Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Side by side, we walk together.
Rocky or smooth; We'll be together.
Cause tt's just what bestfriends are for.
Angels that guide me along this long journey.

Here are the pictures of the train track day with Rai, ShiKin & Farna. We went to the Buona Vista one.

Oh &.. My phone is spoilt. So to those who texted me & i didn't reply, it's not cause i don't wanna reply.. But cause i can't. Sorry! I'm looking for a spare phone.
Any kind soul out there who can lend me one? But it comes with a condition. I might loose or spoil your phone. So don't lend me a good one. So watcha waiting for?! Hurry call 63533861 if you have a spare phone! LOL. Emailing me would be pointless. I don't check my mails. Lazyyyy bambi. Kay bye.

P.S. To slow ppl, i'm just joking :DD But to my close friends, if you have one let me know. How? Idk also. Haha.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

She just turned five,
& Her name's Anja Tay; Adorable, yet spoilt.
Still, it's her party & she's the princess.

Woke up early to help out in Anja's birthday party. Blow balloons, decorate the place.. etc.
Anja wore a Jap outfit She looked super cute & pretty (: The party was great. One could tell by the expression on their faces, tt they were ecsatic. Anja for one, was the most happy one in the room. Haha. They played games like getting the egg across the room, treasure hunt, balloon burst & mummy wrap, which was a disaster. All the kids took the tissue paper and started throwing at one another. It was hectic. Lol. We had interesting entertainment for the kids like, face painting, temp tatto & balloon making. The kids def love it all. Haha. The twins were in charge of face painting & tatto. My bro do the balloon making. & Us for me, photographer. (:
My cramps were killing me man. Gave me a really bad headache i felt super nauseas. Anyhoos, i had fun. I just love kids. Their're so adorbale! :DDD

27 Dec' 08

Went out with ShiKin, Rai & Farna! Went to Buona Vista for a train Track photo-taking. Boy did i have fun with em. ((: Missed em super much. I shall upload the photos of the train track soon :D I def had much fun laughing & crapping with them all. Esp when Rai taught me to make a * face. LOL. That cheeky girl.
Love em all!

Anja Tay, wearing a jap outfit.

Pig face balloon.

Tash painted tt. I was their guinea pig. Lol.

The diff kinds of temp tattoos.

My hand! LOL.

They were trying to compare height. Haha cute right?

This boy's supre cuteee! He just sat in the middle of the balloons, playing on his own.

She had many presents man. All barbie doll gifts. Lol.