Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tea Garden Resort

Tea Garden Resort
Dusun Cigeureung Desa Cicadas, Kec. Sagalaherang Kab. Subang, 
Subang, Jawa Barat 41212, Indonesia

Staying at the Tea Garden resort was one of the best few nights ever. It was somewhat quiet, chill, & very relaxing. Food is cheap. As it is a resort, travelling out wld be a hassle. Thus, if u wanna munch on tidbits i suggest buying it at a supermarket beforehand. Oh &, shampoo+conditioner better to get at the supermarket too. They give really little! For ladies it def wont be enough.

There are many things to do at the resort. I stayed there for 3D2N. I felt it wasn't enough. R & I both love the very chill kinda life. Waking up at whatever time we want, lazing in front of the tv, sleeping in the hammock. 
Activites/classes such as Pottery making, Waterfall visit, Horse riding, Batik making, Tea garden tour, Tea leaves preparation, Cooking class, Massages etc. All of which, are reasonably priced. It is better to stay in groups if u wanna cut cost. The rooms are charged per night not by head. The cottage we stayed in cld easily accommodate 6ppl! There are 2 rooms- 1 Master & 1 normal room tt has 2 beds.

P.S. At night, it gets pretty cold. Bring a jacket to keep warm!

Cost/night: 100SGD


 Setting up of the wood fire cost $5. But it kept us warm at night & it was so romantic! Hahaha.

 Pottery making class: 7SGD/person (U get to bring home whatever u made)

 The resort's very own hot springs. Which is available after 5pm. Before 5pm it's mad cold.

 We had the pools to ourselves. Thank goodness we went during a non busy period. Thus, there were only 5 ppl in total at the resort. How awesome!

I highly recommend this place! If u like the relaxing kinda life, then this is the place for you! Even for families its a great place to hang out. So many activities for children to do while the adults have their spa treatment. The service is really good too! Except for the fact tt their Eng is not very good. But they do their best to meet your needs & make your stay a really awesome one!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Strawberry farm

Jalan Tangkuban Parahu 109
Ciburial - Lembang - Bandung Barat

Cost: $8SGD/person
We picked 1kg worth of strawberries & the total cost per person is 8SGD. U are allowed to bring back your strawberries. It was quite fun searching for bright red-ripe strawberries, snippin away happily.  

Horse riding & Hot spring

Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort
Jalan Raya Ciater - Subang, Bandung

There is an entrance fee when entering Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort. However, it shld not cost more than $2/person. Also, entering the hot spring is another separate payment which isn't ex but i can't rmbr the cost. It's better to hire a cab driver to chauffeur u ard the entire day. It is way more convenient & cheaper.

Full day cab driver service

Syifa Tour & Travel
Driver name: Agus Supriatna
Tel: +6281320072330/ +6289628012130
Cost for 12hours: 50SGD

Horse riding was super fun! Def the highlight of our trip in Bandung. We rode freely with our guides helping us along the way. The scenery is mad beautiful & we rode our horses on our own it was so much fun. The adrenaline rush while the horse ran made me smile & laugh like crazy. I was so sooo happy. Also, the guides will help u take photos w/o any extra cost. Just pass them ur camera. We rode for 1 whole hour.

Cost per person: 38SGD

Ciater family adventure camping park
Website: Ciater camping

During our horse ride we came across the camping grounds. We stopped & asked the guide for more info & a tour ard the camping grounds. It was so cool & we made plans to go back there with our friends. Visit the website  HERE to learn more abt the place & their rates.

One of the camping sites is located in a tent built for you shown in the pictures below. 

Toilet area shown in the picture above.

This is the 2nd camping site shown above tt houses 16 ppl. The rooms are huge & it can accommodate a large group. I can't rmbr the price per night but if i'm not wrong it shld be 35sgd/person if gone in a group of 8.

Hot Spring

There're so many things to do in Ciater Resort. Horse riding & Hot springs were the 2 main things we did.