Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wait, wait till the signs are right.
Wait till the perfect time, and you will wait too long.
He will be gone.

Yesterday's papers were alright. Except for Physics. Why is everyone saying Physics is easy. I find Chemistry much more easier. & Thank God i did almost half of the Chemistry 10 year series. Cause afew question from the 10 year series came out. Math p1 was.. Do-able? Not confident enough to say it's easy. Had dinner with Zheng Yang after my papers. Then he came over to my place to teach me Math. Before that we were grocery shopping at NTUC. He bought 2 large packets of Cheezels. Too bad he's fasting 72 hours. So he won't be able to eat them. HAHA (: Hmm.. okay that's all. The usuals(Javier, Justin, Stacy, Joey, Yazid) are coming over to my place later :DD Fun fun fun. & I was reading Russell's blog. Freaking funny to the max. Why're you mad at the the whole world?? LOL. I kept laughing when i read his post uh.

Oh &.. Yesterday i laughed till i cried man. Javier, Justin, Stacy, Yazid, Joey & i were talking about Javier giving me paper from his amazon. LOL. It's an inside joke. But it was really funny. JAVIER YOU OWE ME PAPER BY 26 OCT! Lol. Natural made paper that is done manually. I want my papers to be in different colours too! LOL.

& Thank goodness i didn't attend school today!! Don't even have school. LOL. & Javier, Justin, Joey, WeiXiang, Yazid & Stacy went to school. Oh well.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Being alone and being not alone.
There's no difference anyway.
I hope you wouldn't think that way.
Cause no, you are never alone.

Service was pretty alright today. Adrain' saved! Haha yes (: Headed to Changi airport t3 to eat. & I saw some of the strikeforce members there. Adrain went over to say hello. Then they called me over. They couldn't even recognize me can. They said i changed alot & i look taller (Thanks to my heels). LOL. They kept staring at me trying to figure out who i am? Until i open my mouth to talk then they remembered who i am. Lol. Voice never changes. Studied at airport.

Next half of N levels are tomorrow. Tomorrow's the most crucial papers. Combine Science & Math paper 1. Omggg! This icky feeling is killing me. I feel like I'm not studying enough. I can't seem to stay focus. My mind keeps drifting off to some other stuff that's bugging me like crazy. & it's seriously pulling me down. I NEED/MUST/HAVE to keep my mind focused! Last paper ends at 4pm. Gonna be a long long day. Sigh* Really tired. If only i've got supersonic powers. No wait, scratch tt out. More like supersonic brains! Hate studying. In fact, who doesn't? Shall blog another time. Gotta bury my head in books. Nothing's impossible through chirst.

All i want right now, is to be able to jump on you and hug you and squeeze you till death. I want to be able to exclaim how much i love you. I am drowning in the "i love you"s that i whisper to myself everyday. I'd rather wake up everyday to you sneezing in my face than to kiss another stranger. So just to occupy one minute of your day, i'd do anything. Just to stay at the corner of your heart. It's amazing how i'm filled with such love that doesn't fade. If only you feel the same.


DouDou was super naughty. The moment i came home, she ran to me wagging her tail. & Immediately dashed towards the part-time maid attempting to bite her. She was trying to show me tt she's protecting the house. & No, this is not her first time doing tt. She always show off to my family tt she does protect the house only when we're home. She kept biting whatever cleaning equipment the maid used to clean the house. I had to carry her away. But i gotta admit, she's incredibly cute though (:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hate the fact that you treat me so cold.
Hate the fact that i can't be near you.

Hate the fact that you don't understand how much i love you.

Had Spectacle Youth Conference today. It was great, & exremely FUNNY! All youths were wearing different kinds & sizes of spectacles. It was hilarious. The music was rocking loud. Lol. But hey, everyone enjoyed themselves. Jumping around and all. Shall let the pictures do the talking. (:

Pictures :DD

Eileen did my & CuiLian's name using batteries. Lol. She was really bored.

Special performance by 'By 2'. They are twins & quite famous in Taiwan.

WeiMing & i. Haven't seen him for really really long. (: Glad to bump into him though.

Adin & Steph being spastic. HAHA.

My SELF-PROCLAIMED husband, HanYong! HAHA. Who doesn't even give me my yearly allowance!

Tash & Nik in geeky specs.

Stephanie & I.

KerMin & i.

Sis Jia Hui & Nathan. Nathan wearing geeky specs!! So cute right?? :DD

Adin- SPASTIC! Lol.

Anna & Koen.

Wearing Koen's specs. His degree is damn high. Lol. I look stupid -.-

Adin & Daniel.

Joseph. Another spastic person. HAHA

Even the pastor was wearing sunglasses. HAHA. Super cool right.

WangXiang & i. Doesn't he look so studious? Haha

Daniel being a retard! Haha.

Adin & i. He had a sticker stuck on his thumb with the words 'Hala'. Plucked it out from my wallet.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

After the fact that your love ain't all gone.
Wish i had a tape recorder
To lay down all the mess
It seems you forgot the manner you left.

At the end of the day, they will know every single detail about you. How you sleep, how you sing, how you bawl like a baby, how you smell. How cranky you'd get when you're being yanked out of bed at such an early hour. How stupid you feel when you don't get good results. How you're like when on the phone with your mum. With her screaming at you to come home before the clock strikes twelve. How tired you get of getting into the same old mess. How paranoid you get when you're kept in suspense. How sticky your hands will get when you're eating fruits. How timid you'd get when you're running late and you're still on the phone; Never daring enough to just open your mouth and say 'This is not a good timing now. Can i call you back?' How lost you'd be when you're going home alone. How frustrated you are when people think and treat you like a kid when you're already sixteen. How they don't understand you even though they claim they do. How you never listen, how whiny you'd get when traveling abroad. How lazy you'd get just to go the extra mile. How clammy your hands would be when our hands intertwined. How pissed you'd be when you're yelling at me over small matters. How upset it is when you keep breathing down my neck. How certain games make you feel when the word victory flashes across the screen. But they still like you. Because you still give me butterflies in my stomach, because you make me smile. Because you make me wanna run up to you & throw my arms around you. Because our eyes still meet, because i'm not only in love with you, i love you. & Because I made silly mistakes, i'm sorry.

I wish you'd be my guiding light that never fades.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And how we ran across the roads in the rain
With your arm around me

Our words so perfectly entwined

We part only to meet again.

Haven't been able to blog cause my mum changed the comp password again. & My dad's laptop has some problems. Anyway, i asked my mum for permission to use the main comp & she gave me the password! :DDD Only for today. Cause i studied the whole day. Lol.
Anyhoo, Chemistry class was kinda fun today. Made a fool of myself but hey, at least people laughed. Stacy kept saying my hair is messy & retied my hair more than 3 times. Plus she tied my hair damn high. I looked like some girl in a fighting Chinese show -.- & My Chemistry teacher saw & said ' Nadine you should tie your hair like that the whole day.' She was pretty irritated as Stacy & i kept disrupting her class. Lol. Studied with friends after school at Braddell macs.
Next week is the next half of the N levels. Ugh i want it to end fast!!

When i get to use the comp again.. Till then! :D

Some days the whole world seems upside down. And then some how, and probably, and when you least expect it, the world rights itself again. I'm one of them. The ones who believe in the rainbow after the flood; the sunshine after the rain, how things will always turn out good in the end.


DouDou seems to like the sun alot.

The lovely journal zy got me (: Thank you! I love it cause it's blue & the design is really pretty :D

Daphne my precious kamgong girlfriend! (:
Read your blog. I'm sorry for being late in being there for you. I send you a friendster message already. Hopefully it cheers you up. No matter what it is, perk up okay. Problems are temporary. But it becomes permanent only if one keeps harping over it. Don't let this take a toll on you. You've got me to lean on! :D I love you & smile okay. We'll meet up real soon together with Claris. Stay strong kamgong :DD I wanna see a happy & cheerful Daphne! (:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

16 September '08

I loveeee you sayang! (: It's your birthday & you ought to be happy. & Yes i know you are! (: Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration! & I'm more then blessed to have sucha awesome bestfriend by my side for 4 1/2 years! (: You're the craziest & most unique person i've ever met. Happy birthday Rai banana! ilyyyyyyyyy! <3

Celebrated Rai's birthday together with
ShiKin & Farna. Gave her a scrapebook filled with our pictures. Old & new pictures. Headed to Parkway to meet Farna after her work. Finally the 4 of us can go out together. (: Though it was a short while, it was worthwhile (: Headed to Rai's house as they wanted to break fast together. Her mum ordered lots of pizza. Her mum's super cute! Celebrated her birthday with her family.
I left after awhile to meet ZhengYang. Ate at Clarity cafe. The food's not bad. (: The setting is.. So dark -.- & I vow his the MOST spastic person. Only he can think of the dumbest facial expressions & actions. LOL. I'm sure Steph will agree with me on this :D

Slept during Chemistry exam. I was superrrr tired. The relieve teacher was laughing at me -.- He thought i gave up on the paper. I was like 'No i'm just tired.' Lol. Slept for 3 continuous periods man. & I realsied my class is SUPER DUPER noisy to the maxxxxxx! My goodness. I'm trying to sleep & thought they would prolly pipe down after awhile. But noooo. They made so much noisy LOUDLY for the whole period!!! -.- They were seriously super noisy. Lol.

ShiKin <333

A complete picture of all the 4 of us (:

Raihanah <333

Farna <333

The pretttty birthday girl! (:

Tash playing squash

Nik bought me my fav Hello Panda! Super shock. She jut came home not long ago & passed it to me ((: Yaay* Lol.