the famous Peking Duck. It's so good i ate so much of it it was such a satisfying dinner. I loved their veg too. I dont like veg that is overly cooked. Chao Yang restaurant def did it right! The view whilst having dinner overlooked the harbour & we managed to catch the light shows just in time. It was spectacular. I was smiling from ear to ear.

I got so distracted by the beauty of Hong Kong that i didn't realise my mum was walking towards me. It was so funny because at the same time, i was texting her, telling her hiw beautiful the scenery is & how she shld come here when she visits HK again. Before i knew it, she covered my eyes real tight(scaring me quite abit), took me 10s of feeling the hands on my eyes before i said " Mummy?". She lifted her hands & she was standing right beside me. I cldn't believe it! I'm not easy to surprise but my mum managed to pull it off with Uncle Ian being the mastermind! Heh. That totally made my night! (:

We took a train to Shenzhen for some shopping!

Teo chew restaurant
Hong Kong university

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sunset Peak, Hong Kong

We took a ferry from Central to Mui Wo. From there, we took bus 3M to the start of Pak Kung Au. The bus will show the places it is arriving at so u'd know where to get off. If not, ask the bus driver if u are unsure so as to avoid dropping off at the wrong stop & taking a longer route instead which wld waste alot of time. 

We started our hike by climbing stone steps that never seemed to end. It was so tiring but every step we took brought us higher & the view was amazing. We were literally hiking amongst the clouds & it felt absolutely amazing. It was cooling so the erratic weather didn't bother us. Lol. Though we were praying it wldn't rain heavily, or at all. The weather was very cloudy & it only started to rain the moment we ended our 6hr hike. Thank God! 

Honestly, we missed the actual spot for Sunset Peak. We came to a conclusion that we must have walked right pass it -_- I was so angry & upset when we realized we walked pass it. There were no clear signs leading u to the exact location!!! Still, it was a breath taking hike & we enjoyed it very much. The view is just spectacular. 

Had this delicious bowl of beef noodles near my hostel(Mongkok). I do not know the exact address so i hope pictures will do. I had this the last time i was at HK with Louis. I had to come back again to eat the beef noodles & i rmbred how to get there. Satisfied my cravings when i found out it was still there! Heh (: