Saturday, January 13, 2018

DouDou my sweetest furball

This set of photos were taken by HelloHarun (he can be found on IG). It is my favourite set of photos of my furball till date. It is also the last outing i had with her before she turned blind. I will never forget the day she kept jumping off the little hill & was running like crazy. The girl was happy. 

Dogs truly are man's bestfriend. Dd is turning 12 years old this coming March & while i am glad she is healthy despite the old age, i cherish every moment spent with her. She is my comforter whenever i am down, & she accompanies me through the night whenever i cant sleep. If i am up watching TV or doing some work, she stays by my side. She gets up when i do & stays when i stay. 

Dogs dont have anyone but you, their owner. Although there are times where i feel oh so horrible for leaving her alone at home the whole day while im busy at work, i always look forward to the clock striking 10pm when i can rush home to hug her. 

I wish, she could stay with me forever. Dd has been a constant in my life & i love her so damn much. I do believe, that all dogs go to heaven. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Jaipur: Nahargrah Fort + Jal Mahal + Amer Fort


Opening Hours: 10am-5.30pm
Entry Cost/person: 200INR (SGD4.10)

Nahargrah Fort reminds me alot of the Great Wall Of China. There was a pretty long line of wall built across just like the GWOC!

Embroidered Outerwear: ShopSeekTheUniq
Ear Rings: Envet
Sunglasses: Charles & Keith



Opening Hours: Opened 24hrs
* Entry is not allowed. You can only admire it from a far*
Entry Fee/person: Free

There is nothing much to do at Jal Mahal but to snap a photo of it from across the river. Other than that, there was a bazaar selling little knick knacks such as embroidered clutches & tote bags etc.


Opening Hours: 8am-5.30pm
Entry Fee/person: 550INR (SGD11.40)

Amer Fort is an absolute dream!! It is so beautiful in there we spent half the day roaming around. Our biggest mistake was arriving in the afternoon instead of early in the morning. There was an insane crowd & it made it really difficult to take photos against the gorgeous background without having people photobomb you. 

The entrance of Amer Fort which to me, is it's greatest attraction & highly popular spot to take photos.. Is the main door for people to go in & out. Which makes it extremely difficult to get a clear shot of the building alone. Going in the mornings would have been a better timing for photo taking to get nice photos!

Nonetheless, the place is so intricately detailed you won't be able to peel your eyes off the beautiful artwork done by the locals who are by the way, soooo damn talented & skilled!

Check out the crowd!! It was insane!

We caught the Sound & Light show at Amer Fort. The Entry Fee per person cost 295INR (SGD6.10).

Basically the show is a backstory of how Jaipur came about with the royals who used to live in Amer Fort &, how each & every king who took the throne did to help Jaipur thrive etc. There will be lights going on too as the story is being told, with dramatic music going on to make the story more intense. 

I did not really enjoy the show at all tbh. I felt that the light part lacked alot in enticing the audience to engage with the story telling. It fell short by a lot & a few of my friends & i, actually dozed off abit. I wouldn't recommend this Sound & Light show though.