Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gastown & Chinatown

Gastown is said to be the oldest town in Vancouver. It's a place filled with historical buildings, rich culture & vintage clothings. It is also a pretty touristy area so there are one or two souvenir shops located in Gastown!

Coffee shops are in abundance & one need not worry about lousy coffee (so i was told). Unfortunately, the Mocha i had in Gastown in a cafe called 'Buro', was prolly the worst i've ever had. My cup of mocha was sour & later that evening i had a terrible tummyache! I do not know if the coffee beans had too much acid in em or it was the choc sauce that had gone way pass it's expiry date. My mother ordered a cup of latte and her coffee tasted fine. Def not as sour as mine was. That was my only bad cup of coffee i had in my one month's stay in Vancouver.

The vintage shops are lovely. If you bother to dig through the clothes, you can find rare items that are reasonably priced & aren't sold off at a ridiculous amount! Quality is relatively good anyways.

Gastown is a really nice place to take a walk & to find different knick knacks in hidden Vintage shops. There was a Desigual shop selling really cool designs of which i actually liked. I'm actually not a fan of Desigual as i find the designs really awful. But the ones i saw in Vancouver were pretty unique & not as oldish as the ones i've seen back home. So if you do ever pass by the store, go in to have a look! The store owner says she purchases the stocks by choosing random designs as she does not follow the season trend.

Chinatown is a walking distance from Gastown. So, we walked over and were surprised by how near it actually was! They are all kinda linked together. Chinatown isn't very huge, but they do have yummy lil bakeries selling Hong Kong pastries which are pretty legit! & Many other Chinese restaurants & sinseh shops!

Also, we visited the Dr Sun Yat Sen park since i read online that it was highly recommended! My mum says there are a few in Hong Kong too. The garden although small, is beautifully decorated.

*Do note that the park closes daily at 6PM!*

New Town Bakery & Restaurant

148 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1T3, Canada

Open Daily: 630am-830pm

One of the best ways of discovering Vancouver is to cycle. Fortunately, one of the kitchen staff took the time to bring me around and lent me his gf's bicycle. He took he cycling around a couple of places such as Commercial Drive, Gastown & Chinatown. You see different parts of Vancouver whilst cycling & it is a totally amazing experience although i must admit it's a little intimidating to be cycling alongside cars. They have designated pathways specifically for bicycles.. But it's still scary to have larger vehicles whizz by you so fast! So do be careful whilst riding a bicycle on the road.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vancouver, Granville Island.

I was told by a friend who used to live in Vancouver that i have to visit Granville Island. I searched online that Granville Island is not that far off from Kitsilano but i didn't know how to get there. On my second day in Vancouver, i decided to explore the area. Specifically Kitsilano & West 4th Avenue area. But i took a wrong turn and ended up walking by the beach & i just followed the shoreline.

I walked to the 'No Leash Zone' dog beach, where i took a short break to watch the dogs & their owners bond. I continued walking after & saw a sign stating that Granville Island wasn't that far off. I decided to follow the directions & after several minutes i reached!! I was insanely happy lol. Who'd known my little exploring would bring me to Granville!

Granville Island is amazing. I spent hours there just walking around. In fact, i think i actually spent more of my time at the Public Market walking ard looking at the food! Everything looks so good its so hard to pick just a few! 

Granville Island is open from 9AM-7PM daily!

This is a little housing for people to take a book to read in return they would have to put back one. Such a great idea though.