Friday, February 29, 2008

If only i could just steal a moment away with you
& Under this magnificent purplish-orangey sunset.
I would just like to tell you,
I'll never let go of this thing we call love.

I think i'm gonna flunk my Chem & Physics paper. Lol. Hate science. I had no time to study for my Combine Humans yesterday. But i managed to do both papers today though. Anyway, yesterday i went home straight after school & met Irwan after that. It was nice having to see him & talk to him face to face after so long. We saw some people having softball training at SRC in the night. Made us miss softball so much. Irwan was like saying to me this guy is who that guy is who. He actually remembers the name even. -.- The advantage of being the captain & pitcher eh. Last time my coach would ask me to help Irwan catch. Cause nobody dared help him catch. Seriously, nobody. Except Louis. Louis wouldn't want to at times too. But still, he has no choice. Cause when Irwan pitches, the ball you catch makes your palm damn bloody pain. That big guy has lots of strength man. & I will always have to gear up if i have to catch for him. My coach would make me gear up so i won't get hit by the ball he pitches. & yeah, my palm always had bruises. Haha. Had lots of fun and laughter too <3

My mum send me to school today. YAY :DDD I felt bad waking her up though. Cause i was gonna be late for school. Plus my house has this freaking long stretch that i gotta walk. It's like walking from one end to another.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I miss you here, now you're gone
I've been waiting near by the phone
With your picture hanging on the wall.

I was late for school. In other words i was late for my test paper. I woke up at 7.05am. & Still took my time. Lol. Not only that, i walked around the whole school for 5 mins trying to find my class. I was perspiring by then. I felt so irraited can. Lol. Chem & Physics paper was.. I have no idea. Lol. Didn't really study for it. I was really lethargic the whole morning. After recess, i was so hyper. I had so much fun in class. Laughing and all. I was so pissed off during F&N lesson. I dislike the teacher. GAH!

Anyhoos, after school had mass cca. Today all the ccas combine and play pushball together. & ShiKin was damn bloody funny. Des & i were making fun of her and laughing. YiFu told her to get out cause she so skinny how to play. LOL. Damn funny. Plus he was shouting at her. But in a joking way. But she played in the end. She kept saying she did push the ball and all. But no. It was the other way round. More like the ball pushed her out of the game -.- Damn funny. When Des & i saw we laughed our asses off. Lol. She looked like a stick that's being squashed by the humongous red ball. Lol. The councilors were like everywhere. Can see blue and white top people running around the field. Lol. It was damn fun. Plus it was freaking hot today. I think i can even fry an egg on someone's belly. I finally got to talk/see Sumi, Jas & Pabi ((: Yay. Haha. After mass cca, went Rai's house. So happy to see her :DHaha. ShiKin was late! So i had to leave first cause my mum will kill me if i'm late.

Alright. I gotta go. I wanna watch some teeeveeeeee :D

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Only at a certain time of the day,
Do i see your face.
Cause you tend to be out of sight the rest of the day

I'm tired. Have been sleeping really late. & Yes i did study for my subjects. Tomorrow's combine science. I studied alittle for Chem already. Left Physics. Plus tomorrow there's still mass cca. GAH!

Anyhoos, visited Rai at her workplace togther with Shi Kin yesterday. Waited for her to end work. So while waiting Shi Kin & i studied. Well no. I didn't. Shi Kin did. After tt i met Ashwin for dinner :D Then went to find Beloved, Louis & Al.

We all need something we consider worth getting up in the morning for. Whether it's real or not; healthy or destructive; tangible or false, is irrelevant. When you've got nothing to hang onto, deception can seem pretty inviting.

& i guess that just explains it all. Cause i still love you.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

She sets out on another misadventure just to find
She's another two years older
And she's three more steps behind

Common test is tomorrow. Ahhhh! & I haven't really studied for it yet. I gotta start right away! Anyway, after church went for lunch with my mum. She talked to me about some stuff. Then we went to look at hand phones cause i requested for one since i did well in my studies :DDD At first she offered me 50 bucks. But that's nothing. Plus i want an object. So i asked for a DSLR camera, she said no ): Cause it's too expensive. Nvm. Alfred said he'll buy me one (: Heh. She might be buying me the Sony Ericsson shake phone. Can't find any better phone.

Oh &.. I went out with my sisters yesterday. Bought them their birthday gifts. Bought Tash 3 CDs & a pair of ear rings. & Nik, a pair of high heel shoes. I was standing the whole morning during work. Then walked around non-stop. I was so glad that my dad came to pick us up :D Haha. Was supposed to find Louis at num since my sisters want stuff from there, but my fussy sisters said it's far. After that they changed their minds. Then changed it back again -.- Still, it was fun going out with them. We hardly go out together. & When we were eating our dinner at Subway, Tash kept rushing me to eat faster. She said ' Hurry eat. You don't talk, just listen. ' She got really impatient after 1 hour plus & said ' Wl i can finish that in 2 bites la. If you don't faster, we're leaving w/o you.' Lol. So impatient.

Okay i gtg. I wanna take a short nap then start studying. :D Toodles.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

20 Feb'08


Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration today. Bet you did. Looks like you got EVERYTHING you've been waiting/wishing for. You got what you wanted anyway. So be happy alright. Happy birthday. ily.

Today had mass cca. Me & ShiKin kinda lied our ways out of school. The gate only opens at 5.30pm. So we requested to leave at 5pm, which was granted. But the damn guard didn't let ShiKin out cause she didn't have a permission slip but i did. & The damn guard sprayed water at ShiKin. Wth right. So rude! ShiKin was effing pissed. We left school early to go Shaa's birthday celebration. So much trouble can. We were arguing with the guard. Mdm Prema was so nice to escort us to the gate & we got out :D Haha. After which we met again together with Rai. It was pretty fun i guess.

Oh &.. Yes i took out the stud in my tongue. More like it dropped out. I nearly swallowed the bar bell while eating. I was drinking soup and it came out. It's damn difficult to eat with a pierced tongue. It's extremely pain to the max! The hole's already starting to close. So many people scolded me in school today -.-

P.S Ashwin, thanks for cheering me up earlier on. I really appreciate it. You're the best. I can always rely on you whenever i'm down. You never fail to make me smile either. I love you la bestfriend! <3

Pain, you just have to ride it out, hope it goes away on its own, hope the wound that caused it heals. There are no solutions, no easy answers, you just breath deep and wait for it to subside. Most of the time pain can be managed but sometimes the pain gets you where you least expect it. Hits way below the belt and doesn't let up. Pain, you just have to fight through, because the truth is you can't outrun it and life always makes more. & in life you'll always always meet people who are jerks and say things without meaning it. Cause their're just plain assholes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

There are t
he days when i see that sparkle in your eye.
& in a weird somehow,
I am able to convince myself.

That maybe, just maybe..
This could be my last chance to make things alright.

Beloved, Cheer up okay. Whatever happens, know that you're not alone. Cause you've got me, Louis & the rest. Plus his so not worth your tears. & I hope you enjoyed yourself at East Coast. Cause i sure did. At least i got to see you smile. So it doesn't matter & it's so not a trouble. (: I love you & smile my dearest Beloved <3>

It's 1.27am now. So it's counted as 19 Feb already. Crappy system. Anyhoos, gotta go school later. BAH! I met Rai sayang today at her workplace after she ended work. I was so happy to see her. Irwan & YaQin came before she arrived. I did the craziest thing ever. I pierced my tongue. GAAH! & Yes, it was pain. Rai somore told me it doesn't hurt. I was laughing & screaming. It's senget -.- Damn. Nvm. I just hope it won't get infection. Ima take good care of my tongue man. So afraid to get infection. I pierced my tongue cause Rai send me a extremely sweet msg one morning. When i woke up & read it, i was laughing. Basically, she asked me to pierce my tongue together with her. She pierced hers already. So i agreed. & Today, i pierced my tongue. It hurts though. Can't eat for days. It's gonna swell the next day. My mum's so gonna kill me if she finds out. Not gonna let her know.

Oh &.. The night before i was chatting with Shaa online. I was laughing damn hard. We were joking around and all I told her there's a paradise at my ass. Lol. & Loads more of crap. (: It was funny.

Okay i'm done. Gotta go. Tata joyful chirpy people! :D

P.S I know you're not happy with what i did. But if you love me you'd support me. & You were being plain selfish by saying that i don't care? Looks whose being selfish man. & You seriously pissed me of a whole lot today. I can't possibly reply you immediately right. I was in the middle of something. I do love you, but at times i really feel like kicking you in the balls. Grow up man.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rainbows only come in seven colors
But my rainbow's special
Cause it comes in all colors.
& That's just how my life is.

Haha omg. I'm laughing non-stop now. My mum's on a business trip. Brother's in army. Dad's working. So left my sisters & i. It's 11pm and the house lighting is quite dim. The lighting in my house basically sucks. I was hoppinh along the corridor to ask my sisters what are the colors of a rainbow. Nicole(elder sister), just came out of the room. She didn't see me and screamed BLOODY loud. After 5 seconds, i screamed. Tash was about to scream too cause she gotta shock. The 3 of us were laughing non-stop. Nik said it was slow motion & usually the brain will absorb whatever that happened immediately. But it took me 5 seconds. Lol. Cause when she saw me she gotta shock and screamed after 1 second. During the 1 second we just stared at each other then she screamed.

I realized something. 90% of my Chinese friends speak in Chinese to one another. But when they talk to me they change to English -.- Isn't that just so sad. Lol. & When i try to blend in, SOME PEOPLE tell me not to speak in Chinese. Lol. & Why? Cause i sound funny. I feel like i sound okay what. Crap. I desperately need a Chinese tuition teacher.

Anyway, brother 4-2 half are coming over to my place for steamboat tmr :D

Okay i gtg already. I got back from work not long ago. I got really down all of a sudden and decided to buy a 3/4 black pants from Esprit to cheer me up. & It did :D Lol. Okay gotta do homework.
Toodles happy bouncy people :D

Saturday, February 16, 2008

On 15th Feburary,
As a very special day

Cause my baby just turned 18

& He got a surprise from me <3


Here's what happened on his birthday(15 Feb'08). I told him to meet me at 3.15pm. & I met Louis at 3.20pm below Alfred's block. Louis accompanied me to his place so that it won't be so weird for me. His parents speak in Chinese. So it's very difficult for me to communicate with them. The dad said that Alfred already left in Chinese. So Louis explained to them in CHINESE that we were giving him a surprise. The mum was talking to Louis in Chinese the whole time. I felt as if i was an extra goof standing there -.- I got him a Black SX electric guitar with an amplifier & all the stuff for an electric guitar. I put it in his room with a note. Practically, the whole 5 minutes at his place, the only thing i said was ' Hello & Bye' to his parents. OH OH! I almost forgot. The mum said something which i found quite insulting and ONLY 2% humorous. Louis told her that his going out with me cause she asked. So in other words, he was waiting for me for quite a long time. The mum then said ' Huh na ta bu shi deng hen jiu' ))): It means ' Like that don't he have to wait very long'. Of all things, she just had to say that. In my head there were bombs blowing up every 5 seconds, destroying bits and pieces of my brain. Louis said the mum was actually laughing when she said that. Ahhhh i give up. Plus Louis told the parents not to tell Alfred that we were here as it is a surprise. & The dad messaged Alfred saying ' There's a surprise for you at home.' Omg! I so wanted to bang the wall man.
Anyhoos, went ice skating with him. Tricked him that i didn't get him a present. & He fell for it. Watched 'Jumper'. A really good movie! Then we headed to Lao Pa Sat to eat. Shortly after Louis, Beloved & Bq joined us. Then we slacked at raffles place. Of course it was much more fun when they came ((: More people the cheerier. We left way past 12am. Lol.
The ending? He didn't even see the guitar when he went into the room. He merely just walked pass it. After awhile he noticed. His face was damn funny! He was shocked. He stood there with his mouth open and stayed silent for 1 min. Then started screaming and saying 'OMG' thousands of times. Haha. I was really happy to see him extremely happy :D Best thing was he didn't even suspect anything. Not even when the dad messaged him. He just thought that the dad meant they bought him a cake.

Okay that's all. I love you Alfred <3

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Anything goes when you don’t even care
When you’re this far in love
You read your book baby I’ll float away
Takin’ a nap on your lap in the shade
I could hold your hand all day


It was really fun in school today. Recess time was really happening. Student councilors have set up a booth for the past 1 week promoting Valentine's day gifts. There were roses, heart-shaped balloons, key chains, clips etc. Song dedication even. It was really fun. Seeing pupils holding balloons and flowers. It was really sweet (: I gave afew of my close friends a gift. (: Cause i love them so so much :D After school met Rai first then Farna & Alicia. She's a really nice girl. She's friendly and pretty :D
Anyhoos, Shi Kin joined us after her remedial. We crapped alot & cam whored at Starbucks. Which we did not buy any drinks at all. We just sat there and talked. Haha. It was a really fun day today. I got to be with my friends, and most of all, my 2 bestfriends. It's been really long since we've been able to go out together. This is the best day ever cause i missed Rai & ShiKin so much. Yes, i see ShiKin everyday in school. But when Rai & Shi Kin are put together, it's much more fun! <3
Beloved for your hug :D ShiKin for your heart-shaped balloon & lollipop. Raihanah for your chocolate biscuit. YiMin for the rose. & Yi Fu for helping me steal the rose -.-
Lol. Other than that, those that i left out would be, CuiLian, Ashwin, Rus, Mitchell, Louis, Daphne, Shaa, & Irwan, I love you guys so so much too! <3>

Monday, February 11, 2008

The greatest fun i ever had
The ever so fun people i hung out with

Awesome memories lies at Shelford road.

9 Feb woke up damn early to go visiting with Stacy, HuiMin & Gladys. After that went to the gig to support Kamal's band. (: It was GREAT! I've never been to a gig before. So yeah. At first it was kinda amusing seeing the people mosh. Kinda scary & violent. At least i got to see ShiKin, Shaa, Nadhirah, Rara & Ika. Met new friends. All nice people (: After the gig went to find Rai with girlfriends. ShiKin was sick. Wanted to send her home. But she left first. Overall, the gig was bloody nice. :D
Oh &.. It was me & Al's 5th month. <3 style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(0, 153, 0);font-family:arial;" >6 MORE DAYS TO YOUR BIRTHDAY! <3

10 Feb after church went visiting with Beloved, Mitchell & Rus. It was extremely fun to the max!
Rus's house is nice and cozy. Beloved's ponie was dressed up in her tee. So cute. After that it was my house then Mitchell's. We played at Mitchell's house till 11pm plus. Bloody fun to the effing core. We skateboarded , roller blade & scooter. Damn funny. & I fell while standing on the skateboard -.- Now my wrist is pain. GAH!

School was fun only after recess. I go crazy only after recess. ShiKin's ill. I wrote her a letter & ask Yazid to pass to her. Yazid sits next to me in Maths lesson. Lol. We're paired in a way that the stronger one has to help the other. So i have to help him. ShiKin, see i'm so nice to your damn brother. & He called me 'DENG DENG'! What deng deng?! After school went out with Louis & Al. Saw Daphne! :D Got to hug her real tight. ((: Then they came my place. I was sleeping. Lol. Louis left then me & Al went to play at a open space. He roller blade i skate. Damn fun.

Okay that's all folks :D

I never knew i'd go this far with you
Neither did i have any clue i'd love you this much
Though my past is what's holding me back from loving you to the fullest,
The best is yet to come.
I can't promise you all the riches in the world,
But i could at least try, for your sake
I guess i knew all along, that everything will fall into place
I love you <3

Friday, February 8, 2008


Today's the twins birthday. Going out with them next next week to celebrate their birthday. They woke up early in the morning to celebrate their birthday with their friends. Cause in th afternoon had to go over to my grandma's place. And as you see from the picture above, they wore the same top. & Both tops are mine -.- Lol. & They tie up their hair to look more alike. Which makes no difference to me at all. Okay anyway,
Happy birthday to the both of you. <3

After grandma's place went to my cgl's place for steamboat. (: Was damn full by then. It was crowded and noisy.

Saw Anja again today! :D Anyway, took tons of pictures of her. Including video. She kept running around the whole house. The video's below. She introduced herself and did a very feminine pose. Those royal kind of girls pose. She did a curtsy! Okay just watch the video. I know it's the wrong way. So you gotta tilt your head. She said her Chinese name. Lol. Okay i love her so much. She's damn cute.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New year is all about the warmth of your loved ones
To be surrounded by joy & laughter.
Reunion, is this right word to describe it all.

