Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ireland- Dublin

The next morn after our wonderful enjoyable stay at the Pod park, we moved off at 6am on a 6hours drive to Dublin! Stopped by a petrol kiosk for breakfast. I must say tt i am pretty impressed by the efficiency of the petrol kiosk & how they have a wider range of delicious food compared to the ones we have here in SG. Their bf roll was mad awesome! I miss it alr. A typical Irish breakfast bap (its what the Irish call breakfast roll) consist of white & black blood sausage, hash brown, fried egg, bacon, mushroom, tomato. It is the best breakfast ive ever had. Not many can appreciate the taste of blood sausage, but i love it!

Upon reaching our hostel- Dublin international hostel, we attended a free walk tour which was pretty good. Dublin has several free walk tours & at the end of the tour, u HAVE TO tip the guide. They are doing this tour voluntarily.. Thus, they aren't paid by their respected companies. I wld suggest gg for tis free walk tour cause u get to see the city u are staying in in a better light & the history behind every building/castle. It was amazing. It lasted for about 3hours. They do have pit stops for breaks so it's not so bad.

After the tour, we headed to the city area for some shopping!! I shopped a lot at Penny's, F21, Monsoon & some other outlets. I wldn't say the shops there are cheaper than SG cause it's kinda the same? Which is why i shopped more at Penny's. I love how they have a wide range of girl stuff such as accessories (which are to die for), home furniture/decor, exercise equipment, etc. The list just goes on & on.

 The breakfast bap.

The canteen where we had our breakfast tgth w everyone else every morn.

Dublin Day 2- June 1 2014

The next day we headed to the jump park which is a trampoline indoor place. Somewhat like the one we have in SG. Except they are more strict like they dont allow backflips & stuff. It's more for kids kinda place. Thank God the staff there knew my brother as he is a gymnast.. So they allowed him to do his backflips & stuff. It was my 2nd time seeing him do his thang. Which totally blew me away. He executed the backflips so soo well. 

After this tedious acitivity we headed back to shower & off we went to Henry street to shop!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sean's graduation day!

30th may 2014, was the day my brother graduated. The entire family was super proud, esp mum of course! We got up early to do our make up, we each brought a nice outfit just for his graduation ceremony. We also checked out of the hostel we were staying in.

As the hostel was a few minutes away from Sean's university, we walked over instead of driving. The hostel was kind enough to keep our luggages safe till we returned. Walking into the university, i was in awe. It looked alot like a castle. Also, it kinda reminded me of Hogwarts! Hahaha. I love the bricked walls & old buildings. Graduating students were littered all around the campus. Family & friends gathering ard their love ones, taking photos. U cld just see the pure joy of knowing that after tt day, they will be named 'Doctors'! They were all beaming with joy!

After my brother's graduation ceremony, we took a couple of pics & headed back to the hostel for a quick change & drove to Kinsale town for his graduation lunch at an extremely good restaurant called "Fishy fishy"! It is by far one of the best lunches i've ever had! The fish is really fresh, so were the oysters. Every dish we ordered was simply delicious! Nothing disappointed us.

After our hearty lunch, we drove to Drimoleague in West Cork, to have our 1 night experience of glamping! Meaning, camping! This is the top 5 best memories of our family trip. We slept in a pod for the night surrounded by cows, sheeps & ducks. U cld hear the cows mooing whilst sleeping. It felt so surreal. Best part was sitting infront of a bonfire w my fam!

 When i saw this huge poster with tt phrase, it made me laugh out loud. Twins found it funny too. Never thought of it tt way. Hahaha.

 Wearing a dress i bought from shopmegagamie.com

 This photo cracks me up every single time! I call this "Nik's angry blow".

 Tt's how i took close shots and videos of the cows using my GoPro! Lol.

 This very kind man here is my brother's friend father. He showed us how he feeds the cows, & even saw the after birth of a baby cow. It was so cool. This man is filled with so much kindness he was such a good host! Their family owns the place.

I will never forget this day. All of us crammed up in a small room trying to keep warm. The long walks we took surrounded by God's wonderful creations. Toasting marshmellows by the fire. Playing the swing w my siblings. Watching the cows and sheeps graze. Watching momsie tear up when the emcee called out Sean's name as he walked up on stage to receive his certificate. It was such an amazing day i wld love to travel back to tt time, to experience it all over again. Tt day, i felt extremely contented (:
Brother is now a doctor (: