Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shoes that were left behind.
The things you threw into the litter bin
Things like these don't come back tt easily.
You just never got it.

Had climbing competition today. It was really hot. I saw Lian in the morning. Haha. I was wondering if she actually recognized me. & She waved! (: Lol. Cause the other time she couldn't -.- Haha. Anyway, back to the topic. My group B girls (Riyan, Desiree & me) won 3rd for speed. :DDDD The C girls (Aileen, Jessica & Hui Xaing) won 3rd. The B boys (Chris, Ramdhan & Yun Hao) won 1st :DD The juniors did well too. They themselves won prizes :D Haha. Basically, at least we walked away with something.
After tt met Al then ate with him. (:

Desiree Liekkkkkkkkkk :D

My speed category group :D

The guys group.

C girls group

Video on me, Riyan & Desiree competeing against TJC. (:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm a fool for falling head over heels for you.
& Now i've decided to give up.
No more late night talks &

Went for Stacy's love one's wedding. She looked so so prettty. Well, she already is. Gladys looked gorgeous too (: She's so tall. Make me feel even shorter -.- The wedding is really funny. One of the best weddings i've ever been to. Cause it isn't those common ones, it's damn fun. The bride & groom themselves made it fun. Anyhoos, before the wedding i met Mitchell to study. After tt went Stacy's grandma's place. Seriously all her relatives are damn funny. Especially her grandma. Her grandma's damn cute & funny. So is her mum :) Haha. One big happy funny family :DD

Pictures :D

P.S The dress i'm wearing was given to me by Alfred :DDDD He surprised me. I kinda suspected alr. But still, thanks Al. Maybe, just maybe, one day you might actually really succeed in giving me a surprise. That was really sweet of you though. Thanks for the dress. You knew how much i wanted it. You're a gem baby. (: & Grow fatter la you 'made up of bones' person. Yah you have muscles that are hidden behind your bones -.- You're so tinyyyyyy. Like a mouse.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Haha. Have a blessed birthday & God bless. & Stop singing! Haha. No la. You sing well actually. But stop singing Chinese songs eh. I dont understand eh. Lol. Lastly, shine in your school kay. & Dont everytime play online games la! I realise all IT ppl like to play online games alottt! & Your speech today was funny. In fact, you are weird overall. In a good way :DDD I dont care if you dont like this picture. Lol. It's nice kay you vainpot. Haha.

I'm damn tired. I wanna sleep soon. Haha. Er. Pe today was fun. Assembly even more fun. It was racial harmony day. Teachers and students danced with the performers. Now talking to Ivan on msn. Who used to be same class as me in sec 1 & 2, tgth with Lian & Beloved. His damn crappy. Forever calling me tay wen or mosquitoe -.- We're reminiscing the past! LOL. Miss having him in ftp. Cause his a joker. Kay bye.

Adin's baggy jeans. He hates skinny jeans. Lol.

Video on the dance. It's hilarious.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can't you feel the silence between us
How can you act like nothing's wrong
You've become so distant i can't see you anymore.

I got a line & phone alr. So don't say i didn't tell any of you :D & i actually lost my phone 6 times. The phone company recorded it. My mum said they were angry. One more time i lose it, no more phone for me. CCA day. Then studied with Beloved. Then dinner with dad at a peranakan restaurant. Okay that's all. Pictures.

Ponie! Soooo cute right? Haha.
She just let me take pictures of her.
Ponie my model of the day :D

Ponie's shy :D

Yazid the crazy one.

Nabila (:

Sumitra didn't wanna take a photo with Jasmine.


Found this "lost" dog with Beloved.
Which was barking at nothing.

Buah keluak! :D
It's damn tasty. My dad brought me to a peranakan restaurant.

Javier got 3 detentions in just one week.
The crazy things he do to get himself into trouble.

OAC Cooking competition! Haha.
Those are supposed to be pancakes.
But it didn't turn out the way it should be. LOL.

Some of the OAC guys played rugby.
& Used a shoe to hold it so tt they can kick off -.-

Was trying real hard to be the same height as Sumitra.

Lastly, i seriously need new shoes. The condition of my shoes has worsen! LOL.
But too lazy to buy one. Waste of money anyway. Haha.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ugh so pissed at my mum & older sister now. I was using the main comp & my sis came back late saying she wants to use it. Told her i'll let her use it at 12am she agreed. She finish bathing early & starts showing her temper. So effing petty.

Anyway, my individual speed climb i didn't get in KO round. But team speed most likely got into finals. 2 Straight days woke up so early. Next Sun gotta wake up early to climb again. I have to start studying alr. Prelims are in 2 weeks time.

Anyway, pictures.

Khairul. Doesn't he look like one of the guys from an old movie, 'Grease'?

Desiree, Riyan & me

Broccoli with crab roe! :D
It may seem disgusting, but it taste great.

I know the video is the wrong way.
But i can't rotate it -.-
It's a vid of my speed team (Des, Riyan & me) clibming.