Wednesday, May 28, 2008

If i had a minute with you
I'd sit all the wild rides screaming away with you
Just so we'll put everything behind us
& know that we're all alone.


It's 2.05am * i'm still up. Gotta wake up at 6am. Going KL.

I have not touched my comp for quite some time. This is a miracle! Lol. Anyway, last Sunday i had River Raft competition. Organised by Singapore Poly. It was filled with SP people & their logos. Like duh. & I think some of the guys there are asses. Anyway, my group got 3 for race 9. But after tabulating all the 10 races, we came in behind 15 or more. Out of 41 over rafters. The S'pore river stinks like shit! Some rafts were really funny. Some rafts were sinking. The appearance of the rafts were creative & some, just weird. The emcees were amusing too. I was damn pissed! I forgot to bring my camera!! Ughhh! If not i'd post the pictures of the rafts.

Last Monday & Tuesday had councilor retreat. It was FUN! We went wild wild wet. Had so much fun. After that rushed down to school for the meet the parents session with Stacy, Yazid & Hari. The ride to school was longgggg! So Stacy & i camwhored. The way back, she slept on me in such a uncomfortable position. My gosh. My back was pain. My mum was really pissed with my results. She pissed me off too. My conduct was fair -.- Cause i didn't go school. At least my points are enough to get to sec 5. I failed Math & Comb Science. & My mum told me off & walked away. Ruined my mood. My dad wasn't happy either. GAH!

Spent the day with Al on Tues after getting back my phone from the woman who took it. She & i had a misunderstanding. But i got back my phone. Yes i know i'm immune to loose my phone like tons of times. Haven't seen tt skeleton for a week. Was glad to see him. First time ever i spent the whole day at his house.

Okay bye. PICTURES :D

I won't be updating my blog for awhile. I'll be away at camp. KL trip. Oac rock climbing training camp. I'm excited yet sad cause i don't really fancy camps. But i get to rock climb. Which i'm damn enthu about.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I wish i could say everything i want to say to you & not cry.
I don't wanna leave your side, but i don't know what to do.
It just pains me so so much to write that one sentence.
I love you so much. Not seeing you for just a day kills me.
You'll always be the heroic figure i look up to ever since i took my first step.
I never thought i'd feel this down. But i am trying to accept it.
Thanks for always looking out for me, & for always protecting me.
Your love is one of the greatest then any other love i have ever received.
& Because you loved me so dear, i'd never do anything to upset you.
I just hope & pray, all this madness will clear up soon.
Rest assured, for you will always always be able to see me.
& Nothing will ever change tt.
NO-ONE can ever replace you.

Sorry for everything. I never knew i'd do such a thing. & I regrett.

I'm not having a very good day. To all, don't ask me what happened. Most of all, please don't send me any msg to cheer me up. Just don't do anything. I'd prefer it to be tt way. & FYI, it has nothing to do with me or any guy or Alfred. Do me a huge favour & don't ask anything at all. I would appreciate it. I just wanna type down all my thoughts tt's all.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The road may be long & dirty
But i am willing to go the extra mile for you.
I may be weary, but not wen i'm doing it for you.


I've got nothing much to blog about actually. Have been tied down by school activities. Other than tt, tution. Tmr i've got to wake up real early to go for the Singapore River Raft competition.
Okay bye :D

Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't apologize to me when clearly you're not.
No more hiding.
I'm done & through with you.
I'm turning my back on you once and for all.

Went out with my dad yesterday in the evening all the way till 3.30am. I had fun :D He brought me to Marina South Pier. The harbour. It was really nice to the max (((: Esp the scenery. It was windy there. I didn't even know of the place. It's a really awesome place to go to just to clear your thoughts. He wanted to bring me to sit the Singapore flyer. I was like ' Omg no.' It's ex.

After that left to eat at Whampoa. Then bought some snacks to eat at Changi beach. Went there, sat down, ate & talked. Like my dad said, the waves really calms once down when you're feeling all down & flustered. It was one of the best moments ever in my life. Having to talk to my dad about many things. (: After that ate again, at another place. But i didn't eat, was too full. I love my dad so so much. Between he & my mum, i have to admitt that he's much more easier to communicate with.

& I found out why i have such a short attention span & why i'm so naughty last time. Lol. So it's not my fault on why i have such a short attention span. It's cause of a illness i had when i was young. Before tt i was bubbly and a good girl okay :D Haha.


At Marina South Pier.

Changi beach eating sotong :D

Saturday, May 17, 2008

More than blessed to have you by my side.
It's something words can never portray
But this i say to you..

Be it rain or shine, there'll always be a rainbow.

Woke up real early today for a wedding. Dressed up & did make up and all. Helped my sisters put on make up too. Met Rai first to pass her her stuff before leaving for the wedding. The wedding was small but awesome. The funniest part was that during the flower toss, all the men purposely stood infront the the single ladies to prevent them from catching the flower. Haha. The video on how the groom proposed to the bride was sweet & funny too. (: After the wedding, ate with Steph, Wing lok & Nik. Was extremely dead beat by then. I was like half awake when they were eating. Lol. Rushed back home for dinner at my dad's side. The wedding started at like 10.30am. Wedding was held at the Art Museum.

Dinner with dad's side was great. Got to play with Anja. She sat beside me during dinner. She drew me and wrote my Eng & Chinese name. Damn funny her drawing. She drew me fork-like legs and hands. Plus my hair was barely touching my head. In fact, it was floating above my head. -.- LOL. And she kept laughing to herself.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Let the poor stand & confess.
Let now our hearts burn with a flame
A fire consuming all for your son's holy name.

You are all i need, you alone are good.
I'm laying my life on the altar & i'll follow you all your ways.
Cause there's nothing much i can do but to turn to you.
I'm not satisfied with my life. I'm not going anywhere near my dreams.
My emotions are often up. But at times it's down, for no particular reason.
I'm on my knees, & i'm praying for a miracle.
Guide me along the way lord *

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bring me somewhere, somewhere far.
You promised to keep me away from hurt.
I can't sleep without you.
You got me so drawn to you baby.

(That pics drawn by Farna (: )

Had OAC chalet after F&N practical. I must say it went pretty well. Except for the fact tt i had to carry so many things to school. Especially when i smell like vinegar. Before i even reached school i spilt vinegar on my uni. Damn i smelled sour. OAC chalet was pretty fun. Went beach to play. Then headed to the chalet. Swam with some of them. It was really fun. After swimming i was damn tired. Probably cause of the chlorine water. Anyhoos, watched tv and had catered buffet for dinner :D I slept the earliest & woke up the latest. Khalid was pretty irritated he said i kept kicking him off the bed. Which is a shocker. I don't usually move when i'm sleeping. Jessica said i kick her too. Lol. Something new.

Next morning went home, change & met Irwan for lunch then met Farna. Yes i miss Farna so so much! Havent seen her in ages. Waited for ShiKin for 2 hours, again. She's always late. Then Rai! :DD Yes i was damn happy to see them. Went for dinner together. Had much fun :DDD

& I thank God my mum's okay. There was an earthquake in China. Thank goodness it didn't affect her city. If anything were to happen to her i'd probably live in regret.

P.S Stacy, concentrate more on your N levels okay. Don't be so discouraged by your MYE marks. You're smart, so don't give up. Plus you've already got a scholarship. So don't throw it all away. :D We'll study hard together & excel in our studies, together okay? Smile my dear girl ((: