Saturday, October 11, 2008

Do you know what it's like to meet someone charming, & has exactly the same character as you? It's scary, yet it opens our eyes to how we are like. Weird, but true. I know how much certain things mean to you when you start babbling like a chatterbox. Especially when you keep repeating yourself constantly. Oh how it triggers the bomb in me. But it overwhelms me by the fact that the way you talk & act is exactly like me. You're like a clone of me. But sometimes you're way over my head & you make me wanna rip my heart out. You're sweet & incredibly adorable when you start laughing. & You make me smile whenever you start singing to me, smiling gleefully & looking deep into my eyes. That's when i know how much you love me. This shall be a brand new journey. A fresh start. Through thick & thin, i am sure everything will go just fine if we just make an effort. Nothing's impossible through christ. & I am sure we can overcome all bumpy obstacles. (:

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