Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is just the beginning
& Everything is screwed up
Oh i wish things would have been much better.
I care bout nothing but your happiness.
& I thought i was finally free from my burdens.

Was super late for work today! Omg. My alarm didn't ring. Took a cab down, which was a waste of money cause i had to make a detour to City Hall instead to meet My Boss & colleagues. Everyone left the office that's why. They had an important meeting with John Little & thank goodness i didn't have to sit in the meeting. Cause i'm kinda new & it would freak me out. Left shortly after with Manuela for a course my mum is teaching. Super tired. She used me as an example in her training. -.- This is what she said:
' I have this particular daughter who loves to say whatever. & You know teens they like to say it it in their lingo. Everytime she says that word it makes me very angry. It was years and years ago when she said that. But after awhile i learn how to control my anger whenever she said that word. '
& She imitated the way i said it -.- & It was super exaggerating from the way i used to say it can -.- The whole room was laughing uh. Manuela(My mum's assistant) looked at me from across the room & laughed. Lol. Thank goodness no-one there knew it was me she was talking about. They didn't even know i'm her daughter. Anyway, it was a great opportunity for me to sit in this course because all the other participants are like businessman/women. Plus most of them are like earning big bucks kinda people. So.. Yeah. Good experience talking to them & all. (: Ended around 5.20pm.

After work rushed down to SMU for dance practice. Should have brought extra clothes. Sweat. Yuck. I finally got the beat of the girl's part!! So happy :DD Haha. Kept trying & trying with SiJia & Fion till we danced correctly tgth with the music. Cause the beat is super fast. Danced till 7.10pm. After dance, rushed down to meet Justin, Stacy & Gladys for dinner. Super happy to see them. (: I don't want a comb & a mag! LOL.

That's bout it. I'm tired from work & dance. & My stomach's giving me problems the whole day. There's seriously something wrong with it. Oh if only i had a bomb to explode my stomach. ): My dad shocked me during dinner.He called me saying he bought me some med for my stomach. But that's only if i have cramps. So that's totally different. Really thoughtful of him though & i appreciate it. Cause he called me asking hows my work & all, & also if my stomach's pain. Love my dad very much.

So many things i wish i could say to you. But it never seems to end.
I will do whatever you ask of me. But you're way over my head most of the times.
I'm not a clay that can be easily moulded in a split second. Give me time.
I'm sorry, sorry for the thousand of mistakes i made. Stop looking at my flaws.
Your words & tone of voice is always so hurting.
You're no better. I do love you very much in fact. Really really do.
But i WILL make an effort to make this work. (: I promise.
No more empty promises & words with no action. Just need you to be here for me.
ily very very much. (:


Stacy, me & Gladys (:

Justin & i! (: He didn't get me an extra copy!!! ): He hid it from me when i arrived. Idiot. LOL.

Stacy ((:

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