Monday, August 31, 2015

The Panic Room SG

After so many years, i kinda cut my hair. Okay not cut, but shave. I refuse to cut my hair short but idk why shaving is okay? Hahahaha. Doesn't make any sense but yeah.

Did my hair tattoo at THE PANIC ROOM. The panic room is an old school barber shop tt does grooming, shaving of the beard & moustache for men etc. Just think old school hair styles, but chic. It's mainly for men actually. I asked my barber if they do cut women's hair.. Was told they have barbers tt do know how to cut so it's okay for females to head down to have a cut too!

The place a 10min walk from Aljunied MRT station. Just use google map to find out how to walk there. The shop was filled with mostly guys having their slick hair cuts. If u do ever go down, don't forget to make an appointment first. They are constantly fully booked so make an appointment first.

Contact: 82289063 

If you are looking into doing hair tattoos like the one i did, ask for Mervyn. His work is rly awesome so u need not worry abt having an epic fail hair tattoo. CLICK HERE to view his work tt he uploads on his IG daily. I swear u'll be blown away.

Below are a few pictures i grabbed from his IG page:
Photo credits: Mervyn

Or if you do not wanna do any hair tattoo but just a clean cut & styling/shave, u can request for this barber called "Fad". He is good too! Check out his IG page of his sick work HERE!

Below are a few pictures i grabbed from his IG:
Picture credits: FAD

Location: 311A Geylang Rd
Contact: 82289063 
(Make appointment first by What's App or call if u must)

Barbers: Mervyn & FAD

Friday, August 28, 2015

5 Years with my love.

Outfit: Soeurs

31 July 2015, was our 5th anniversary. This relationship with R is my longest. I know tt the amount of years spent tgth doesn't determine the value of one's relationship. However, it's the time we spent tgth as a couple to help each other grow in different aspects of their life tt matters. Love is obviously present in a relationship(esp if it's 5years right?).. But i'm talking about how your other half has helped you grow & improve on. R has helped me in many ways. To name a few, he has helped me:
  • Be punctual at all times (I am still working on this factor a lil. Lol)
  • His act of services extended to me such as sending me to & from work
  • He taught me how to be thrifty by telling me "Only buy what u NEED & not what u WANT".
Tbh, when i enrolled into Culinary school, i am pretty sure i wld have been expelled if not for him(i'm not a morning person). He woke up earlier just to sent me to school every single day just so i can sleep a lil longer & made a detour to ride to work after. Back then, he was serving his 2 years for the Nation. No matter how tired he was, he wld still fetch me from school/work.. Even when i insist he rest instead. 

While he & i may have had our nasty arguments due to our several disagreements, we still stuck by each other. I don't know why i love him so much despite the many times he has let me down. But i guess tts what love is no? I for one, see the good in others instead of harping on the bad. Yes i admit i harbour the negativity & rmbr what the other party has done to upset me. However, i'm someone who prefers to see things in a positive light than in an pessimistic way. It's just who i am. 

5 Years with R has been one crazy roller coaster. While we may have our differences, we still stayed on tgth to fight whatever barrier tt lies ahead of us as one- One team. We have been tgth for quite sometime to the extend tt we always, ALWAYS.. End up texting each other at the exact same time (not exaggerating at all). It's funny how 2 people who spend so much time tgth start to act & think alike. 

We had a very simple anniversary dinner & i made him a video of our 5 years tgth. I always take random videos & photos for this very purpose- To collate the videos all in 1 & watch it 5 years down the road. Which is why when the day for our 5th year arrived, i cldnt wait to show him the video. Watching how loving we both were throughout the 5 years reminded me why we stuck tgth in the first place. It reminded me tt no matter what obstacles we faced, we overcame them all & at the end of it.. When we look back, we were hand in hand, side by side, always. 

While we are both uncertain of what the future holds, i do hope with all my heart, tt maybe.. Just maybe, i'll get to spend the rest of my life with R. It sounds insanely impossible due to obvious reasons which i doubt i need to state it here cause it rly is so darn obvious.. But i have grown so attached to R & have fallen so madly in love with him tt i can't imagine a life without him. I know i sound so clingy, but it's a fact i can't run away from. I just love him tt much. 

Here's the video i put tgth for him: 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ikea Family sale.

 A random photo of dd & i. Heh.

There was a major 1 day IKEA FAMILY sale in mid August. Everything was dirt cheap! I cldnt believe the pricing! SO SO CHEAP! I headed down right after work which only gave me 45mins left to shop before the store closed :( To think at 10pm there wld be lesser people.. But noooo, i was so so wrong. It was crowded & every cashier had a long ass queue. It was insane. Well, with the prices slashed like crazy, who wldn't chiong right? LOL. Even i did. I wanted to purchase a 4 tiered shelf which was rly spacious but when i headed down to the pick up area to get the item, it was all gone!! I cldn't believe my eyes. The cashier told me by 12pm there were many items tt were alr sold out.

I got a couple of items such as rugs, decorative items, dustbin & potpourri. Everything was rly cheap as compared to the original pricing. There were several stuff i had alr intended to get but was alr sold out. Oh wells. Tough luck. I do love the persian carpets at Ikea tho. Just tt they are super expensive and were't on sale.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kota Tinggi

Snippets of our mini road trip to Kota Tinggi. Thankfully for me, R & Zubz ride bikes. So it saved us a helluva time travelling. We took bt 1hr tops from SG to Kota Tinggi. R knows his way ard JB well enough so we were rly fortunate. Srsly saved so much time than taking a coach or something. 

Anws, like i mentioned in my previous post.. You are not allowed to wear bikini at Kota Tinggi. You have to be covered. Which is why theres only 1 pic of me wearing a bikini before the guys working there saw & told us we have to be covered. I brought an extra shirt just in case. The toilets there are rly dirty. There's no water heater or whatsoever. So i suggest either u take a rly quick shower & get out of the toilet asap, or just bear with it. I took a quick bath & rushed out of the toilet. Lol. 

Like always, we dropped by Jln Dhoby for dinner & some shopping at our fav vintage shop. The area at Jln Dhoby is very hipster like. Many things to see so it's def worth a visit. The shops there open from 6pm onwards. We waited more than 2hrs for our vintage shop to open. Zzz. Oh &, we also did foot massage at City square mall. Prices are all reasonable. This pretty much summed up 2 of my off days which these 2 angels took leave just to accommodate to my off days :*) Def looking to many more holidays/kick ass road trips with these 2!

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Zubz & R took 2 days leave on a weekday during my off days to go on a mini road trip to Kota Tinggi. Took is an hour to get to Kota Tinggi by bike. We lazed at the waterfall for a couple of hours before leaving. The temperature of the waterfall is extremely cold. I thought it wld be at room temp. As it is Malaysia, just a tip in case any of you plans to go Kota Tinggi, you are not allowed to wear bikini. You have to be covered. I didn't know tt & wore a bikini. Thank goodness i had a spare tee with me which i wore over. 

The very next day, these 2 stayed over at my place & we woke up to swim! Mainly to test out my recently bought floats! Hehe. I bought all of em from Carousell. Took me months to find the ones i wanted at a reasonable price. Many of these sellers price the floats at a crazy amt of 90SGD & above! Ntm, majority of em are on preorder status. I managed to find one tt sold the Swan float at 70SGD. Probably the cheapest i found online thus far. I have a donut float too which i didn't bring as i tested it out before. The Coke vending machine float i bought through Carousell too. Price was less than 30SGD. 

I am currently obsessed with floats. I have 7 floats in total. I plan to hold a float pool party for my 24th! Sounds crazy but i can't wait!! It's gna be sooo much fun! Heh (: