Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today's your big day! & Your surprises started at 12.26am alr. (: I'm sure you're very happy. Sorry for tricking you about last night thing though. Somehow i felt like i screwed it up for Jian You. Ahhh sorrry! But at least you were happy beloved. I will let you knw the rest of the story when i see you in school okay. Of the behind the scenes stuff. Haha. Well, & i also hope you really got a surprise from me, Mitchell, Rus & Aloy. Must eat the cake okay. It's delicious! ((: Last of all,
You're the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for. All in all, you're my bestfriend whose just turned seventeen on this very special day. (: Happy birthday Beloved! & I love youuuuu!

Rock climbing training in the morning. Ended later than usual. Realized i lost my phone, again. Got frantic when i reached home since i was planning to surprise Beloved tgth with the others. No phone = Unable to contact anyone. Some good Samaritan picked up my phone & called Zheng Yang. Nik picked it up for me. Rushed down to Town to surprise her. (: Again, i tricked her saying i was unable to meet her on her birthday. When she was walking with her bf, she looked like she was shocked to see us. Plus i was holding the cake walking around the whole level trying to find her. Haha. Hope you enjoyed yourself though it was a extremely short celeration! (:

Pictures :D

Friday, June 27, 2008

Walking down this journey with you
Created memories. Everlasting ones.
Things i know i'll keep forever.

Recess was interesting. Cui Lian, i never knew you were THAT brave until today. There were this group of lower sec girls sitting on our table refusing to leave. When Lian asked them nicely to move to another table, there's this girl who answered back so rudely. She said someone sat on her table plus she wasn't eating. But we were. They did leave ,but complained to Ms ang saying we chased them away. Ms Ang said" Nadine you're from OAC right? Heard you chased a group of girls away when they sat on your table.' I was like wth? I didn't even say anything. -.- They prolly only remembered my face. I don't really care anyway. Cui Lian's our heroine! :D Haha really she is. She's always got our back.

Anyway, after school didn't go smoothly for me. My F&N coursework thumbdrive is spoiled. I couldn't take it and Cried. Mr Loh helped me check if can open. Still, can't. Tried on more than 5 comps. I just couldn't accept the fact tt my thumb drive is spoiled. This means i have to retype every single thing again! Yknow how tedious tt is??! My god. Plus, i thought i threw away half of my coursework. I cried again in the lab. On my way home, i cried again. The thought of researching everything again just frustrates me. All my effort down the drain. I've got 2 days to complete everything.

Here's 2 pictures of what we today did during the Adam Khoo talk:

My current distractions. Read the one on Alfred & Luthfi only. I wrote Luthfi cause he kept disturbing me.

This is Luthfi's current distractions, I wrote the one in green. Lol. His much more lamer than i am. Read everything. It's darn hilarious.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

You showed me what love is.
You expressed it to me in such a way..
That i'll never forget.
Now i'm sure, that i truly love you.

Right now i'm so pissed, i feel like burning my schoolwork. Ugh!! My F&N N-level coursework is due next Wed. & I have very little time left. I have got part of my results back from my teacher, & i did very well. I'm glad. But now my damn thumbdrive is having some problems. Can't even open it. Tried both comps, can't open! & I have to hand in my draft tmr. & If i don't, i'll do badly for tt particular part! Gaaaah! This means i have to re type out every single thing!! 28 damn pages! This will kill me instantly!! Forget it. I shall not bore you with my frustrations anymore.

Anyhoos, the past few days in school was a blast. Below are the pictures explaining the crazy things my classmates do in class. Now i know why teachers can't stand my class, esp when the class is so big. Lol. But i must say, it is real fun to have such classmates to perk up my day :D

One of em put some paper on the girl's hair & said ' Her hair is made in such a way that the paper will stick there one la.' So insulting right? Lol. His trying to say tt her hair's damn thick that the paper will be stuck there. -.-

Walking around the classroom with an umbrella.

This would be during Eng class. Our teacher, Mdm Preetha.. whom many detest. Sylvester wrapped a bandage around Samuel's eyes, & i drew the eyes. Mdm Preetha was looking. Then to make it even more intresting...

Sylvester added glasses -.-

When Mdm Preetha came, telling Samuel off.. He just stood up acting like a blind man saying ' I can't see you i cant see you! ' He obviously knew where she was standing, but he purposely faced his back towards her. She got really pissed. The whole class was laughing.

