Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tired, really tired.
I just wish ...
Oh well. Sigh.

It's going 1am & i'm still up doing my freaking F&N coursework -.- I'm very tired. School has been giving loads of worksheets. Trying to finish them all. I have been studying from 8 till i started doing my coursework. Finished up schoolwork around 11pm plus. Rushing to finish my coursework now. I hate it very much when i have to retype everything again. It's freaking frustrating. It just ruins my mood even more when my stomach is not exactly cooperating with me. Gaaah! Stupid coursework seriously kills me -.- I wanna go to sleeeeep! Gotta wake up for school tmr. It's like a freaking routine of my life! So wanna get out of sec school. & I'll be extremely happy! The only thing that's getting me through sec school alive, is my bunch of friends & the fact that i'm pushing myself real hard to get a good O level grade to please some people and abit of myself. Sigh ): Today's just not my day.

Praying that God will be with me throughout.
That i shall not falter for i shall lean on his strength & not mine alone.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weather's so freaking hot,
That even DouDou can feel the heat.
That adorable furball lied infront of the fan,
& She did it on her own accord.

DouDou so cute right? Haha. She loves to sit infront of the fan. I thought dogs don't like wind blowing at them. But not for her though. She's super cute. Lol. Anyway, zy came over my place today & cooked lunch for me! Lol. He cooked spaghetti! It tasted good. I helped him a tinsy weency bit. So sweet of him to cook for me (: I told him few months back tt i don't believe he can cook when he told me he could. Looks like he proved me wrong afterall (: Tt boy's sweetness & i feel so blessed :DD Heh.

Anyway, before he came over, i woke up at 9am!!! Like wth. Idk why on earth i woke up so early. I started cleaning my whole house. & Those who have came to my place before would know how messy my house is.. Esp my room. It's the WORSE! I cleared the twins table till i got so giddy. Cause both their tables are filled with junk. Am so not exagerating. Their tables are filled with files, books & junk. I vow clearing their tables nearly killed me -.- It was damn dusty too. Now everythings so organised and clean ((((:

Look at her expression? So so adorable ((: Felt like squeezing her real tight.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SEE THE ABOVE PIC???? I print screened it. One of my art work was featured in Deviant Art's news article under the category 'Everyday smoking'. I've bee waiting for quite awhile for one of my photographs to be featured in any one of D.A's news article. & Finally it came true :DDD Happppppyyyyyy :DDD Though to me tt picture i took is nothing compared to the rest of the pics, i'm still glad tt it got featured. It must have meant something good to be featured right? (:

& Now, pictures of my day out with Farna, Shikin, Rai.. & Ashwin, who joined us later (: I reached home close to 2.30am. But still, i had an awesome time! :DDD Super super great time. The pictures will tell the story.

Raihanah! :D ilyilyily! No matter how busy we all are, yknow for a fact we'll always find time for each other. Even if we spent lesser time tgth now, we'll always be there for each other. We're just a phonecall away. Whatever it is or how little time we get to see each other, as long as we stay as bestfriends, being there for each other.. Tt's all tt matters (: & I'm always happy when i'm out with ya'll.

Kisses to the Birthday girl!!! (:

Monday, April 20, 2009

The above pic is my class tee. Okay sport's day was last Friday. Ran for 6 events. Won 4 lost 2. Was pinning my hopes on getting gold for class mix relay. Sadly we didn't even win -.- Idk how on earth they do the timing. We thought we had a chance of winning cause we were first for our race. Oh well. My face was pretty sunburnt. It was a freaking hot weather. Still, i had much fun (: There's ALOT of pictures! Happy viewing! :D

Breakfast provided for us! :DDDDDD

Class girls relay.

The international race team (S'pore) (:

Class boys relay

OAC senior boys

OAC Junior girls!

OAC Senior girls relay.


((: Lol

Gay moments. LOL

Tt guy in white is our PE teacher.

Teacher's playing tug-of-war.

The international race. Which S'pore got First!!! Hahahaha

Thursday, April 16, 2009

He likes the calm waters.
It is soothing & it calms him down.
The sound of water & wind; It never fails to make him smile

Zy & i celebrated our 6 month last Tues. A belated one. Anyway, we had Gelare!! Superrrr ultra yummy to the maxxx :DDD I likeeeee! Then we watched Fast & Furious 4. Really good movie. I personally find it really good. But if you don't like cars & hot girls, don't watch! Haha. After the movie he asked me where i wanna eat for dinner. As usual, i told him idk & i rather he choose. Then he took out 3 cards and told me to pick one. I picked Sake Sushi. My fav! But we ate at another sushi restaurant. After dinner we headed back to my place. Exchange gifts. I think tt for our 6 month, the gifts we gave each other were kinda unexpected. The gifts were hand-made from the bottom of our hearts. I gave him a scrapbook & a collage of our time spent tgth over the months pasted on a canvas board. I splattered paint all over it first. It was a messy process. Haha. He gave me a mini scrapbook & a cup with sweet notes and drawings. (We did not plan the gifts. It was a coincidence) Scroll down to view the gifts (:

First of all, not many guys bother to make cards, or to make something. For them to write a card, or even decorate one, tt's a miracle. Haha. Tt just shows how much a guy loves you when he makes something with his hands. Even though he may think it's ugly & not creative enough.. Well, to the girl it doesn't really matter. It's the thought tt counts. It's heart warming to receive a hand-made gift from your own boyfriend. Especially the things he writes inside. You can definitely see how much effort he actually put in. So however ugly to whatever they make may make them think it's not good enough, to the girl it means ALOT. & I'm glad tt my boyfriend writes me hand-made cards once in a while. Which, ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. It may be simple, but it brightens up my day :DD

P.S. The gifts i took a picture of are not complete. I'm just uploading afew.

Tempting eh? :DDD

The scrapbook i made for him. This is the front page.

A collage of our photos. Basically this gift shows our time spent tgth from our 1st month till now.

His gift for me. He bought the cup & drew some stuff on it. The little book is a scrapbook. I was really touched (: