Saturday, May 24, 2014


In a few hours time, i gotta wake up to get ready and head down to the airport. I ma totes excited!! (: Havent een to Europe before. Everyone in my fam has except for me. So i am the most excited. 2 weeks. 2 weeks of pure fun & photo taking! A very good friend told me to rmbr to live in the moment and not behind the lens. (: I shall always keep tt in mind (:

I am gna miss my DD terribly much. She has been kinda distant from me lately. Idk why :( I came home wanting to hug her just like everyday, she greeted me then ran away. She thinks i want to bath her. I do actually. Unfortunately, she refused to let me carry her. Sigh pie.

Anw, she will be in good hands for the next 2 weeks while im gone. I dont want to think abt anything else while im away. I need this break. I do. After everything's tt happened, i deserve this holiday to clear my mind. I hope, i come back a a new mind and soul. 2014 hasnt been a fantastic year for me. Not one bit.

I will miss R. Looking at him makes my heart flutter. & I break out in a smile almost immediately. Esp when he looks at me & smiles. His eyes are.. Zomg. Don't even talk abt his beautiful eyes. His eyes can make hearts melt! I swear!! & Its not just cause i am madly in love w him. His eyes are really beautiful. Yeah maybe im a lil too in love w him. Sounding a tad creepy. Lol.

Well, till then everyone! Will be back on June 8. Will be back w lotsa pics! ^^

P.S. Why do i have this feeling i am leaving something behind? Like i feel somethings gna upset me while im away. Sigh. Please let it not be abt tt.... Have had enough, really. I wld like for it to stop. Im tired & mentally drained emotionally. Just want it to stop..

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We are getting there.

 Outer wear: Cotton On
Colourblock top:
Floral flare pants: F21
Purple Wedges: Payless

We are slowly getting there. People always say "A leopard never changes it's spots". Tt is true. But why isit tt i am the only one who believes the best in you & after everything you have done to me, the many disappointments we have made each other feel... I am still standing right by your side after all this time. Funny what love can do to you. It makes you feel like yanking your hair out & all sorts of anger issues, but at the same time it's the only feeling you have tt makes your entire life feel like it was all worth it & you're on cloud 9. A weird thing love is. But i have faith in us. At least i think i do.

Anyhoos, 1 & a half more weeks to Europe! I'm excited. I need this break from reality desperately. I deserve this trip. For the horrible months i have been having, i hope this trip will rejuvenate my soul & clear my mind of unwanted thoughts & feelings.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


I havent played the guitar for 2 years. The other day i picked up my guitar & started strumming away. Oh how i've missed the touch of the strings & hearing the sweet melody tt was coming from it. In tt moment, i felt a weight lifted off from my shoulders. I felt... Free. Music can do wonders, really. For me it does. It cheers one up & fills your soul w joy. It made me realize i am not a lost hope. It's my decision to choose to be happy or not. & I choose happy. I want to be happy.. Just like i was before all this disastrous events came crashing into my world & tearing my life apart.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


These are the set of photos on our mini roadtrip to Msia. The weather was scorching hot. I loved the tall trees towering over us. & The peacefulness of the environment. Despite the numerous houseflies, i felt kinda at ease to be there? Idk why. Maybe it's the serenity of the place that calmed me down & for tt moment, i forgot everything else tt was weighing me down.

Tbh, i have been having a terrible month. Things haven't been gng the way i hoped it wld have. In fact, 2014 has been a horrible year for me by far. I have lost my appetite, i wake up every morning w a huge burden on my shoulders & a constant reminder tt never seems to go away on the fact tt this "situation" tt i am gng through is gna haunt me forever. I can't change whatever happened, but it does hurt. It hurts so damn much i find my pillow soaked in tears on most nights. I do wish to be able to get back on my feet & be my happy self again. But this time, it's different. It's gna take a lot more time & effort to get me back on track. The "strongest" people puts on a mask to hide their pain. But deep down, we all know they are suffering like crap. & Sadly, i happen to be in tt category.

Maybe someday, just someday... I will look back at this as a memory & move on. I look forward to tt day. Nobody loves to wallow in misery & to look for things to do to get their mind of whatever's bugging them. But i know i have to. I have to move on & let it go. I must. For this is killing every fibre in my being & i don't feel like doing anything at all. I just want to be left alone.

Monday, May 5, 2014



Been waiting for this trip to happen for 3 years! Attending the brother's grad ceremony & i can hardly contain my excitement! We will be country hopping to several places in Europe & i'm totes excited bout it! Follow me on instagram or Dayre for live updates on my trip! Hehehe i am so so happy. I havent been to Europe before! So i can hardly wait! (: I need this trip badly. I havent had the best 2014 so far.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Crazy love.

 This is the road i often pass otw home. I love it here. It's so beautiful w trees lined up beside the road. & The sunlight streaming through the gas of the leaves. The houses here are breath taking too.
 We decided to explore a cemetery tt's located somewhere along the road deep inside. It was day time, so we werent afraid. But we didn't disrespect the graves or anything. At the end of the cemetery it was relatively empty so we stayed there for 5mins and no longer to take photos.

 Till the next set of photos from our short roadtrip to Malaysia! (: See ya then (: