Saturday, September 30, 2017

Shopping In Tokyo

Other than the food, the shopping in Tokyo is crazy awesome! I honestly never thought i'd be buying so much stuff. The shoes there are SOOOOOO AFFORDABLE ITS CRAZY!!!!

I bought a total of 4 shoes!! The shoes sold in Japan are way cheaper than SG. Plus it's authentic, not fake. There were several vintage stores too but they were very much on the steep side. 

Here are a few stores i felt were worth the visit :


They have several stores in Tokyo which i am pretty sure you'll walk by.


GU is under Uniqlo. It's Uniqlo's sister outlet. Anyways, i never heard of GU until i stepped foot into Uniqlo & my friend told me how it's the more affordable version of Uniqlo. I mean, not that Uniqlo isn't already pretty affordable, but GU is like wayyyy cheaper!! 

I purchased so many clothes from GU & the quality is actually not bad. I bought 4 jogger pants in different colours &, am still using it till now. It's so comfy. Each jogger pants cost SGD24. I have several pairs from Pull & Bear & they cost SGD50 each. The quality for both pants is the same! If im ever back in Tokyo, i am sure to drop by GU to buy more clothes!

They have other stuff like shoes & accessories too. 


Shimokitazawa is a very hipster area. This was my favourite part of my trip in Tokyo! The stores there were so me! I loved the vintage stores & there were quite afew. But they were too pricey. 

There's this cafe at Shimokitazawa, called "Darwin's Room", that is extremely cool! It's like a collector of NatGeo stuff showcasing all his hunts & exotic finds! IT'S DAMN COOL!!! I secretly took this photo because the lady informed me "No photos allowed". They serve coffee & some snacks too. 

 Everybody who goes to Japan, knows that their goodies are to die for! But, here's a tip! Only buy your Japan snacks from the airport on your flight back! It is cheaper &, TAX FREE! The other outlets outside of the airport do not offer tax free & it's more expensive. So rmbr, only purchase from the airport on your flight back.

The shop is called "AKIHABARA". Also, go earlier. The queue is usually long & you'll prolly spent a good hour looking at all the pretty packaging, wondering if you should get it for the packaging or to taste it. Lol.

I bought a pasar malam bag to store all my stuff because my luggage was too small & i could check in 2 separate bags! Bought so much stuff its insane! 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tsukiji Fish Market + Kamakura

Tsukiji Fish Market



Address:  1 Chome-5-7 Komachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0006, Japan
Phone no.: +81 467-22-2689

Opening Hours: 10am-6pm (Closed every Tues & Wed)

I would skip Iwata cafe as the food there is really horrible. I don't know why some food blogs recommended this cafe. They are apparently known for their fluffy pancakes. But my goodness.. Looks can be incredibly deceiving. The pancakes tasted awful. With 4 of us sharing a plate of pancakes, we couldn't even finish it as it was really difficult to digest. Did not enjoy our experience there.

HATOKOJI (豊島屋菓寮 八十小路)

Address: 2-9-20 KomachiKamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture
Phone: +81 467-24-0810

This cafe was a lil hard to find. It was located at a corner in one of the alleys. But it was so worth it! They are known for their desserts & it was so darn good!! We enjoyed every dish we ordered. The Warabi mochi was incredibly soft & chewy, but still retaining it's shape. The japanese women making these uber soft mochis are mad talented!

Would definitely recommend this place! Worth the visit (: