Monday, November 30, 2015

The Majestic Hotel

R & i rode to Melaka from SG. We took abt 4hrs to get there as his bike had some issues halfway there. It was quite a tiring & uncomfortable ride tbh. But anw, we made it safely so tt's good. When we got to our hotel, we were both extremely impressed by the interior design & the intricate details of their culture blended into the building. It was breath taking. Hands doen best hotel i've ever stayed in. The service is top notch! Ntm, the bed is so comfy! Also, the detailed design put into the room was so good i cldn't stop snapping photos. I am def staying at The Majestic Hotel again if i ever visit Melaka. It's quite a long walk to Jonker street tho. But, i'd rather stay at The Majestic hotel than any other hotel. Their breakfast was pretty awesome. Very atas. 

Their service is really outstanding. After we had our breakfast we were shocked to come back to a cleaned & packed room! They cleaned so fast & cleaned again after we got back from walking ard jonker street at night. Then they came back knocking on our door asking if we needed to clean our room or to top up any other necessities. SO DARN GOOD!!! Excellent service is so hard to find these days. Yes, their service is excellent. Describing it as good doesn't do them any justice. 

They hung this red sash over the door because R told them it was my birthday & requested to decor the room abit. Hahaha.
A bolster that read : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

They surprised me with a brownie & some kueh & placed it on the table with a candle. When R & i got back to our room we didn;t notice it at first as it was quite dim. When i saw it i got a shock & we started laughing. He himself didn't even know they were gna give a cake. So extremely thoughtful of them. It made me smile!

The Majestic Hotel
    Address: 188 Jalan Bunga Raya 75100 Melaka, 75100, Malacca, Malaysia

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Turning 24.

On my 24th birthday, my close friends celebrated with me over a simple Mexican dinner. The place is called, Afterwit. I found the food pretty disappointing. 

My friends & i waited for almost an hour for our food to arrive. I noticed that the other tables also had to wait as long as we did. Yes they were full house. I dont mind waiting for awhile. But 1hr is too much isn't it? Also they ran out of so many items & when we ordered another round of Nachos, they gave so little cheese. The first round of Nachos had a good amount of cheese in it. But the 2nd one was literally scrapes. Wish i had taken a photo of the 2nd one. I will def not go back as i had such a bad experience. The food is the kind tt u can easily do at home. I guess i expected too much from Afterwit. But honestly, their food was so mediocre. Really the kind one can do at home. We had the 'Fiesta de tacos' for $30. IT WAS TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT. All the fillings were so darn little, it cannot fill up 8 of the soft tacos. It was just horrible. My friends and i were pretty appalled. When we informed the sever, she said tt the 4 fillings were all measured out to be the same weight so much so tt it WILL fill all 8 soft tacos. Tt was total bullshit. It cld not fill up all 8. We ended up eating the remaining 4 soft tacos as it is. For $30 it was def not worth it. 

However, the company i had saved the day. I had so much fun with my friends i totally disregarded the bad experience i had there. If i was bored i wld prolly have been angrier. 

 Went ice skating after dinner with Zubz & R. It was quite fun!

Candy & Kh surprised me at work a couple of days after my birthday. They bought my fav food! Super sweet. Hahaha i totally wasnt expecting tt tho. Was pretty touched by their actions & thoughtfulness :*) The cupcakes which are designed chef themed are sooo pretty!!! Look at the details! Super cute! Hahahaha. Candy ordered them from her church friend. It was Pandan flavoured! (: