Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lilli putt.

Lilli Putt is an indoor mini golf where they even cater to bday parties or business events. They have 18 holes & every single station is linked to singapore. For example, there's the Changi airport golf station, or MRT even. It is all designed according to the named places. 

Very cool & quite fun. We don't play to win. We js play for the fun of it. Haha. For interested parties, you can visit them at their website here.

Here are the rates:

  • Adult: $19.20
  • Student: $16
  • Children (12yo & below): $12.80
  • Family (2 adults & 2 children 12yo & below): $57.80

902 E Coast Pkwy, Singapore 449874
Block B, #03-05
Big Splash

Bring your own socks if u have lest u wld hv to pay $2.50/sock.

Scoring sheet.

How to score?
Based on the number os strokes u make to get the ball into the hole. The lesser strokes the better.

We clearly know nothing about golf points as u can see from the pic above. Hahaha i rated our golf skills upon 100. Hahaha. When the staff came ard to check if we were doing okay & saw our score sheet, his face was literally 0.0 ! Hahaha. By the time he taught us how to do the scoring we were halfway done. LOL. So too bad, we cont w our scoring.

Ending a pic w my love (:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Provision Shop.

Have u guys heard of the new cafe called "The Provision Shop"? 

If you haven't, u have to visit tt lil cafe & try their food! It's so good i promise u won't be disappointed!  I have nothing but praises for this new cafe. I went there wanting to try the reuben sandwich as i heard it is a hot favorite  Unfortunately, it was all sold out by the time i got there :( The next time i visit im gna order the reuben sandwich tt's for sure! (:

R & i were so full aft our meal. The staff were friendly & the food was delicious! W a nice chillax ambience + good food.. What more can i ask for? I'm happy.

Visit them at their fb page, here. Find out more about their menu & upcoming dishes or specialities!

BLK 3, Everton Park

Open daily from 11am-9pm

Chicken, mozarella & grilled mediterranean vegetables- $16

I am usually not a fan of zucchini & eggplant. But these were grilled perfectly & it went very well w the moist & tender chicken chunks tt were tossed in smoked paprika aioli. The toast was crispy just the way i like it. I loved this sandwich very much & so did my partner. 

Belinda's perogis- $5 each.

Nuts about smoked salmon- $16.

I am usually not a huge fan of salads, but this, this is an exception. Because it taste so fresh i would have ordered another bowl if i wasn't so full alr. The cucumbers, asparagus, salmon roe, walnuts & smoked salmon went so well tgth. I swear every ingredient in this salad bowl is just ahhmazing!! V refreshing indeed.

Pasta, tomatoes & cheese- $10.

This was def amazing! I didn't expect it to taste so yummy when it arrived. But when i put a spoonful into my mouth, my face lit up. I immediately exclaimed to R, "Omg, this is so good! It's creamy & cheesy it's js damn nice u gotta try!"

Aisha! (:

Black long sleeves: Runway Bandits
Patterned pants: H&M
Turquoise heels: Sam Edelman
Necklace: Lovisa