Sunday, March 30, 2008

What others have, i don't.
What i yearn for, i can't have.
But i'm not gonna run away.
Wait & see, cause i'll be coming your way baby.

AHHHH MY LEG AND HANDS HURT! )): I've got really bad muscle aches. Yesterday i woke up really early to go school for OAC training. I decided to join the rock climbing team. Lol. Anyway, it was damn fun :DDD I was so happy that i reached the top of the rockwall. I had to climb down though. Climbing down i was already half dead. My energy was deteriorating. My arm was so pumped man. The second time i tried i only reached halfway then dropped. I kept trying until i really couldn't take it. So now my arms are aching. Not only that, the sun was so hot today. & Yes, it made the sunburns on my face even redder. Khairul said i look like a lobster. So more he shouted so loud when i was belaying. -.- While waiting for Justin & Javier to finish bathing, Di Kai and some others came in and added more misery to me by laughing at my sunburns. Lol. & They said it looks so uneven. What nonsense. LOL. I met Alfred after tt. But went home extremely early. Only spent 2 hours with him cause i was seriously dead beat & each step i took was really painful. I haven't met him for 4 days. & He said i look so dead. What a nice thing to say to me after 4 days. LOL. Plus tt goof said my cheeks look so rosy. AND HE TOUCHED MY CHEEK! Ahhhh i wanted to smack him. I was like.. It's not rosy. It's sunburned.

I overslept today. I slept for exactly 12 hours! Haha. Had lunch with my mum. She was damn funny today. She bought me a screen protector and casing for my phone. You know the rubber casing is called a condom right. Or at least someone told me it's called tt. When i told my mum, she said 'YUCKS' so loudly. The stall vendors were laughing too. Lol. & A car horned so long at my mum cause i was putting the groceries into the car. My mum was half calm & said ' Nvm. Honk at me for so long, i'll purposely make you wait even longer.' & She slowly put on her seat belt and everything. People were staring man. I used my hair to cover my face. Lol. & She's gona have a roadshow at AMK. So she said she'll set up a small store for me so tt i can sell my clothes etc. YAY! :D

See the pic of me below. That's how sunburned my face is.

Friday, March 28, 2008

No matter how long this track winds up to.
I'll run miles just to be next to you.
& I'll stand in a distance, just to feel who you are.
So just you wait & see.

I'll be there.

Today is the Sports Carnival. It was fun. Councilors wore their new tee. It's effing bright. So bright that it's a pain to one's eyes. Serious, no joke. Especially when under the sun. It reflects. When i left the house early in the morning, i could see a few bright yellow glowing shirts from afar. Lol. & Yes, some say the councilors look like traffic and lightsticks -.- We were the center of attraction man.

I did duty for relay 4x100 for the first time. I was one of the timekeepers. The sun was scorching hot today. I had to be under the sun the whole time. So much so that i had sunburns on my face. & I became darker. I ran for my class mix, AVA girls, & OAC mix. I ran a total of 4 times. Right after running for AVA girls, i had to run for OAC mix. I was out of breath by then. Still, OAC got first :D AVA could have at least got 3rd!! GAH! When Eileen passed me the batten we dropped it! Then i caught up with Kat, whose from dance, it was soooo close!! If not we'd be 3rd place! Just by a split second! So wasted. I had real fun running though. At least i got to bring back 2 medals. OAC mix - Gold. Class mix- Bronze ((: Oh &.. Beloved also ran for her class. If im not wrong, this is the first time she actually participated in Sports Day& even attended it. Haha.
So proud of her. Cherie & Lian also ran! (:

After the Sports carnival, the softballers & i went to library to study & read books. Lol. Such good students. I had SO much fun with them. I seriously missed them so effing much. It was a really nice feeling hanging out with them. We went out to celebrate Jh's birthday. I laughed alot. We had steamboat. I left earlier as i had cg. After cg everyone was asking me what happened to me. Cause my face was so red! Lol. SUNBURN ATTACK! Ahhhhh! ): Then they added ' You look ncier tan' -.- What a thing to say when here i am bearing with the pain. Lol.

The softballers are people that'll ALWAYS keep your day filled with laughter & lame jokes. In my whole entire life with them, i've never ever felt bored. Not even once. Cause with them is like heaven (: I love them so much :DD


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

These streets turn me inside out.
Everything shines, but leaves me empty still.
& I'll burn this lonely house down, if you run with me..
I'll run with you.