Happy new year! :D

Went ChinaTown with Mitchell last night. It was really fun. Never been there for such a long time. We bought 5 bucks of a whole bag of sweets! :D Damn fun. Reached home way past midnight.
Today's the first day of Chinese new year. Woke up at 9 plus. Had to give 2 oranges to both my parents. Every year we gotta do that. It's a way of showing respect. Then went to my grandma's house first. After which we went to 5 other houses. I got to see Anja! Ahhh she's so adorable. & Today's weather was HOT to the core! I so wanted to run naked on the roads. No la joking. Still, it was damn hot. Anyhoos, at one of the houses, Tay Ping Hui was there. Apparently his my cousin. Lol. We were about to leave when he arrived. He smiled at me! :D Haha. He looks better in person. & I got to start my uncle's car! Haha. Okay whatever. Tash got to drive the car. Not fair. Anyway, it all ended around 6 plus. Then went off to my mum's side.

It was extremely crowded there. Everyone was present. All 9 of my aunties & uncles were there. Including their children and spouses. The older ones brought their girlfriends & boyfriends. Lol. So you could imagine how packed it was. & Noisy! There was no space to eat. There were like 3 steamboats and yet there weren't any space. The house is not very big in fact. It was squeezy. Played mahjong. Omg i don't even know how to play. I just sat there while my cousins just tell me what to do. Lol. Mahjong's really hard to get. My uncle & aunties can't even tell between me & the twins. They call us each other's name. Lol. One of them called me 'Zhong Guo Wa Wa'. Wth. I so don't look like one okay. GAH! Another one said i look so retro -.- Plus they kept giving me tons of fishballs! I ate only fishball and nothing else. I was so full by the time i reached my mum's side. & Most of my relatives from both of my parents side said i grew taller! YAY! :D I'm taller than Nik! Oh &.. Celebrated the twins birthday at my mum's side. Tmr would be going back to my dad's side. Gonna help my grandma. After that going steamboat at friend's house. :D That's about it.

Oh &.. DouDou's damn cute. Before we left, i placed 2 oranges & a red packet in front of her. She looks damn cute. The picture's below. She was super duper effing happy when we came home. Which was like, 10 plus? She kept jumping on us and wagging her tail non-stop. She ran around the house until we got hold of her and started squishing her. Haha. (:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Of all kinds of love,
I guess friendship is the best love above all else
Cause they're like a shadow
Making sure you're doing fine
Your very own,
Guardian angel <3>

ShiKin came over to my place after school. Had lots of fun with her. She played with DouDou. DouDou kept wagging her tail whenever ShiKin talked. Lol. She thought ShiKin was talking to her. So she got really excited. Haha. We wanted to go see Rai. But it would be very rushing as i have reunion dinner later in the day. So we're gonna meet Rai another day.We crapped alot. Took many pictures. ShiKin was my model of the day. Haha. I love her so much. & of course Rai too :D My bestfriends till the end. <3

Alfred came over for a extremely short while after ShiKin left. He came with JoJo. His bro's friend dog. A Jack Russell. A damn hyper active dog. DouDou was damn jealous. She fought with JoJo. Alfred had to hold on to the leash the whole time. The dog's really strong. It kept licking my face. Oh &.. It bit my nose -.- Play kind of bite. DouDou purposely sat in between me and Al and gave a angry look. Haha. Damn cute. :D

Reunion dinner at my dad's side today. Had fun. I got to see my favorite cousin, Anja! :D Ahhh she's so cute. She looked like a Vietnamese cause of this clothes she wore. Anyway, the food was great. Obviously. I love my grandmother's cooking of all. She was a chef once that's why. (:

Enough talk. Picture time. Happy chinese new year! <3

Beloved, Cheer up okay. You've got me by your side. Text me if you need me okay. I lvoe you Beloved. Bu yao ku le. You Zheng Wen zai! :D

& You, Smile okay. Make a decision and don't suffer alone. (: After all, you're not that bad looking So why stick to one. Senyum uh. :D I've got your back.