Saturday, August 30, 2008

I need to be far away.
Far from everything that's holding me back.
It's taking a toll on me & i can't breathe.
All these torturous symptoms are killing me bit by bit.

Watched Stacy & Glady's Chinese dance performance today. Yun Hao, Justin, Di Kai, Yazid & i together with some of my classmates went to watch their performance. Their troupe 'Huay guan'. The performance was great. Stacy & Gladys daced really well :DDD It was money well spend. Stacy had quite a number of flowers. In fact, the whole performance done by the troupe was awesome.

Afternoon was awesome awesome awesome. What more can i ask for. My dose of happiness that keeps me from being down.

All the performers. (:

Stacy! Doesn't she look pretty? & She danced really well :DD

Stacy & I :D

Gladys!! She danced well too ((: It was easy spotting her as she was one of the tallest.

Yazid (: Who didn't even understand the dance when they were talking. LOL.

Justin, me & Yun Hao(The emo one)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Do you know how saddening it is?
I wish i could hug you right now.
Seeing you but not being able to express my feelings to you..
It sucks.
Call me crazy, but i love you deeply boy.

Today's Teacher's Day! :DD Had a concert. Quite a number of graduates came back. It was great seeing the teacher's smile though. The performances went well. My 2 dance items, which is hip hop(S.D CREW) & broadway dance(HSM), it was great (: S.D crew stands for 'Sape Dia crew.' in malay. Which means 'Who's that'. & HSM is High School musical. I looked blur though. Anyway, i can't post the video. Don't know whats wrong with blogger. To me the MOST entertaining performance would be seeing Justin walking down the hallway with an umbrealla, dancing to the song 'Umbrealla' sung by Birhang & played by Joe(Guitarist). It was ultra funny to the maxxx! I think practically the whole school was laughing at justin man. HAHA. His really brave man (: & I saw Daphne, Diane, Rai, Farna, Aswhin and Irwan & gang. The pictures shall do the talking :DD

I had an awesome afternoon. It was the best of the best so far. I wish time would stand still. I'm crazy over this afternoon. I hope for more of these type of afternoons (:

I know the mask is scary. Lol. So i added a twist handsign to make it look less firgthening. Haha. The mask is used for the hip hop dance.

ShiKin, Nisa & Me :D

That's Yazidddddd :D His hidden talent: He can actually dance! (:

Irwan (: His so tall & huge, i could spot him from afar. Lol.

I know i look weird. I was in the process of changing clothes halfway. Lol.

Shikin :D

Ikshan, ShiKin & Birhang (:

My cheerios! My bestfriends :DD Farna, ShiKin, Me & Rai!

Mr Raj, Benedict, Ashwin & i. I look stupid -.-

Ashwin! I miss him so much! :DD & You missed my HSM dance!! LOL.

Diane & Daphne (:

Mr Kong!! :DD His the BEST teacher i've ever known. His damn nice kay. (:

Irfan (: His got a great talent in dancing. His moves are awesome uh.

Daphne :DD My precious Kamgong gf (: I was so glad to see her :DD

Justin & Javier took this. I didn't even know that they took this shot while i was asleep. I was really tired.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Your heart it lives in mine.
In just afew days i can sum up all the fun we had
I just wish time could stop.
But the thing is, you ain't mine.
Until i'm convinced, i'm not leaving.

Je pense que j'ai la tête tombée au-dessus des talons pour toi. Je suis tombé amoureux ainsi de toi. Je souhaite juste que vous ayez été complètement garçon de mine. Je cancled mon instruction juste ainsi je pourrais voir toi et des prehaps passer le temps avec toi. Mais vous m'avez négligé. Nous même n'avons pas passé beaucoup d'heure ensemble. J'étais espérant moi pourrai vous étreindre et embrasser sur ma maison de dos de manière avec toi. Mais vous êtes parti. Vous êtes parti sans mot. Vous êtes parti sans dire n'importe quoi beaucoup. C'est où il a né sur moi. J'ai si peur de vous aimer tellement. Mais la chose est, alr d'I ont. Je ne souhaite pas devenir blessé. L'admitt I je ne suis pas avec émotion fort. Mais mes sentiments pour toi sont vrais. Je t'aime.

Ignore the above. I just felt like writing out everything i am feeling right now. Don't even bother finding out what it means. I'm tired &.. Whatever. Tiring day tmr. Bye.

P.S. Je souhaite que je pourrais te dire combien je suis tombé pour tois.

Let the sun shine upon us.
I'm not gonna hide, no i'm gonna come clean.
Time for us to stop this pretense.

It's freaking early in the morning & i'm blogging -.- It's 7am for crying out loud!! & It's a Thursday! Why am i up so early at this time?? School starts in an hour 3o mins. I SHOULD NOT BE AWAKE! Lol. I even nearly walked out of the house man. Thank goodness something suddenly popped up in my mind reminding me it's THURSDAY!!! I was thinking ' Eh? Isn't it Thursday today? & School starts at 8.30am what.' I turned to Tash asking her if today is Thursday. She said yeah & i started screaming. Tash was laughing at me -.- Why oh why am i so blur. Since i've got some time, i shall study (: Today's gonna be a really long day. & I hope it ends fast & smooth. Till then .. :DD

Absence makes the heart grow fonder <3

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I think i'm moving on w/o you.
Be it good or bad, i've packed my bag
& I'm all set to go.

Didn't attend school today. But studied at home. Taking a break now. Tash is trying to play the song 'Boston' by Augustana on the piano. It's an awesome song. When she learns the whole song, i'll video it down & post it here. But right now i can't study cause she's being too noisy. Lol. She keeps playing & pausing. It sounds like a broken radio. Gotta start saving money for next month. Their're 4 upcoming birthdays. ;DD

Louis Lee, I heard you cut your hair!! Ahhh i wanna see! Like finally!! I'm so gonna take a photo of your new hairstyle when i see you. & You're greatly missed! Why didn't you come online? How can you abandon your darling? Lol. ;D

I think i've fallen head over heels for you.
Tonight is the night i'll never forget.
I miss your hugs.
I adore the way you twirl my hair & your lovely smile.

Tired. Lack of sleep. & Drained physically & mentally. I'm praying for a miracle. I pray tt God will see me through all these chaos.

Wait & i promise you everything will be close to perfect (:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

You waltz into my life lifting my spirits up.
Now that you're gone, its gone all grey.
I'm growing weak & you're not by my side to pick me up.

After church headed to City Hall to have lunch. Supposed to watch 'Money No Enough 2' with the whole church. Unfortunately all 4000 tickets were alr sold )): So we ended up walking ard. Played arcade. Superrrrr fun! Had fun camwhoring in Toy'r'us too :DD Lol. The guys were hilarious. They used a rubber-sqeauky hammer to knock my head. Bullies can. Plus they had fun doing tt -.- I'm like their prop.
Had dinner at Novena, 'Ayam Penyet'. Yummy :D Had an extremely crazy-long talk. We match make each other -.- Inclusive of my sisters who weren't even present. LOL. But it was dead fun :D

Pictures :D

Steph Chan! :DD My wonderful cgl & "sister ". Haha. She's damn nice.

She treats me like a little sister. Always buying me food (:

Weng Lok & Adin just lied in those pile of soft toys. Hilarious. They messed up the whole place. Plus they were like throwing soft toys at one another. Haha.

Adin emoing with Wall-E!

Adin & Daniel
using those dolls as their girls. LOL.

Jun Xing & i (:
His the youngest in the cg.

So gay right? LOL. Weng Lok & Zheng Yang.

Weng Lok & Zheng Yang being gay agn -.- Haha.

This muffins are ultra tatsy to the maxxx! & i left it on the table )))): Damn sad okay. Ate 1 & my sis ate 1. The other 4 gone. By the time i realised i left it on the table, it was gone. )): I was planning on bringing it to school to give Shi Kin cause she love muffins. Plus those muffins are a MUST try! It's freaking delicious lo. Thats how blur i can be -.- Just walked away like tt. GAAH!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let's make this night last forever.
Your fav song's replaying in my head.
& I'm still madly in love with you B.

Kay i'm bored. For once i think i blog so much. Lol. Going Steph's place later to cook (: Excited. Studied abit earlier on. Alfred Lim hurry get your driving license eh. Haha. Alfred took his driving theory test & failed -.- Hilarious. Anyhoos, don't fail the 2nd time uh Al. :D I think when he get his license he gotta purchase a custom made bike/car cause his too tiny. His gonna kill me when he sees this. This shall be a motivation for you to grow fatter & taller :DD

P.S. Beloved thanks for cheering me up. I didn't go recess with you guys cause i didn't want you to know. (: But i am better now. & We'll both work hard to go sec 5 tgth. :DD ilyyy.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Read your blog. Didn't expect you to update. & It made me smile (: Really did. For once you actually like really made me smile. & Hmm.. Thanks for trying real hard to use blibical terms to brighten me up. HAHA. That was the funny part. I know you make an effort. But it takes time. So don't rush into things okay. You're really adorable & i adore you for tt. I adore you for always always giving into me. Like 24/7. Haha. Everyone knows how sweet & extremely nice you are to me. & I appreciate it alot. Congrats on getting an A for your whatever quiz. Lol. You have finally proven yourself :D & I'm really proud of you. & you know what i'm about to say right? So.. Yeah. <3

I don't know what to do.
You're everything, tt i knew.
Everything's the same, it's as if we could talk forever.
Let's rewind to the days that remind me of all the times tt we spent together.

Went for Prayer Meeting at Heart of God church today. Even though i was extremely late for school, it's a sacrifice i'm willing to make. Cause the PM was awesome.

By the time i reached school it was PE. Played rugby & hand ball. It was super fun.. Till i received my result from Stacy as i did not attend school ytd. I was so crushed. I did so badly. Some cheered me up later by saying 'Don't worry. It's just prelims. Work harder for your N's.' The reason why i didn't care whether it's prelims or not is cause i studied alot. & I'm just afew marks away from passing. I really expected myself to do well.

Chinese : 45/100
Math P2: 29/60
Eng P2: 55/80
Ss: 23/50

Chinese i failed by 5 marks. How can one get 5/50 for Chinese compo. It's.. Devastating. Worse of all, hoping that i'd pass my Ss, or at least i thought i did, i failed. Just by 2 marks. Math P2 i failed by 1 mark. & As for my Eng P2, so what if i passed. it's a lousy pass. I expected myself to get 65. As i sat throughout my lessons, i just couldn't control my tears. I was holding it back so so hard. I didn't want my classmates to know i'm sad or tt i'm crying. I tried to keep it from those who are close to me. As i walked out of the classroom, my Chinese teacher was telling me to buck up. As for my Ss teacher, she said she was dissapointed & knows i'm feeling very upset and not to be so discouraged. I can't really remember cause i was really holding back my tears & wasn't really listening. My own classmates thought i pass. I just wish.. I wish i did better. I studied in the wee hours of the night, & this is the kind of results i get. I don't want just a pass, i want to excel. I really did study. I really really dont know what to do. Hopefully i'll do better for my upcoming N's. I'm leaving everything into God's hands. I'm placing my trust into his loving hands.