Saturday, May 30, 2009

Family time; Card games; Ultra loudness
It just all sums up to a great time.

Went for Chinese remedial this morn. Was 2 hours late! LOL. Crashed in the 4e's remedial. I got really good notes! Gonna have Chinese tuition later at 4pm. O level MT is this Monday. I'm kinda scared. I wanna get B3! Lol. Lunch with Steph after. It's been quite some time since we had a heart to heart talk (: She's more like a sister to me rather than a cgl (:

Anyway, zy's graduaion ceremony was held ytd. I so wanted to be there. However, only 2 of each graduating student's family member could attend. Well, i feel bad for not going cause he had my camera & no one knew how to use. Moreover, i wanted to at least be there for him though i can't go in to witness his glorious moment in getting the certificate. As a result, not much pictures were taken. Sorry zy! I should have been there to help him take photos. I feel really bad -.- As his gf i should at least been there to support him. Okay, i suck big time. Anyhoos, CONGATULATIONS! I'm super proud of you! (: You made it this far.

That's Zy with his classmates! He looks so adorably small right? Haha. I think the garment's too big for him. Well they all look really happy (:

& This is just random. I like this pic with my sister, Tash. Haha. Taken in church.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stopping by just to lay by your side.
Early mornings, breakfast by the bed, cuddles etc.
I miss em all like how i miss your undies.
You got me struck by your tiniest detail.


I wanna thank all of you who wished me well! I really was touched. Beloved is the only one who went through my suffering with me all the way w/o fail. She texted my every now & then making sure i ate & took my medicene. Cheering & encouraging me to get back up on my feet. Send me home & showered lotsa love & care over me. That's what i call a true friend (: Thanks so much for everything Beloved! I appreciate it ALOT!

My parents too! Mum bought alot of food. Apparently she bought those tt are my FAV & i can't eat ))): Still, she got me food to eat. I DECLARE THE HOUSE NOT A DESSERT ANYMORE! Lol. My dad for mking drinks for me & all. (: Appreciate it hell lot! (:

& Of course not forgetting others like Gladys who texted me late at night telling me to get well and all. I was shocked to see her text. Yet it made me smile (: Stacy too, for texting me to rest well & take my med. Also people who wished me to get better on fb & in school.. Thanks so much for showing your care & concern! ShiKin & Farna- The both of you too! (((: It made me glad tt ya'll didn't forget me though we're so much far away ): Still, i love ya'll very much :DDD

Justin & Javier too of course. They got me food & all. & They made me laugh alot. All these little things warmed my heart (: I believe the things ya'll did made me better. I guess the saying 'Laughter is the best medicene' really does work!

I'm sooooo extremely grateful for having such wonderful/amazing/funny friends in my life. You guys are best remedy to getting better (: I was friggin touched like mad okay.

Now moving on to the meet-the-parent session. Let's do a quick summary on what Mdm Santhi said bout me. ' Nadine is a very independent worker. She has a great potential in doing well. I have no problems with her in English. In fact she was the top scorer for 4n last year. She is in-bar with the 4Es. However, her attendance is irregular & is always late for classes.' Okay she said so much more. I'd be typing an essay if i typed out all man. Haha. Basically, to sum it all up, my subject teachers said Nadine is :
  • Easily distracted (Okay maybe this is true)
  • Talkative (Only in SS class okay! Prema was the one who made tt comment anyway)
  • Irregular attendance (Yes yes i get it -.-)
  • Late for classes (I can't help it man.)
  • If she focus, she'll be able to do better ( Isn't tt what all teachers always say to students? Hmmm..)
I will come to school regularly from now on. I wanna good testimonial report!!!

Kay tt's all for now. Sorry for the draggy post!

P.S. Stay tuned for upcoming photoshoots with my main models. June hols are coming! I've got quite afew themes & ideas in my head alr (((: Exciteddddddd. Studies first i know -.-

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I need you badly.
Please don't leave my side.
I'm sorry; Sorry for the mistakes i made.
I now realize you mean so much more than i expected.
I love you so so much.
Please, just give me this one very very last chance.

