Thursday, October 20, 2016

Harbour Town Shopping Area

Harbour Town

Address: 147-189 Brisbane Rd, Biggera Waters QLD 4216, Australia

Opening Hours:
Monday-Wednesday: 9am-5.30pm
Thursday: 9am-7pm
Friday-Saturday: 9am-5.30pm
Sunday: 10am-5pm

Harbour Town is so friggin awesome it's a shopping heaven!!! There are so many brands gg at a huge discount. I totally under estimated the shopping in Australia. Even in Melbourne the DFO were all so awesome with the prices heavily slashed. Can never find such good pricing in SG. 

I purchased quite a number of bikinis at $5-$15. Brands such as Nike, Under Armour & Adidas, were pretty reasonably priced. Like a pair of compression shorts cost $30-$35! That's really cheap if you compare to the original pricing. Esp when the quality is superb! Even shoes are cheap! Some stores will have a sales person calling out the discounts on top of the already discounted items. So it's like a double discount. Major plus point for saving money & getting the item you really want! So why not?? I stayed in a particular shop for an hour trying on clothes & picking out the specific type of clothes gg on an additional discount as there is a short time limit till the offer is gone for good. Like 5minutes. Lol so imagine everyone scrambling to the correct aisle that is gg on an additional discount. Madness.

I would suggest bringing lots of cash for shopping! There are all kinds of brands you would need an entire day to shop. I went back twice to shop! Lol. The place is pretty huge.

 At the Harbour Town shopping place, there is a tourism lounge. Head over to get a discount card as there are a few participating outlets giving out the discounts. However, none of the stalls when we presented this card agreed to the discount. Even when their brand is clearly included on the back of the Tourist Discount Card. 

They would say their item are already on discount so in other words the tourist discount card is alr in play. Which doesnt make sense. Cause then what is the tourist discount card for if it doesnt work?

 These were gg at $5 i think? The sales person was calling out for these bedroom slippers at an offer of $5! I ran to the aisle and grabbed these for my mum as she's a fan of Snoopy!

 Got the top & pants! Top was gg at $5! Black pants at $10.

 This Placenta cream is mad awesome!! BEST FACIAL MOISTURIZER EVERRRRR! I woke up with my complexion feeling so soft & smooth!! I first tried it when Candy brought it over during our Japan trip & i feel in love with the results it left on my face! Man, this was hard to find in Gold Coast or Adelaide! It was sold out at the Harbour Town Souvenior shop.


The Vans shoe on the right side of the picture, cost $35! & It's so pretty!!! $35 for a pair of Vans is damn cheap!!! Supre had lots of pretty items & they were one of the cheapest stores!!

Burleigh heads beach

Burleigh Heads Beach is an extremely beautiful place! Despite it being winter, the sun was shining so bright it wasn't even that cold! People were out sun bathing & playing in the water. Perf weather combo to be out & about. Something i sometimes wish SG possessed. Here, we only have one season all year round- SUMMER for 365 days!

I wanted to fly my drone at the beach. Unfortunately, there are rules & regulations everywhere. If caught, you can be fined up to $9K! Also, there were news reports that a guy flew his drone at the beach and it nearly clashed with the rescue helicopters. Thus, a warning was put out alarming those who intend to fy their drones to avoid flying it at over populated areas or near helipads. There are several helicopters flying in Australia anyway. So i decided not to risk it. 

I did hgave an awesome time spent with my brother & mum tho. We did cartwheels on the beach & chilled at a nice spot with a beautiful view right infront of our eyes. Definitely a great way to end our Aussie trip before we were headed back to SG! (:

Before we headed to the beach, we filled our tummies first! We headed to The Pantry for some good ol breakfast!

The Pantry
Address: 15 Connor St, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia
Opening hours: 6am-2.30pm

 Asparagus Hollandaise- $15.90
(Fresh asparagus, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, served on toasted turkish bread.)

My mum had this dish & she said it was lovely! Bread was soft & light. Hollandaise sauce wasn't overpowering & the consistency was just right!
 Canadian Breakfast- $13.90
(Bacon & Eggs served on a pancake with maple syrup.)

I had this dish & it was amazing! I ate every last bit of it & was secretly happy that neither my mum nor brother wanted a bite of it!
 Waffle On- $14.30
(Toasted waffle, bacon, grilled banana & maple syrup)

My brother does not eat eggs, so he requested for no eggs on his dish. But he said it tasted good though!
 There's a row of shops where you can walk around too! I love the shops in Byron Bay. They are small & cosy. I wish i could purchase everything in the stores as it is mostly vintage items! What's not to love really.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Byron Bay Lighthouse + Three Blue Ducks at The Farm

Byron Bay is my favourite part about Australia! I love being close to the beach & that there are several little stalls all over. I've seen pictures of Byron Bay through IG & have always wanted to visit. When my brother mentioned that we will be visiting Byron Bay i was the most excited! 
We had breakfast at one of the cafes called "Twisted Sista" & it was so good!! So far all the cafes/restaurants we've been dining in Gold Coast & Adelaide did not disappoint at all! Love how fresh the ingredients are & everything taste so darn delicious! Oh &, i love the coffees here. Australia is known to brew one of the best coffees. Well, mainly Melbourne. But i do prefer drinking the coffee in Aus than in SG.

We drove up to the Byron Bay Lighthouse! It was beautiful up there! Saw several people walking up the mountain. It's a really long walk up tho. I was in awe of the scenery much more than the lighthouse itself. Lol. I love clear blue waters & beaches. It was extremely beautiful up there.

Twisted Sista Cafe
Address: 4 Lawson Street Shop 1, Byron Bay, New South Wales 2481 
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday: 7am-5.30pm

Chai Latte.
Apple Crumble.
I must admit that this is the BEST tasting Apple Crumble ever!!! It tasted very different from the usual Apple Crumble. There was coconut flakes in it & even the apple filling had a bit of a twist to it. Loved it.
Sunny side eggs on sourdough bread.
I ordered pancakes with roasted banana slices (: 
The pancakes were so fluffy!!!! Man i'm salivating as im typing this..

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Address: Lighthouse Rd, Byron Bay NSW 248, Australia
Opening hours: 9.30am-4.30pm

Byron Bay Lighthouse is absolutely stunning. I love how clear the water is! Plus, the scenery is amazing. I wish there was enough time to head down to the beach. I would have loved to walk along the beach. If it was summer, that'd be even better cause then i could sun tan & dip in the sea! Hehe. Despite the chilly weather there were several surfers out in the sea. 

Despite it being winter, people are still seen surfing. But it wasn't that cold though. I would totally head to the beach in my bikini too! But my brother said it would be too cold -.- I didn't even find it to be too cold. At least not in the Gold Coast.

I saw that green platform jutting out of all the trees with people standing on it. Figured it was some viewing platform. So we walked over to check it out. Turns out, it's actually a restricted area. Lol. But since there were people alr taking photos there, why not join em. & It was a nice view from up there.

Brother & i decided to do a headstand/handstand. Which was kinda scary cause the platform is actually slanting downwards. 

We then drove to a place called 'The Farm' which is near Byron Bay. Basically all these places are
within Byron Bay. The Farm was ranked as one of the top few restaurants to visit. It certainly did not let us down. There were farm animals roaming around & all. The place is huge. Nice place to have a long stroll. 
Their restaurant is called 'Three Blue Ducks'. The food is fresh as they practice a farm to table concept. Though a tad pricey but worth it.

Three Blue Ducks On The Farm 

Address: 11 Ewingsdale Rd, Ewingsdale NSW 2481, AustraliaOpening Hours: 7am-4pm

Oysters With Ginger & Finger Lime Dressing- $4 each

 Kangaroo Tartare
Local line caught fish & Roasted macademia bread sauce, grilled scallion, grains & fennel- $34
Byron Bay Haloumi with farm seasonal vegetables, mixed grains, bitter leaves, nuts & seeds- $26

Everything served was super fresh. My family & i enjoyed the meal thoroughly! After eating, or even before if the queue is long & you are waiting for your seats, you can walk around the farm.. Which is really huge! Check out the farm animals & scenery which is great for families to spend time together! Lots of photo taking opportunities! Byron Bay def stole a piece of my heart for i have fallen completely in love with this place! Hands down fav place in Australia (: