Friday, September 16, 2016

Queen Victoria Market

Every morning, my friends and i would make coffee runs. Melbourne is known for it's coffee. It would be a real waste if we didn't drink at least one cup everyday. I'm not a huge coffee fan.. But working at a coffee house previously has taught me to appreciate the taste. I absolutely love the coffee beans that Melbourne uses. Not too acidic, which i honestly dislike.

There happens to be a coffee place near Yarraville where we were staying at. So we walked over every morning to have a cup & would sometimes head back to the apartment after getting our take away coffees to cook our own breakfast! The fresh produce here is sooo much cheaper than SG it's insane! Wish i would stay in Melbourne for several years. Cooking in would be so awesome & saves me so much money! We bought 8 Jumbo homemade sausages for & $10. Tt's really cheap! Can never find such prices in SG.

We visited Queen Victoria Market as it is one of the most touristy places in Melbourne! It's kind of like a huge flea market. Lots of handy crafts, vintage items, food etc. I scored a vintage luggage bag for $20!! How awesome! The vintage lugagge i purchased would have easily cost over 150SGD. At the market i got it for $20! & a rotary phone for $5!!! Well it ain't working but i've always wanted a display piece. So for $5 it's pretty darn cheap! I can gurantee you that you can NEVER find one of that price in SG. I've been searching for years but it's usually priced at 80SGD & above. Most of em aren't even working anyway.

This is the vintage luggage i bought for $20!

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Rose Street Market + Young Bloods Diner

Apart from the good food & crazy shopping deals.. Melbourne has several street markets going on over the weekends too! Theres vintage, food, local talents etc. kinda themed markets. Personally, i've always preferred those that show cases the local talents who make their own jewellery & stuff. It's always nice to see the creative designs these individuals create in their own artistic way. Support local, always! 

The rose street market is a flea where they show case local talents who handmade their items. I regret not purchasing an item from a woman who does who own jewellery. The prints are absolutely gorgeous! 

There is a cafe next to the market called "Young Bloods". They serve up a really good brunch! Best to be there early as they close by 5pm. After filling your tummy & walking around the market, you could walk around the neighbourhood too. There are a row of hipsterish shops & lots of graffiti filled walls along the way.

The Rose Street Market

Address: 60 Rose Street Fitzroy VIC 3605 (In between Brunswick & Nicholson Street)
Opening hours: 11am-5pm (Saturday & Sunday only.)

Young Blood Diner

Address: 60 Rose Street, Fitzroy
Opening Hours: Wed-Fri 7am-4pm | Sat-Sun 8am-5pm