  1. I'm very sick. Haven't been this sick for years. Vomitted 4 times for 2 whole days. Dragged till today. Still don't feel good. Lied in bed for 2 whole days. Didn't really eat. Just took my temp, looks like i'm having a fever too - 37.7 degrees celcius. ): What a "great" combo.
  2. Forced myself to go school today. Took a cab cause i really couldn't get my legs moving as i felt as if i was gonna drop any time soon. Called a cab. Cost $10.
  3. Visited the doc ytd. He said my stomach line is being eroded. The more it gets eroded, i'll get stomach ulcers. Hopefully i get well soon. Cause the nausea feeling is literally killing me. & There's lots of food i can't consume ): Basically i can only eat soupy stuff or porridge.
  4. Took my weight today. I'm now 46kg. From 49kg i dropped to 46kg.
  5. Imagine having to wake up every now & then to visit the toilet & puke. My throat burns like mad. & It's disgusting. & My vomitt is not those little bit kind. It comes out alot & in different colours & in bulks sometimes )): I would just sit in the loo and bawl. I'm not being a cry baby. But it is really painful!
  6. Trying to force myself to eat but i've got no appetite. When i eat, 2 mins later the pain gets worse. Sigh. & It seems like whatever i eat eventually comes out ):
  7. It's really painful. So much. ):
Thanks Beloved for helping me all the way making sure i eat my medicene.
Thanks Javier for the choc hello pandas. I AM grateful ok.
Thanks Stacy for helping me buy drinks & getting me spoon so tt i can take my med.

Thanks Justin for sending me home with Claris. I appreciate it.
Thanks to my sisters & mum for telling me to drink more water & checking on me.
Lastly, thanks to those who asked if i'm okay. & I'm sorry for not talking much today & not giving any expressions. I'm not moody/emo like ya'll said. My head & stomach really hurts alot. I nearly died halfway through school. Thanks to those who got me through.

Sigh. Please Lord, help me get better. The moment i walk or get up from bed i get extremely dizzy & nauseous. Help me get through this period. I'm on my knees & i need a speedy recovery. How am i supposed to study? I did try. Really did. I placed the book infront of me, after 1 min i started crying cause it really is hurting me physically. I can't think properly. I've never been this sick before. I'm supposed to be better. Why isn't the med working? I have to take bout 5-6 medicene everyday. & It requires me to eat. How am i supposed to eat when i really can't ))): I just wanna get better. I need to study for my Chinese O's. Even as i'm sitting here, i feel super uncomfortable. Just please, guide me through ): I really can't take it )):

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hope you had a great celebration with us & tt you like the present (: May your wishes come true! (:

Celebrated Samuel's birthday today. We ate till we were super full! Majority of us were struggling to finish up our food. Lol. After eating we slacked at some other place. I shall let the pictures tell the rest of my day (:

Anyhoos, i am now doing a menu for my F&N on the dishes i am preparing. My printer has no colour ink -.- Gaaah. Gotta find someone who has colour printer fast! This Wed is the practical examination alr!! Eeeek*

Tempting eh??? This is called the 'Cajun chicken'. The cheese potato rocks (((: I likeeeee.

Fish & chip! & All these dishes belong to ...

BOTAK JONES! Hahaha. I strongly recommend this food outlet. Not only is the food good, so is the service! (: They were friendly & all. On top of tt, when one of the guys saw tt Yazid was not eating, he came over to ask & found out Yazid had no money. Few mins later, he came over with a plate of fries, broccoli & corn & placed it infront of Yazid. & It was FOC! ((: So nice of the guy right. Basically, JUST EAT AT BOTAK JONES!! The portion of food is huge too. Places like tpy Lor 1 & Amk has botak jones (:

Samuel & Wei Siang gaying around with Jolyn's handbag. Lol.

They look so sian right?? HAHA. They were waiting for me to come out of the loo. It's not my fault kay!!! The freaking Indian lady took what felt like gezillion ages to come out of the cubicle -.-

They can never stop gaying around. Lol. Gay patners for LIFE! Lol.

Doesn't Justin look good in a cap??! (:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

See the picture above, pretty right? (:
People who read my blog often would know who this pretty babe is.
It's my precious Beloved! Haha. Anyway, cheer up beloved!
* Ain't worth it to be sad over yeah.
You know you're way better than * in that particular area.

& That's all that matters my dear. So don't you worry alright.
Show me your megawatt smile! :DDD

Went out with Stacy-Stussy ytd. She came over to practice her recipe for this Wed's O levels practical exam. I'm so afraid i might not do well man. Gaaah! Anyway, her cooking went well. Tasted good ((: After cooking we went out tgth. Walked around Far East. It has been quite awhile since the both of us went out tgth. Not tt we don't hang out with each other, just tt it's hardly only the both of us. I had fun choosing belts for her! & Shopping with her. Haha :DDD

P.S. It doesn't matter anymore ok (: Let's just let bygones be bygones. ((((:

Stacy & i :DDD She's super cute! If only she was my blood sister, i'd be damn happy. Haha. (:

Super retarded -.- Lol

Saturday, May 16, 2009

If what i write in my blog is not from my heart & i don't mean it, why the hell would i write it??! Please use some common sense! If what i wrote on may 6 doesn't appease you, DON'T READ MY BLOG! I didn't ask you to read either. You don't have to be one of us just to be in our clique. Like wth. I'm sure your brains aren't tt small. Since you said i might as well not write your name there just to make YOU feel like one of us, i'd be more than glad to take it down. This is so freaking immature of you to say such lame-childish things. & I wouldn't care less if i don't speak to you ever again. If you even have the cheek to write that on your tag board, God knows what else you gossip bout us/me. Fyi, i didn't mean just our clique. Did you not see other people's names who aren't in our clique too? Please la. What are your brains for. What you wrote in your tagboard really pissed me off. You know who you are. & I mean in particular just you. I shall ans your tags. I wrote both your names in tt entry because i treat ya'll as my friends. Good friends. You don't necessarily have to be my best/close friend. We do hang out in school very often what. I genuinely meant tt i see ya'll as my good friends. The next time you're gonna make any accusations, get things right first.

P.S. I DO NOT blog bout things tt i don't mean. So get tt straight!


Haha okay tt was random. Anyway, the moment we got into the pool, it started pouring heavily. Literally man. So suay -.- We couldn't care less bout the rain & swam :DDD The WHOLE time we were swimming, it was raining. Even when there was thunder, we still swam. Lol. Oh well. If lightning were to struck the pool, we'd die immeidately man. Ya'll get what i mean right? If you don't, you either suck at Physics like crazy or you just dont have common sense. It's 4.48am & my eyes are glued to the screen!! Wth. Idk what's wrong with me. I have been addicted to the comp recently. Omg Zy is so right. His so gonna kill me. Anyhoos, I was texting him & he was forcing me to go to sleep.

Zy: Go to sleep so late already.
Nad: But i can't sleep. Not tired. Okay you tell me a bedtime story first then i'll sleep! :DDDDD How bout tt? (:
Zy: -.- Ai yo you. Idk any stories la. Go to sleep. I playing dota.
Nad: (alittle mad at him for paying so much attention to his stupid comp) Okay goodnight. Love you (:

Stupid boy always playing dota. Idk what's so fun bout tt game. I shall master tt game & trash him so he would stop playing it! HAHA. Kay as if. I dont even know how to download the freaking game -.- (The para below is random but i just feel like saying what i feel. Afterall, this IS an online diary right? (: )

