Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happiness, love, elation, laughter, smiles..
& Everything related to the bright side.
That's what you often bring me.

Had steamboat at Steph's place last night. Wide food spread. Ate till i was super full! Before tt watched a movie 'Love matters'. I actually think the movie's not too bad. I find it hilarious. As for today, met Zy's parents at his place to bai nian. Nerve-wrecking.. Yet not too bad after awhile. Got this gut feeling tt they would expect more since Zy's bringing his first gf home. Hopefully i did give a good impression. Oh well.

Have rock climbing competition tmr. Gonna be a long long day. Under 18 category, gonna be a tough route. Gotta wake up really early. Not a morning person, but.. Yeah. Hopefully i'll be wide awake by then. Haha.

I have this huge craving to go shopping. Really do. Oh well.

After much thought, decided to wear this dress to Zy's place. Lol. Yeah whatever i know. Haha. Irrelevant.. But heck.

My mum brought DouDou in the car when she fetched us. When she dropped Zy off at his place and stopped the car to let him out, DouDou kept whining. It was superrrrrrrr cute! She thought it was time to get out of the car to play. & When Zy left she kept staring out the window looking at him. Superrrrr ultra duper cute! (((:

Thursday, January 29, 2009

In whispers, i hear you.
Amongst the crowd, i see you.
Between you & me, is something so much greater.

2nd Day of CNY, headed to my mum's side. There's a lot of people. & As usual, very loud. Lol. My mum has 8 siblings. 3 Guys, 6 girls. So imagine all 9 of em, inclusive of their spouse, with their children all under one roof. I have a total of 22 cousins. The house was super pack. On top of tt, during the 'lo hay' session, there was no space for everyone to lo hay tgth. LOL. & To take a group picture, is always a huge problem. Reason being, there's too many people. The camera-man gotta stand really far so tt everyone of us will fit nicely into the picture.The pictures will give you a rough idea of what i'm saying (:

I vow tt vainpot just laid there & let me snap a couple of pics of her. Some of my aunty & uncle thought she was a toy -.- LOL. I personally think tt this is a super adorable pic of her ((:

My aunties. (All sisters) One aunty not here.

My uncle. (Brothers)

My aunties, nieces & in laws.

Uncles, nephews & in-laws.

The whole family.

My family :DD

Twins, me & DouDou.

Monday, January 26, 2009

So please tell me, darling
Why are you so far away,
When i need you beside me tonight.


I stayed overnight at my uncle's place till reunion dinner then went home. Played with Anja alot. Lol. She's super cute. She drew something for me, really sweet. Slept in her room with her. Next day we went Bukit Timah Hill for hiking. The route we had to walk was super rocky man. Really climbing rocks. LOL. & It's super steep! Anyway, the reunion dinner was great. So was the food. Mostly peranakan dish, always a fav of mine. Esp when it's my grandma cooking.

First day of CNY, woke up ultra early. Had to pay respect to my parents first before leaving the house. Well, i didn't enjoy this year's CNY very much. Mainly because i'm still sick, & today, it got so much worse. Last night i kept crying cause i really didn't feel good. My throat hurt so bad, i can't eat properly. My headache was really pain. & I had slight fever. At the 2nd house, everything went white & looked so bright, it felt as thought i was gonna faint. I headed to the loo and threw up, then got stuck in the loo -.- The lock was spoilt or something. On top of tt, today i had extremely bad cramps. What could be far more worse right? Sigh. I was trying so hard to keep a 'Im-perfectly-fine' face, smiling every now and then, when deep down inside my body wasn't exactly agreeing with me. I left halfway through visitations. I only visited 3 houses. Pathetic right? )): Ugggh! Sucks big time. I sat in my dad's car and cried. Cause i really didn't feel good. He had to send me home. )): Ughh. I just wish i would be better on CNY. Of all days, why on CNY )): This totally sucks & ruin my mood big time. Sigh ):

Really wish there was something tt could cheer me up big time. ))):
Oh whatever.

She drew this for me!

See how rocky the route is.

Mega mega watt smiles! :DD

Lo hay. Haha idk how to spell la. Don't even know what it's called in Eng.

My siblings with dad.

My siblings with mum.

Tash, paying respect to my mum.

Look at how DouDou's looking at me! Awww.. Cute right?? Made my heart melt.

Decided to wear 'Qi Pao' for this year's CNY.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Take me away, back to August.
Our first date & first everything.
I'm done with this year; I just need some time alone,
Before i'm ready to come back home

Flu, cough, runny nose, headache.. What could ever worsen my day more than all these symptoms? I must be up and well before CNY. Really hate to be a energy drainer being in this pathetic state. Moreover, my headache's seriously killin me -.-

Shall end off my post with a birthday wish to... MITCHELL! (:

You're getting soooo friggin old! Haha nah i'm kidding. Old in a good way. Still young and lively. Anyway, have a great birthday & i bet you're gonna ask me 'Where's my present?' I'll pass it to you soon okay (: Other than tt, happy birthday to you Mitchell!

P.S. I did not forget your birthday!!! LOL.

Monday, January 19, 2009

With your back faced at me,
& Your shadow a few inches further,
It always feels like a part of me is missing.
You & i both, just feels so right.

Haven't been able to update recently. So now, ima bombard my blog with beautiful pics. First up would be Claris. Had a photo-shoot with her. Haha. She was my model of the day. A pretty model in fact. Next up, would be my trip to Dempsey Hill together with ShiKin & Farna for another photo-shoot day, & to celebrate ShiKin's 18th birthday at B&J's. They pose really well ((:

Anyhoos, some photographer asked me to be his model & he'll pay me 8000+
bucks. Super alot. I'm not exaggerating. Good thing's tt i don't have to wear such revealing stuff. Yet again, his offer is really high, & he may have some ulterior motive. So i think i'm gonna turn him down. Even if i consider, gotta ask Zy first. Other than tt, I'm really hooked to Deviant art. Whenever i'm free, i will upload the nice pictures. & I simply love the comments i get from people. Deviant art let's me learn from other people's work. Someone even wanted to buy my print & requested for it to be a print!! Super happy yet shocked! :DDDD Apparently, i don't want everyone to know my deviant art. So.. Ask me in person if you really wanna see (:

Enjoy browsing the pictures :D

Claris Goh (:

The super ultra delicious B&J ice cream waffle! A-MUST-TRY!

ShiKin! (: The birthday girl.

Farna! (: Her photography skills are wonderful.

ME- Nadine (: Taken by Farna.

Super active Golden Retriever! Really nice to hug.