Monday, April 28, 2014


 Funny story abt this cupboard thing. I told R i am small enough to fit into the cupboard. I opened it, went in & said excitedly "Look! I told u i can fit in." Oddly enough, he didnt stop me from doing so. In which he usually wld but this time he didnt. & It didnt occur to me tt in his mind, something fishy was cookin up! He closed the doors, as if to entertain my silly antics, & then left me there for a minute!!! 1min may not sem long but to me i was kinda chickening out. I am a tad claustrophobic! & When i get nervous, anxious, scared or upset.. I laugh. I laugh to keep myself calm. No really, it helps at times.

 Then a stranger unlocked the cupboard & ta dah.. I popped out laughing like mad when i saw her expression. & She screamed a little okay! Then i laughed even more till i nearly cried when i saw who was right behind her, hiding behind the wall w a camera aiming at me, snapping away! It was none other than R!!! I cldn't believe he actually left me there, & hid behind a wall taking photos of the embarrassing moment! LOL. I was so sooo embarrassed but it made us both laugh so hard. Def a memory i will keep forever!

Skirt: Borrowed from a friend
Turquoise bralet:
Outer jacket: (From some online shop i forgot which)
Slip ons: Sanuk

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mornings w R.

Mornings w R are the best. I love having breakfast w him. I love that fact tt he is the first person i see when i open my eyes. I love how he wakes me up by kissing me on my forehead. I love how serious he looks whenever he is on his phone or watching tv. I love how her pulls me close to him. I love the way he tousles w my hair. I love feeding him. I love watching him cook for me. I love how he often tries his best to entertain the trigger happy crazy girl in me. I love his silly jokes tt makes me laugh so hard. I love his big beautiful gorg eyes that always, always melts my heart in an instant. Only he, can do something like tt.

& Because i gave him my heart, i allowed him to enter my life & be apart of it. Therefore, he is the only one w the key to unlock my darkest side tt may turn him away, & another side of me tt is fragile & angelic-like- A face tt is put on to others whom i build walls w to hide the ugly truth.

For he has seen the most unruly side of me tt no one has ever been let in to.. But he chose to stay & instead, be the one who calms me down & makes my heart skip a beat whenever he looks deep into my eyes & smile. Only he, encourages me to let go fully & be myself. In which, i am still working on. But i don't just love the feeling i get by being around him. I love how i become whenever i am with him. He makes me a better person. He makes me happy. Period.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

L'OREAL Colour Richie Lipstick.

1. Loreal 3 tone blusher
2. Maybelline Falsies Mascara
3. L'oreal Colour Richie Lipstick
4. Clinique Make up tint

Okay i am no make up guru. But i am someone who is extremely lazy to remove my make up. So, what i do is i slap on very minimal make up so tt when i'm home late, i won't have to spend so much time trying to wipe off all the make up! I mean c'mon, it can get really tedious.. Esp when u are tired & all u want to do is take a warm bath & head to bed!

So i have been using these 4 steps to do my daily make up! Of course i lather on moisturizer before putting on any make up on my face. It takes me only 8mins to do my make up.

So, anw...I use the

  • Clinique make up tint to cover up my eyebags, visible veins on my face, nose area & mouth area. 
  • Followed by the Loreal blusher on my cheeks. 
  • Maybelline Falsies mascara on my eyelashes.

    (I have very stubborn eyelashes. I cannot use the metal eyelash curler which everybody uses. Mine is from the Make Up Store. It ha heating elements in the curler & it works extremely well for stubborn lashes like mine! Been using it for years! Will blog abt it another time tho. The Maybelline Falsies mascara does not clump my lashes tgth. It spreads it out evenly & kinda elongates my lashes a bit more. & Ntm, it makes my eyes stand out a lil more. I have small eyes. So i will never leave the house w/o mascara if i bothered to doll up on tt day tt is.)
  •  Lastly, i will apply lipbalm to my lips & because i love lipsticks. I have quite a number. I decided to try out the Loreal Colour Riche series & i am blown away by how awesome it is. It is smooth on the lips- Makes it very easy to glide. It is matte. I loveeee matte lipsticks. I dislike those shiny ones. & It stayed on my lips longer than my other lipsticks do. I will buy the rest of the colours for sure. My fav of the lot is "Raspberry Syrup." It's a mix between red & slight hues of pink. 

I got it at $15 each cause it was gng for $30 for 2 at Watsons! (:

I always do this thing i do w the tissue cause it makes my lipstick last longer tt way. Each layer of lipstick i apply i blot my lips w a tissue & apply another layer & repeat the same thing at least 3 times.

I really love the Maybelline colour riche lipsticks! Def worth every penny! (:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A day in JB.

 Waited for R for 2 hours before he finally arrived. Tbh, i was getting grumpy & impatient. So bored tt i started taking lotsa selfies to keep myself entertained. Then i got sleepy & nearly dozed off.

 He finally arrived aft what seems like forever! He said his bike has some probs so i suggested we go JB to get it fixed by his trusty handyman which he has been using for many years now. & I got excited cause i figured since we were gna be there the whole day to wait for the bike to be fixed.. Why not have our mini photoshoot! JB has nice photoshoot locations!

My dress is from Island shop. Which was bought for me by R (: Brown sandals from an IG shop called " Femme Rogue."

I had a splendid time at JB w R. I really did. Though there wasnt much we cld do there as our only mode of transport ard the area was our feet.. Still, i loved the time spent w him. & Tt alone, makes me content (:

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sakura-like flowers in Singapore.

 My gorg sandals are from an IG shop called "Femme Rouge"! Follow them on instagram! They have several awesome stuff! Esp their sandal series! A tad ex, but i cant find any other place tt's selling em. Mine cost $65. Yeah kinda pricey but, i love it. It's pretty comfy to wear. But it's kinda thin so i wont do strenuous activity if i wear it out.

 I made her sit w the fallen pink flowers & it took me qute awhile to get a nice shot of her as she refused to look into the cammy. It's like she knows im taking photos of her & deliberately does not want to cooperate! So naughty!
I love my estate. Its so beautiful, tt is w/o a doubt. The trees are huge & pretty. There are always birds chirping. Some times if u're lucky, u can spot a squirrel jumping from tree to tree. Monitor lizards are a common thing too. They are huge mind u. Once in a blue moon 1 or 2 monkeys from Mac Ritchie will go astray & visit the estate. Which often scares residents cause they are usually up to no good. Where i live, it's a scenic-quiet place. Great for chilling & being away from the hustle & bustle of life. Mornings are always beautiful w the sunlight streaming into our hall. U look our the window, & u can't help but to stare at God's brilliant creation. I never want to move away. I love it here. It's not like any other places i've been to. This place, it's far from the main road. It's secluded. But i like it like tt (:
 Walking home from work & the beautiful lalangs tt used to grow at the side of the pavement came back! I had to take a photo w it as a background. Thus, i scrambled through my wallet for a polaroid photo & used it as a main subject w the mad gorg lalangs as the background! Instagram worthy anot?? Hehehe.