Why i always skip school, idk why. Everyone wakes up in the wee hours of the morning for a reason. Some wakes up with a delighted heart cause they look forward to seeing their friends or love ones. Some wakes up as their duty being housewives, preparing breakfast for their family. Others, wake up for the sake of it. I on the other hand, wake up early in the morning to go school cause i'm forced to. I used to wake up to school cause of a particular reason. Now, i don't have a reason. Sometimes, certain things don't go according to how you planned it would be. Standing on the edge, i realize nothing's real till it's gone. So hold on before it's to late. I'm trying hard to make a comeback. No no, i MUST. (:

I'm looking for the truth, but it's buried underneath all the lies.
So hold on before it's too late.
I don't need a perfect guy to sweep me off my feet.
All i need is for you to be who you are.
4 Times have i let you down, yet you stayed by my side.
I salute you for your endless courage and determination.
You're more than a gem baby.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I could love you again and again
Except i don't know if i should, because i don't know if you could too.
But i'd do anything for you, so i hope you notice.
But i thought i could not love anyone, but you..
And still i do.
I'm just a stranger.. even to myself.
Cause i'm falling so far away, from the place i started from.

Today i went to the flea makret with Alfred. The clothes there weren't as great. I just bought 2 skirt & a necklace. Met beloved in the late afternoon. I had fun laughing with her. (:
ShiKin met us at Cine in the night. Ate at LJS. Then John came to sweep my beloved off her feet :D Haha.
All in all, i enjoyed myself.

Have you ever thought about what protects our hearts?
Just a cage of rib bones and several parts.
So it's fairly simple to cut right through the mess.
And to stop the muscle that makes us confess.

Currently, i'm quite happy.. But def NOT satisfied wih where i am now. I gotta go to a higher level. Meaning, i gotta stop all by bad habits & etc. It's 3.48am now & i'm still wide awake. I'm tired alr. I'm gonna go to bed. Gotta wake up early later for church, Easter celebration. & Yes, i can't wait :D It's gonna be a great service.

I love the way you complete my sentences
I love the way you laugh
I love the way i don't have to say anything when we order food cause you know exactly what i want
I love the way you annoy me like CRAZY
I love your kind of wit, your kind of charm, your kind of humour
I love the way you smell
I loved you. I love you. I'll love you.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

And the excitement that i have been containing from seeing you again
After being apart from you for so long.. too long.

MY MUM BOUGHT ME A NEW PHONE :DD Yay! Haha. I went for dinner with her today. & I was telling her all about the Adam Khoo course. I enjoyed telling her that i got so excited and started rattling off like a train and i couldn't pronounce my words properly. Lol. I had a enjoyable time with her after so long. On the way back in the car, she told me to help her get something out from underneath my seat. And when i did, she said 'That's for you'. I was stunned. I knew she bought the phone ages ago, but she refused to give it to me as i was rude to her then. So yeah. I'm happy. I finally get a new phone :D It's k810i. Not the latest phone, but good functions.

The Adam Khoo course ended yesterday. & It is the best course i've ever attended. They really motivate you to study & to appreciate your mother more. The last day, many people cried. Cause it was an emotional day. Students brought their mums up to say sorry infront of the whole school. & I salute those who did that. Because it takes up ALOT of courage for one to stand infront of a large crowd and apologize to your mother. It was really touching. I regretted not calling my mother to attend the ceremony. Cause she & i could never get along well. I don't even have the guts to say such things to my mum. Let alone infront of a crowd. But if i ever had the chance, this is what i would like to tell her.
' Sorry for always shouting at you when your intentions meant me no harm. I'm sorry for all the pain i caused you and the tears you shed because of me. You've always gave me everything i wanted even though i took it for granted. Last but not least, you're the greatest mum anyone could ever ask for. & I thank God for having such am awesome mum. ily :D '

Okay i gtg sleep. It's 2.41am ad i'm still awake. I gotta wake up early tomorrow morning. Going swimming :D Oh &.. I'm so damn effing happy for beloved. Seriously.

P.S. Raihanah is pretty & i love you. Whatever happens, i'll always be by your side. If i'm alittle late, it's cause i'm bashing SOMEONE'S dick! <3

When there has been so much love and happiness for someone, it is natural to be reluctant to close such a wonderful chapter in our lives, for moving forward is rarely accomplished without considerable grief and sadness.
And while our sorrow may be profound, the clouds will clear, and the sun will shine on us again.
And in that warm, bright light we will find ourselves facing a glorious future. A future of exciting challenges and infinite possibilities, in which the horizon will stretch out before us , trimmed in the heavenly glow of the sunrise of our tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm searching.
Searching for the one who used to hold me in his arms
If only he knew, I still yearn for him.

