Sunday, November 30, 2008

Maybe things went too fast.
Too soon in fact.

Joke of the day : ' I don't know what's spastic, i only know plastic. ' (Words from a mouth of a 13 year old) She's an O school children group dancer. When she said tt Steph & i laughed like mad.

I'm kinda broke now. Ahhhh need a miracle to happen in my financial life man. Anyway, i hung out with some of the cg members after church. Buffalo's having 40-50% sale. Most of em came out of the shop with a bag. LOL. Fully loaded people. Anyway, the rest went back leaving me, Weng Lok, Lester, Daniel & Samuel. We walked around then met Jin Long & Yan Ming. Jin Long drove us to eat at Upper Thomson. Super full man. We were all squashed at the back of the car like a can of sardines man. I had to prevent myself from laughing cause my hip bone would poke Samuel's leg if i laughed. Lol. Their're super fun people to hang out with. Funny. I have a vid of Lester dancing. Superrrrr spastic man. I shall upload it when i have the time. Au voir! :DDDD

Saturday, November 29, 2008

In the end..

It's you whom i always find myself walking to.

I'm super bored. Waiting for my mum to come home from work then she's gonna bring me out. Other than tt, i have been doing house chores & playing pet society on Facebook. Lol quite fun actually. Zy chatted with me on msn. See the nonsensical things we wrote. Lol

I think i wrote the chinese word 'Sha gua' wrongly. Lol oh well.

You can see how bored we were. LOL

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oh boy didn't you see the beautiful stars tonight?
It shines bright, showing us the way to life.
So we need not worry, & just follow the light.

Woke up at 5.30am today to send Sumitra off. Jasmine, Zanna, Annie & some others were there to send her off. It was super sad. Quite afew ppl cried. Of all the nepalese i've ever sent off, this one is the saddest. I guess it's cause Sumitra stayed on with us longer & she played a big role in my life as a friend, & softball captain. Hell yeah she did a great job being the captain & more than tt, a true friend. She never fails to make us all laugh with her nonsensical jokes. She held back her tears, putting up a tough front. We hugged her real tight before she went in. The next one would be pabitra. One by one all the nepalese leave -.- If only they could stay in S'pore forever.

Met Mitchell after tt as he wanted to pass me my late birthday gift. he bought me a orange guitar necklace. Thanks Mitchell! You even got one of my fav colour. I love it, but not more than my other guitar necklace! HAHA. Still, i will wear it kay. Thanks Mitchell! :DD

Reached home early afternoon & slept all the way till evening & went shopping with my sisters & mum. Sisters looking for prom dress. The best thing is tt there was a discount in certain shops like Forever 21, Topshop/man, Miss Selfridge, warehouse etc. Gotta say a particular password to the cashier 'Closet Therapy', & you'll get a 40% discount. Good right? Haha. Thanks to Justin for telling me. End up also didn;t buy anything -.- My sisters walked the whole of Marina Sq & didn't even buy anything. Waste of time can. Other than tt, i got to meet ZhengYang!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD Oh after 2 long days of not seeing him. I missed tt ninny so much. ((((: Lol.

PICTURES (: (& The ones from OAC camp. Part of it.)

Ima miss you a great great deal! Thanks for scolding me just so i'll wake up to my senses during the hardest time of my life. Thanks for encouraging me, & most of all, being there for me making me laugh super much! (: I love youu Sumi! :D

A card made by Zanna. Nice right? Super artistic.

Jasmine & Sumi. Bestfriends in class (:

Me & Sumi! (:

Me & Jas (:

Mitchell! (:


High Elements!

Me & Irfan

Maggie for dinner.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Above all else,

He always pulls me through it all.

Went to Mount Alvernia hospital to visit my grandfather today. He has hallucinations. He was "cooking" in the hospital bed. He thinks he's cooking. He kept moving his hands in circular motion, as if
his stirring the frying pan. Then he told my uncle to keep the fish & meat (No such ingredients present) into the fridge. Then later on he asked to close the window, which he referred to the door, then close the curtain cause no sunlight. So we switched on the roomlights to make it seem like the sunlight from the window. Lol. Plus he hept speaking to me & Nik in TeoChew. We just stared at him & went ..' Huh?'. At least he remembers us. Hopefully he gets well soon! & My uncle's watch is a phone. Super cool man. Lol. His watch called my phone. Not only that, it's touch screen! HAHA super funny.

After tt met Jasmine for early dinner! I missed her so much. We caught up on alot of things and all (: Then i left to visit Steph's grandma, who is also cute. Haha. The way the grandma sleep super cute. Anyway, we ate at HK cafe tgth with Steph's mum. 2 Hospital visitations in one day. Haha.

Gotta turn in soon. Gotta reach the airport by 7am tmr to send Sumitra off. Till then.. (:

My moo moo mummy! Remember Jas? HAHA.

Blonde streaks. Cant really see -.- Oh well.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When one door closes,
Another opens.
I'm not gonna give up; No i ain't.

Dyed my hair copper brown. My mum helped me. My lovely dad bought for me the dye. & Did blonde hair extension. Can't really see. 2 bunch only. Oh well. Shall put more another day. Super ex. 5 Bucks each bunch.

Arab street & Haji Lane wi
th Mitchell & Irfan today. Bought a few accessories. We came across a costume shop tt sells alot of awesome costumes. Super unique. I knocked my head into a lorry's rearview mirror when it was parking. Unfortunately Mitchell's shout didn't process into my brain fast enough. Lol. Dinner with my mum at Oasis. Super full. The photos shall tell the story of my day (:



Funkay pink long standing hair. LOL

Mitchell! (: Indian costume.

Irfan! (: Like small boy eh? HAHA

Irfan & Mitchell! :D

Idk where on earth he looking at -.- Lol

A shop's graffiti. Super nice right?

This shop's cool. The decor's nice.

Many pigeons at Bugis man. So much shit too.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

To cut bangs or no bangs?

Asia conference was awesome! The queue's were extremely long man. People queued at 8am for the 6pm service. I envy their great hunger & thirst for God. I enjoyed Rev Benny Hinn's preaching the most. It was great! The miracles were the best. Jut shows you that God's really moving in our midst. The lame could walk, the deaf could hear, & those with cancer were healed! :D PTL! Today was the grand finale. Celebraties like Liu Geng Hong, JJ Lin & Vivi Wang performed etc. The service ended with a song & with balloons, coloured papers and sparks flying everywhere. Lol. It was a beautiful sight. Ended super late. Thank goodness my mum fetched me back tgth with Zy (:

That boy's finally getting better. His exams are coming. Aftertt i can spend as much time i want with him. In fact, during service today i had so much laughter disturbing him. For once, he actually smiled & laughed so much. I love it when he laughs! Super contagious &.. His charming (: Okay to sum it up i really love that ninny boy.

I'm tired & i misplaced my ez link. Lol have to find it. Anyway i'm thinking of dying my hair light brown & doing coloured hair extensions. Sounds so wild eh? I'll think about it first. Oh well.


The super long queue. There was more behind me. Plus it was firgging hot.

My sister & me ! (:

Manhunt! Yan ming! Couldn't stop laughing at him.

Deborah! She won 2nd place!!!

Iris! (:

The balloons were pratically everywhere.