During our 1 month, we quarrelled almost everyday. Literally. Bout what? Everything & anything. Sounds dumb eh? He told me after our 2nd month or so when things btwn us were going downhill that ' We may not have our "honeymoon period" like every couple does. Instead, we'll get ours in time to come.' What he meant was tt the starting of a r/s for couples are always so lovey dovey & all. Hardly any arguements. However, for us, it was the total opposite! I figured we would never see eye to eye till Zy told me tt very sentence. & It is coming to pass. 7 months we have been tgth, & we hardly quarrell anymore. Yes, hardly. Things in a r/s are supposed to get better & better right? For some couples, things get worse rather than better. I'm glad my r/s with Zy gets better & better instead of a downfall. ((: & I def do love him more & more everyday tt's for sure ((: If you're wodnering why we argue so much, here's one reason - Our characters are so alike tt it clashes. (It doesn't neccessarily mean tt if you're so much alike like your patner tt ya'll would get along just fine.)

Okay ima try to sleepppp! DouDou's sleeping right in the middle of my bed -.- How sweet. I can crush her in 5mins.

P.S. I had much fun with you today bby! :DDD I am so enjoying the after 5 & a half months of our r/s even more! Heh (: Things are just getting better & better & i love the way things are now. Def looking forward to more ((: XOXO!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let your light shine upon me.
I need your guidance.
Light up my path & show me the way.

Today is MUFFINS day :DD LOL. Stacy came over and she tried out one of her recipe for F&N O's prac. Muffins= Success. Stacy's short puff pastry= Half failed, but turned out a success! That girl, as usual, always do wrong things when cooking. She's not meant to be a cook! She didn't even read the instructions properly. A failure turned out to be quite delicious actually. We modified it by adding cheese and tuna onto the pastry. It tasted awesome! (: Justin, Javier, Samuel & Ws came over later. They stayed on quite late. I'm home alone. At least their company kept me occupied & somewhat safe! HAHA. Afraid of being alone at home. Oh well. Wild imaginations.



Note to self: Stacy is a homewrecker. Below are evidence that my dear dear friend is really one! Haha. Don't worry Stacy, i still love you! Lol.

The girl on the left is Stacy (Homewrecker)! (:

She broke my scent bottle (It makes the house smell nice) There were teeny weeny bits of glass fragments everywhere. Lol.

& This chair too! This one made me laugh so hard when i heard tt she broke my chair. She leaned back & it broke. Hmm.. Stacy, not a good sign. HAHA.

Muffin mixture with choc chips!

Doesn't it look delicious? Don't you just wanna reach your hands through the screen & steal one?? Haha :DDDD

This is Stacy's. Look at the cheese!! Yummy! :DD It was really delicious. Even DouDou liked it. Gave her abit. Lol.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

He'll always be my Number one.
Every piece of memory with him never forgotten.
Deep down in my heart,
I yearn to see him, to carry him in my arms just once more.

After exam today accompanied Beloved to bring Lilo for her grooming. Waited for bout 2 hours plus. Really long. But we kept ourselves occupied as Justin, Javier, Gladys, Jolyn and some others were around. Anyhoos, we witnessed a robbery! Lol. Time well spent & really entertained. After 2 long hours of wait, we picked her up and they came over to my place. Took some time for both dogs to warm up. It took me kinda long to make them both sit next to each other to take a picture!!!! To sum it all up, i had fun today :DDD

W/o friends, life would definitely be a bore.
That's no doubt about it.

P.S. I shall be nice and share with ya'll the few blogshops i love to visit & buy clothes from. It's a must see! The clothes are really nice (:

As you all alr know, this is DouDou! (:

& This cute lil princess is Lilo! (Beloved's dog)

Cute eh? Doesn't this picture above look alittle like the one below? (:

DouDou & Scottie (When he was alive)

Don't they both look like their smiling?? Happy dogs! (:

DouDou meets another Shih Tzu. Which is a slightly bigger than her.

I look like i'm squishing them both eh? Actually i think i did. Lol

ALL 3 DOGS LOOKING IN THE SAME DIRECTION!! Yes THREE dogs. Toy poodle, Shih Tzu, and the PINSCHER! Hahaha.