Study camp was great! I love it. It's damn funny & yes, very motivational. To me at least. I find it extremely funny :DD Only sad thing is that it ends at 9.30pm, starts at 7.30am. GAH! The whole school's send for camp la. Lol. So currently the school's really desserted. Sec 1&2 camp, and there's the sec 3 camp. So many huh. Haha.

Anyhoos, i finally cut DouDou's fur! YAY! I'm happy because it's really hard to make her sit still and especially to keep her teeth to herself. She ALWAYS bite me when i wanna cut her fur. I succeeded!! :D I shall upload the pictures of her. Oh &.. I love the picture of DouDou wearing sunglasses. Supppperrrrr cute :D

Monday, March 17, 2008

Even when the sun doesn't get to shine,
I'll be there to walk you through the night.

We'll be running so fast, we can fly.

15 March'08 (Sat)

Met Daphne & Diane to see Beloved's dance. The timing was pushed up. Beloved danced today together with her group. I'm not being buyas, but i liked our school's dance more than the rest. They really went all out and did their best. & Beloved you danced SO well! ((((: I like. Haha. I didn't know beloved could shake that well. It was awesome. Jan
e did well too! (: Beloved and Jane looked so hot & pretty! Too bad their performance wasn't a competition. But still, they really danced damn well. I shall upload the video another day when i get it. After that went off with Beloved, Daphne and some others. Pictures are below :DD

I left for Ashwin's birthday party around 5 plus. His sister's condo is huge. So many buildings. Anyhoos, all his friends came shortly after. We gave him a surprise. He was extremely happy to the max that he wasn't himself. He was high. Lol. Bought him a nike soccer ball. As there was a pool, they threw each other into the pool. I so enjoyed myself. ShiKin & Shaa were there too. We BBQ-ed and all. It was fun (: Pictures are below.

16 March'08 (Sun)


The timing was changed. It was moved up earlier. I was still sleeping when i found out -.- I rushed like mad to get to the performance. Plus to make it worse, it was raining. I took a cab with Rai. There were many people! Something like the showcase, but more. Then met Shaa shortly after. We caught the dance on time! ((: Our school danced well. & ShiKin sure can shake her ass! Haha. Anyhoos, Rai & i watched the rest of the performances by other schools. A few schools did really well. Oh & i saw my cousin! Haha. Couldn't recognize her. She looked so different! Plus she did solo for part of her school's performance. I was shocked. I didn't know she could dance that well. (: I videoed her dance. I only realized that i didn't press the record button when it was the last 1 mintue! UGH! I so wanted to slap myself. GAH! Plus i was raising my hand all the way with the camera thinking i was recording it. My hand was effing tired. How dumc can i get. My sister's secondary school was there too. Lol. Very synchronized. The other school who won last year, twice, got into the finals with 3 other schools. Though our school didn't get into the finals, at least they did well and went all out. ((:

After the performance and all, me, Rai &
ShiKin left to buy movie tickets for step up 2. Step up 2 is bloody nice to the effing core! Way WAY better than step up 1. I wouldn't mind watching it again. Ashwin joined us for the movie. (: After the movie me, Rai & ShiKin went to Istana park. Lol. ShiKin was teaching Rai how to dance. I was laughing at them. Lol. Esp Rai. Damn funny. Then we tried to teach Rai to do Babyfreeze. She kept laughing non-stop. Lol. It was fun. Cause we hardly get to go out together. ((: We left at like 11 plus. Ahhh i had fun.

When i get our school's vid our upload it. (:

Juying school (not sure how to spell). The dance is DAMN nice :DD

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I wrote tons of letters addressed to you.
But the fact is, i never did mail them out.
My drawer is overflowing with my letters.
Hand written, nicely sealed,
Yet you'll never get to read them.

Again, it's 2.28am & i'm still wide awake. I met Tash in the late afternoon to buy a gift for Carol. A cell group member. Cell group was pretty much fun. Had pot luck today. & Chocolate fondue!! :D Heh. The greatness. Anyway, DouDou pee-ed on one of my cell group members. That's the second time she did that. I was like omgggggg! DouDou was so cute. She sat in a corner, right behind her pee, with her head low. Lol. She knew she did something wrong. I beat her buttocks. Then she slowly walked into my mum's room(which was right beside her pee) with her head hung low. She just looked at me with pitiful eyes. DAMN cute. She gave me the 'puss in boots' look. Haha. During cg, she came down the stairs to sit with me. & She just slept there. She slept on her back. She kept acting cute the whole night. Lol. My mum kept carrying her and talking to her. She just stared at my mum. Lol.

