Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vegan Burg

Had lunch at Vegan Burg a few weeks ago w R & i loved it very much! I had the mushroom patty burger & it was simply divine! The price range for a meal wld be between $6-10. V reasonably priced. A meal will give u a drink, fries & a choice of burger. It's a very healthy fast food joint.
They have a couple of outlets as seen on their website * the one i went to was at The Grandstand, Turf city.

200 Turf Club Rd, #01-32
Mon-Fri: 11.45am-9.45pm
Sat-Sun: 10.30am-10pm

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 photo IMG_7741_zpsb49b4709.jpg
 photo IMG_7736_zps95cba904.jpg
 photo IMG_7746_zps9f3efe30.jpg
 photo IMG_7748_zps7b495970.jpg
 photo IMG_7742_zps5e18402a.jpg

Monday, May 27, 2013


If you havent heard, Turf City has a newly open place called "Pasarbella". It's a farmer's market inspired concept. It's like a cross between food stalls & a wet & dry market. Very cool indeed.  It's basically everything under one roof. They have flowers, seafood, wine, eateries, balloons, kitchen wares etc. I was pretty amazed by the set up of the place. It most def blew me away. Pasarbella's a unique place which is kid friendly too.

The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore

200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994

Phone: +65 6887 0077

Opening hours:
9.30am-7pm Daily

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 photo IMG_7756_zpsaa0f4ddb.jpg
 photo IMG_7695_zpse643535a.jpg
 photo IMG_7697_zpsbcec9258.jpg
 photo IMG_7696_zps1f074a6f.jpg
 photo IMG_7728_zps423198db.jpg
 photo IMG_7729_zps87dfcbc4.jpg
This part reminds me of the Toyko fish market tt i often see on tv!
 photo IMG_7730_zps34ad8d99.jpg
 photo IMG_7731_zpsc6c49a2d.jpg
 photo IMG_7724_zpsf5a71af7.jpg
 photo IMG_7723_zpsd61d2166.jpg

 photo IMG_7721_zpsae83c86e.jpg
These ahmazinggg macarons are from Bonheur Patisserie. It's SOOOO good! Esp the Salted Caramel flavour!!
 photo IMG_7719_zps1674d356.jpg
 photo IMG_7726_zpsa2e82b79.jpg
The toilet! Hahaha whoever thought of replacing the name 'Toilet" w "Room of ease" is a rly smart, & hilarious.
 photo IMG_7700_zps310f87ab.jpg
After purchasing your food, (it's a bit like ikea) find a seat & have ur meal.
 photo IMG_7716_zps1f36348a.jpg
 photo IMG_7717_zps99c7f2fc.jpg
 photo IMG_7718_zpsf40d56ac.jpg
How cute is this kid's salon??! Man i wish i was a kid js so i cld sit in those cool tiny cars & hv my hair cut in style!!
 photo IMG_7712_zpsc501fbda.jpg
 photo IMG_7789_zpsa0bbb704.jpg
 photo IMG_7710_zps33b980f1.jpg
 photo IMG_7709_zps1bd645cc.jpg
 photo IMG_7707_zps540a99cb.jpg
This is my fav store!!! They sell "Rice" products which i rly rly loveee to death! Sadly, its kinda pricey. But the kitchen wares & stuff are rly pretty!!
 photo IMG_7708_zpsbc36070a.jpg
 photo IMG_7704_zps5aea8c7b.jpg
The pasta from Five & Spice is good!
 photo IMG_7701_zpsb150638a.jpg
 photo IMG_7703_zps5f78bc39.jpg
 photo IMG_7702_zps5d339bd9.jpg
Beautiful flowers. They even sell Lavendar which im gna buy a bunch soon & make Lavendar ice cream.

I wld def be back again! I love this place so soo much!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jurong Bird Park.

 photo IMG_7550_zpsb95e5b90.jpg

It has been a decade since i've been to Jurong Bird Park! I've been to the zoo & night safari over the years but not JBP. R had free tix to JBP so we went on my off day & thank God the place was pretty empty. Which means, good for taking pictures w/o having strangers photobomb my photos! Lol.

Anw, when we reached, i was super excited!! I was def more excited than R. Hahaha i kept pulling him to see the birds & stuff. I was literally running like a kid. R js trailed behind me & followed suit. I seriously had so much fun & was sooooo happy tt day. I wld love to relive tt day one more time.

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 photo IMG_7422_zpsd85dd983.jpg
 photo IMG_7424_zps43101d54.jpg
 photo IMG_7416_zps26f74f0c.jpg
 photo IMG_7409_zps73efc58d.jpg
 photo IMG_7442_zpsd0da2ad3.jpg
 photo IMG_7450_zps60b55e70.jpg
 photo IMG_7431_zpsdd2fc620.jpg
 photo IMG_7507_zpsf2403dc4.jpg
 photo IMG_7500_zps656a5a04.jpg
 photo IMG_7419_zps52693a85.jpg
R told me there's a waterfall & brought me there. It was pretty cool!
 photo IMG_7543_zps3230ea95.jpg
 photo IMG_7553_zps5984a1d3.jpg
 photo IMG_7482_zps8abfa3d3.jpg
The weather was scorching hot i swearrrr.
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 photo IMG_7539_zpsc60f8aa7.jpg
 photo IMG_7542_zps8123347e.jpg
 photo IMG_7582_zps4266ae42.jpg
 photo IMG_7559_zpsa8da52c9.jpg
 photo IMG_7586_zpse4cb8e23.jpg
Purhcased my shirt dress from a flea at a real steal!! & It's from mango. Super comfortable & pretty peice!