Lastly, paparazzis in the class. Lol. Stacy took tt. I got caught red handed! Peeling my lips again. While doing work. In Preetha's class.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm barely breathing
& I'm hardly anywhere near you
You're a faggot & everyone knows it's true.

I've got to start studying alr. My gosh. I'm being a lazy bum! Must be self discipline! Apparently i lack in that particular area. Prelims is in 1 months time. I wanna do well & go to sec 5. I must & i will :D Have climbing training everyday except Sunday. Till NSCC is over, i'm free! Lol.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

You're finally sixteen! Be a good boy & stop sleeping in class! Haha (:

Went to Yazid's birthday party at his place yesterday. It was fun! His family is really funny. Practically the whole family is funny. They even had chocolate fondue. It was pretty crowded. I got to play with ShiKin & Yazid's baby cousins! Their're so small & adorable! One of them talked to me in Malay & i didn't know what to reply. Lol. We played bubble with them. So cute. Ain, Farna, Rai, ShiKin & i were like babysitting them. Their're really cute. Reached home close to 12am though. Waited for the bus pretty long. Don't have the pictures. It's with ShiKin. When i get it i'll post the pictures. School starts tmr! Ahhh damn. ):

Saturday, June 21, 2008

You left me standing all alone.
& If anyone were to ask, i'd be speechless.

What is left to say when you're not even there.

This post is dedicated to CUI LIAN. (:

Cui Lian, i read your blog. Don't be sad kay. You've still got me, Claris & the rest of your friends who'd stand by you whatever the outcome is. Your idiotic bro & tt china woman will get their retribution. At least you've got a place to stay. Whatever i say now may not be of much help, but i hope it does cheer you up, at least alittle. I wish there was something i could do to ease your pain. But if you ever need anything, just give me a call or text me kay. (: You know i'll always be there for you. In life, we have our ups & downs. Sometimes it can be like shit that it hurts so bad. But the pain will fade away. It's just a matter of time. I can't ask you not to be upset. Cause honestly, if i'm you, i too would be damn depressed. Just know that you've got me alright. Don't suffer alone. I'll stand by you that's for sure. (: ilyyyy & imy so so much! Perk up girl :D

Oh &.. Beloved, whoever spammed your blog, don't bother kay. That person has no life & is a dumbshit. His English sucks so why bother. Don't be affected by it. He/she's education must be damn low. He/she's IQ & EQ is definitely damn low too. Don't entertain such low standard people. He ask you to look at yourself in a mirror, then just tell him to look into a mirror himself. But he/she probably can't even face himself/herself since his/she's too damn ugly to even look at himself. So don't bother about such asses kay. (:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Watching the sunset with you was spectacular.
It was something i never thought i had.
You exceeded my expectations.
& Above all, you made me content.

Had rock climbing competition today. Since it rained yesterday, thus, it was postponed to today. Anyhoos, the category is 'difficulty'. Damn i lose grip on a contour & fell. I was upset with myself.

After that rushed down to Vivo city to meet my bestfriends. Rai, Shi Kin, Farna (: Went Sentosa together. Now i'm broke. Took a cab there & back. We had lots of fun camwhoring, ALOT! Plus, we had a mat & had a tiny picnic & crapped alot. It was all fun & laughter. We waited till sunset. It's b-e-a-utiful! ((: The kaleidescope of colours spread across the sky was an amazing sight. I had so much fun today with them. Because they're not just odinary friends, their're friends who's always create fun & laughter. & Their're my bestest of friends. :D


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

But for now, i'll close my eyes & pray.

I'm praying for a miracle.
To guide me through this horrid time.

Woke up damn early to go school for a rock climbing competition at Springfield secondary. Watched the under 14 category climbed then it was the under 17 category to register. Can you imagine how long we waited. Not only that, after registering, we were kept in the isolation room for 2h30mins! My gosssh. The suspense was killing me which made me super irritated. Everyone else was playing psp. Soon the whole isolation room became so noisy! Ugh the damn weather. Postponed to tmr. Everyone go straight to finals. Lol.

She rolled over all of a sudden right infront of Alfred. She's so cute. Everytime Al's around, she'll act cute to get his attention.