Saturday, March 28, 2009

With you, it's different.
Different in a good way.
& I like things better just like that.

Went to a Chinese Doctor today cause my stomach's been very pain lately. The doc said i can't consume any cold drinks or fruits. & There's too much air in my tummy. I texted zy whatever the doc said. & His reply was ultra funny. It made me laugh for quite awhile.

Nad: The doc said i have alot of air in my stomach & cannot take cold drinks & fruits.
Zy: Okay I shall beat the air out of you.
Nad: Hahaha. Idiot. You made me laugh infront of my mum. I shall beat the fat out of you.
Zy: I no fat. You can beat yourself. Lol.

Hahaha. Stupid right tt dumbass. LOL. As i'm typing this i'm actually laughing. When i read those msges i kept laughing like mad. Silent laughter. But i was covering my mouth in case my mum saw. Haha okay enough. I still can't stop laughing.

This is DouDou. Cute right?? She just lay there & slept. Super near the door. She refused to move when my dad wanted to open the door. She's super lazy to the max. She didn't even care tt her tail was caught in the door -.-

Lilo!!! Beloved's dog :DD Cuteeeee! I like her fur super much. It's as soft as a pillow. She's ultra cuteness.

Ponie! ((: Beloved's other dog. Haha. I like her ears in this picutre. Damn adorable. During my sec 1-2 years, CuiLin, Claris & i would play hide and seek with her. Haha damn funny.

P.S. Cui Lian, Ah bi's the only dog i'm super scared of! Haha. He's always barking when i'm standing at your gate outside. I'm so afraid he'll bite me. I must make him like me one day so i can take a photo with him! (: Lol.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Late night suppers kept me awake.
I miss the cold breeze there.
However great it was, i rather be here with you.

Last Sat had a family gathering at my Uncle's place. He has a Schnauzer, a male. It's name is rocky. It's the cutest Schnauzer i've ever seen. Super nice coat. Pure black. Not like the normal ones. Very very nice. Plus the dog's ultra hyper. It literally jumps like a rabbit when it's playing. It kept following DouDou everywhere until DouDou got really irritated. Lol. PLayed with both dogs. Had to keep an eye on DouDou in case she does anything bad. She poo-ed on the floor. -.- So embarrassing. Anyway, at least she had much fun, getting out of the house to some other place. (:

My Sunday was spent at church, as always (: Then in the evening with Zy.

Rocky's superrrrr cute right?? ((: Love the colour of the coat.

Seriously, it took me & my cousins 10 mins, trying to make them sit STILL. But no, they refused to sit tgth.

Saw this monitor lizard(Not sure if it is one) outside my place. There're actually bigger ones.

You can see my pictures with him, my facial expressions are always normal. Not like someone. LOL :DDD & I curled my hair tt day (: Zy says i look older in curled hair. At least he says it's still nice.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

'Everything's gonna be alright' He whispered softly.
'You're not gonna end up like them, don't worry.'
Everything that had no answers to my questions,
God answered.
& I am satisfied; Believing for the best.

I was at my mum's side family gathering. I brought DouDou along as there was another dog. I'll talk bout it another time. Right now i'm gonna talk about my day out with Rai. Had a photoshoot with her. My intention was to go to an abandon house to shoot some shots. But we got lost & ended up at Henderson wave. A super long perspiring walk man. Better to take a cab. Anyway, i brought props for her to use. It makes the picture less dull. I'm still learning. ShiKin joined us shortly after. But i lost the pic of me & her -.-
Hopefully the pictures below are better than average? (: You guys see the pics yourself then.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bring me back to the old days.
Back where nothing bothered me.
I'm finding the strength & motivation to move on.
Something's dragging me down; Deep down.

I'm not really in a mood to blog or do anything. Short post will do.

Met Louis for dinner. We played arcade games. It was fun. I had an awesome time crapping with him. & He disturbing me.. As usual. Lol. He came over my place to visit DouDou. From the looks of it, it seems like she hasn't forgotten him the least bit. Kay bye!

I'm screaming into the dark.
Searching for an answer; Where do i go from here?
Running fast but i'm going nowhere.
I always knew there'd comes a day i'd have to get out.
I'm standing still but i can't catch my breath.

Louis (: 14 Years friend. Sooooo long right? A precious friendship i must always treasure.

DouDou can do handstand! LOL. I couldn't stop laughing when i saw tt. So cute right?

I burnt my hand accidentally by a claypot. Super piping hot claypot. Tt's gonna leave an ugly scar man. Eeek!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The above pic was taken like.. 2 years ago. Lol. Anyway, i miss your crappiness & the crazy times in school. Especially during camps! Haha. Have a blessed birthday okay. I def didn't forget your birthday. We'll meet soon tgth with the rest kay. HAPPY BRITHDAY :DDD

Note to self: Don't give up; I can make it through.

I have been pretty occupied lately. Went to the IT fair with Zy & his mum. It's super duper ultra packed!! & It's 6 freaking floors! LOL. Anyway, the highlight of my weekend would be the Mr & Ms ET event. I was the photographer. It really exposed me to working with different types of people & all. Well, i def did have much fun & it was a great experience. This morning, i got a call from Santy early in the morn before i even woke up for church, saying i am one of the contestants & have to rush down. Plus i'm the photographer too. I was like ' Omgggg no! I thought i told Steph i don't wanna be one of the contestants.' Lol. Cabbed down anyway. Took a half & full photo shot & had to do a 1 min video. Anyway the theme was 'L.A Hip Hop'. Guessing what i wore for tt theme? The pics below, see for yourself (: Idk if tt is even L.A Hip Hop! -.- LOL.

Friday, March 13, 2009


You've always been like a sister to me. More than a friend & a cgl. (: I've known you during the end of my P6 years till now. I thank God for pacing sucha wonderful person like you into my life to guide me & be there for me (: Happy birthday! :D

Celebrated Steph's birthday tgth with Yan Ming last Monday. It was fun. It was a surprise! Basically we blindfolded her & made her find pieces of her scrapbook. It was fun watching & taking photos of her doing tt. Anyhoo, i had much fun with everyone :D

Anyway, bout school, i received my report slip today. Hmm.. Let's just say i didn't do very well. Seriously. I passed Math only. Now tt's a sentence i never thought i'd ever say. I actually failed Eng -.- Tt's damn depressing man. Here's what my from teacher wrote on my result slip ' It is commendable that Nadine's attendance had improved in the past four weeks. Nevertheless, she is easily distracted during lessons. She needs to focus more on her studies. There is still plenty of room for improvement.' -.- After reading it, i laughed at the distracted part. Figures anyway. & I am not easily distracted! Okay maybe sometimes. But tt's cause i've finish doing my work what. Everyone elses comments start with 'So & so is a bright student' or 'Studies have improved'. & I get attendance -.- That's .. Crap? Lol.

Long bus rides often bore me; But not today's.
Looking out the window,
Every tree looked the same except for one.

That very one tree stood out.
It was the only tree filled with beautiful purplish-white flowers.

It was a magnificent sight. It made me smile.
I could feel God right beside me (: Everything's gonna be okay- I believe.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Back then, our screams would be far worst.
Right now, it's all different.
Changed. Good change.
Now that's something worth fighting for ain't it?

It's been raining non stop!! Especially when school's about to end, it rains -.- Damn weather. It was super chilly today. I had a good sleep during Chem for 2 whole periods. I was super tired. I was battling with my eyes to keep em wide open. Too bad, i failed. Lol. Apparently our class "chaos" is not exactly 'Case close'? It's such a waste of time to even drag it. Math lesson is never gonna resume if this carries on -.-

1 week hols coming soon. Yayyyy! Can't wait :DDDD Oh the momentary freedom from school! (:

I am currently uploading pics in multiply & photo-bucket. Multi tasking. Lol okay whatever. Kay bye! (:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Math kills my brain cells.
My brain's on the verge of exploding into tincy wincy bits.

This freaking Mathematics game is killing my brain cells!!! LOL. I joined this 'World Math Day' Competition just to get cca points, and partially for the fun of it. Haha. Shockingly, quite a lot of people joined too. I need to hit 4000 correct questions so tt i can get the cca points! )): I'm having a very hard time. Sounds insanely impossible right? But people can actually get more than 4000! I'm not exactly a fast thinker, neither am i good at mental calculation. Seriously. Omggggg. It's really making my brain go at a much slower rate the more i calculate -.- It's super easy math. Just simple addition, multiplication, divide & minus. But the more you play, you kinda get mixed up. Lol. By tmr i must hit 4000 correct qns.

Apart from my brain cells decreasing, common test results are crap. Uggh! Can't seem to do well even though i think i would? Oh well. March hols are next 2 weeks. I can't wait. Need a break. Cause right after the hols is intensive studying. Some bridging camp for sec 5s. Have camp this Friday and another one next Friday. Hopefully the next Fri one i don't have to attend. Not really a camp sort of person. I have gone to tons of camps for the past few years. But i can't seem to love camp still. In fact, i get super sad when i know there's a camp coming up. Anyhoo, school was ultra boring. Don't know what's wrong with all the teachers today. All so super naggy. Can nag till the bell ring -.- Super irritaiting.

P.S. Beloved! Pleaseee get well soon. So much things to teach/tell you. ((: & Don't worry, you'll def catch up fast (: Get well soon kay? :DDD