After the cg people left, my mum, sisters & i watched some video on Youtube. It was nice being around them. Doing things with them (: Plus they kept laughing at the things i say. -.- Tash came back from Aus alr, obviously. Lol. She bought me ear rings :D Haha and of course, CHOCOLATE! Tam tam chocolates are yummaeeeeee! She played with the Australian netballers. Who are WAY taller and bigger in size. They even sub guys in to play. Like wth. GUYS vs girls. She flew across the court when she wanted to tackle a guy. Damn funny. & It left a huge bruise on her knee. & She lost her wallet last week. Her 90 bucks gone. Thats worse then me. I lost my wallet 4 times. She looses her wallet once, but together with her 90 bucks. Sad case.

Lol. Okay i gtg go alr. Gonna go watch Beloved dance later. Then off to Ashwin birthday partaeeee! :D He said he wanna joget with me. Lol. I shall update again later in the night.

Okay bye.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't wanna second guess,
i gave my whole heart to you.

I just wanna lay back and leave everything behind.
It's just so much better running away.

I seriously need to start sleeping before 1am man. My sleeping time is now 4-5am? That's terrible. I sleep late, wake up even later. & It's 2.44am now and i'm still awake. Plus i gotta wake up early later at 8am to swim. GAH! My dad nearly confiscated my psp last night. His damn funny. He kept popping into my room to check up on me. He looked like a spy la. The 3rd time he sneeked in, he said 'I see a fingerprint on the psp.' I was like 'Noooo i didn't play. I was sleeping.' LOL. He didn't believe me. He took my psp and put it really far away. I hid under my blanket and starting laughing. Anyhoos, Khalid & Louis came over my place today. Khalid was sitting all over the place trying to stay away from DouDou. But DouDou kept wagging her tail each time Khalid spoke. LOL. Khalid's reaction was super duper funny! After that i left for my Math tuition in the evening. My tuition teacher made me write 3 formulas 50 times each )): GAAAAH! I just can't seem to remember the formulas.

Anyhoos, it rained like shit today. It has been raining for days!! The weather just spoils everything. Why can't it just rain when everyone's sleeping. & I'm going broke soon. I bought 2 tops online. Need to send em for altering. I'm too short. I HAVE TO GROW TALLER!!! Lol. I met Alfred for dinner after my tuition. I got to hug Rai!! :DDD Yay! I miss her so much. & Shi Kin messaged me at 1am saying 'send me an airplane.' I laughed non-stop when i read the msg. She's in school now having her npcc camp. Haha. I pity her. I hope she doesn't come out all bones. LOL.

Beloved's performance is this coming Saturday! She's pretty much excited about it. That's good. I can't wait to see her dance! :DD Oh &.. of course not forgetting, Jane too! (: All the best. I'll try to be right in the front okay. & Shi Kin's dance group too. Her's is on Sunday. I wanna watch all of them dance their hearts out :DDD

Pictures of Alfred below. HAHA. His so gonna kill me when he sees this man. LOL. Those are the times he wore my hairband. The white hairband, he wore it himself. The green ribbon hairband, i just put it on him. Lol. Doesn't he look pretttttyy??

Okay bye! <3

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's like i'm walking on broken glass
With you standing from afar, watching me scream
Like you ever knew how i felt.
Gees, you really are an ass.

My parents keep telling me to study study study! My dad said ' You know how damn bloody happy i'll be to see you study.' I was laughing when he said tt. Cause it's true. When i study, which is once in a blue moon, he'll come to me and hug me. Lol. Anyway, i've been sleeping reallllllyyyyy late! Lol. Alfred's helping me do my blogshop. His really a comp freak man. He knows so many things concerning a comp that a normal human being wouldn't. Lol. Anyhoos, Al was helping me take photos of the clothes and all. I left a skirt on the floor. And DouDou slept on it -.- Told her to get up she refused. So i had to wash it. Lol. Tash is in Australia now. She went there for her Netball training. Plus she's a captain of her team. Damn cool. Told her to buy back nice stuff. (((:
Met Rai yesterday for a short while. (: Was damn happy to see her. Then ShiKin & Farna later in the night for dinner. ShiKin FINALLY gain weight :D & I miss Beloved. She's gonna dance this Sat with the rest of the people. I'll def be there to watch Beloved :DDDDDD Haha.