Saturday, August 31, 2013

Colour Run Singapore.

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If you've read my post on The colour run event i participated in, you wld hv seen the video i posted too.
So, this post will be all pictures! Ya'll can see the funky costumes ppl wore!

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The race pack.
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This little girl is so cute! Her ballerina pink skirt is so pretty!
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Even guys can wear tutus!
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The chicken man.
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Hahaha this 3 ppl their costume damn own. The girl wore her tutu on the head! Lol looks lika bride.
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Raihanah's ruggers.
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We had to queue up to reach the 'starting line'. We were realeased in batches.
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Because the queue was mad long, thank God they had a water point half way through the queue! Was so thirsty man.
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The 1st km, was Pink!
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Rai & i rolled on the coloured ground! HAHAHA.
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Look at the trees!! HAHAHA it turned Pink too!!
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2nd km, Blue!
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A mix of Blue & Pink!
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Banana's wet armpits turned blue! Hahahaha.
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Walking hand in hand w bunny :*)
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3rd km, Yellow!
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If u look closely, my eyebrows are yellow too. Which made me laugh real hard when i realised! LOL!
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4km, Red!
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Aft walking through the Red zone which was the 4th km. No one wanted to get the red cause it overwrites ALL other colours & its rly difficult to wash off!
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They had 2 carful of bananas!! Super alot la. Lol
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An after party for all participants aft the run.
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Yeah i sat on top of R. Hahaha. Had sucha good view of everything!
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My fav photo of R & i which Zuby edited for us :)
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