Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy happy happy.
Nadine's happy.

25 Oct' 08

Zheng Yang surprised me in the afternoon by coming to my place. He bought me lunch & spend the afternoon with me. Had dance in the evening. I looked like crap because i sweat so much till i looked like i just took a bath. Justin's waited for me outside SMU. While i was dancing, the dance people surprised me with a cake & started singing happy birthday.

Rushed off to meet Justin. Then walked around Dhouby Gaut & off to Settlers. When i walked to Clarke Quay mrt, i gotta shock of my life. I thought only 5 of em will be there. But there were 11 guys sitting at the stairs. Stacy came after tt. We ate at Settlers. Palyed board games. So much fun hanging out with them. I really had so so much fun. Laughed alot. Some of em stayed over at my place. Reached home past midnight. When i was using the laptop, suddenly someone from behind hug me. When i turned around, ZhengYang was standing behind. I was SUPER SHOCK. Didn't expect him to come cause he has curfew. Zy left after awhile. We slacked in my room and i was still using the laptop, and they were behind me holding a Ben & Jerry's ice cream with a candle and started singing happy brithday to me. Haha i didn't even know they were standing behind me. (: Superrrrr happy.
26 Oct' 08

Next morning, Zy surprised me by coming over my place to pick me up to go church tgth. Justin all walked out with us. After service, 2 cell groups celebrated my brithday. I felt really.. Scared? Lol. Cause so many of em. Zy, Tash & Steph gave a speech to me. Superr funny. I kept smiling like a retard. Lol. They bought me a Cotton On top. I was thinking why Zy never bring me anywhere else. He told me we're going SMU to study. I nearly killed myself. & No we didn't study, he lied -.- He brought me to Fish & Co to eat. He kept insisting i face my back at the door, & that's when i suspected soemthing. & I heard Raihanah's voice over the phone & he deny. Lol. He told me he had to go to the loo & he took really long -.- When i looked up i saw him talking to a waitress. LOL. So much for going to the "toilet". He looked like a criminal creeping around. A waitress gave me a flower saying ' Someone give you this flower.' & There was a note tied to it. It said ' Happy brithday. ShiKin, Rai & Farna'. My face lit up man. Cause they lied to me the night before tt they can't celebarte with me. I was super sad. Zy came back after awhile & i kept asking him if my bestfriends are here. Then the 3 of them came from behind, holding a birthday cake, singing the birthday song. Haha. I was super happy to see them. It's been ages since i've seen them. Hugged them real tight. We ate tgth. Had so much fun with them esp with Zy. We camwhored, ALOT! They gave me a freaking huge photo of the 4 of us & a lovely dress (: Zy gave me 4 rittersport choc, polaroid film & a card he made. Really sweet (: He "stole" my polaroid camera & i didn't even know! LOL.

27 Oct' 08

Had dinner with my family at Ivins! My fav restaurant. All the peranakan food. I like (:

Special thanks to:

1. People who messaged me, wishing me happy birthday. Thanks for remembering my birthday.
2. Justin, Javier, Joey, Yazid, Yifu, WeiXiang, Samuel, Stacy, Adrian, Ka Choon, Di Kai & Jun Long for celebrating my birthday with me. For staying up so late. & For keeping me entertained ((: Thanks. Those who stayed over for surprising me!
3. Beloved & Russell. Thanks for the dinner & the cake (: Had so much fun with you both :D Thanks for surprising me! :D Love you!
4. Rai, ShiKin & Farna for surprising me & making time to celebrate my birthday with me. & Planning with Zy all this while! Love youu!
4. N178 for celebrating my birthday & the speeches.
5. Dance friends for celebrating my birthday & surprising me (: Didn't expect tt.
6. Family for having dinner with me together. That's a perfect gift.

Most of all..

Thank you Zheng Yang. Thanks for all the effort you put in. I had no clue you planned all these with my friends. Not only that, you came all the way to my place despite your curfew. You made me really happy. Plus you could get along really well with my friends. You acted spastic with them, & joke with them and all. Thanks for being so sociable (: & Last but not least, thanks for the effort you put in making the lovely card. The card is realy beautiful :D Hard to find a guy who'd even bother to make one. You're one of a kind & i love you so so much. There's never a day or second where i don't miss you. Cause i do & you mean so much to me. (: I love you.

Thanks everyone for making this birthday a successful one & making me happy! Thanks for the many many surprises! I lvoe surprises. & Most of your surprises were successful (: So thank you! ;D I love you all. :DD

I shall stop talking & let the picture's do the job :DD


N178 (:

Zy talking on the phone with Rai thinking i can't hear -.-

I look like i have short hair here right? Lol


Justin (: See my hair was super wet.

Some gun game. LOL. They sabo-ed me -.-

Zy surprised me in the night (:

We took a picture in the middle of the road. Lol

Javier. Super Retarded right? LOL.

The menu. Cool eh?

They told me this is my birthday cake. So mean right. Eat until left a tiny piece then give me -.-

My family :D Thanks for having dinner together.

Beloved & Russell :D

Cake from dance friends (:

Polaroid film & card from baby. Thanks !! He actually found the film!! :D & The card's lovely.

Dress & huge photo from ShiKin, Rai & Farna. (: Love it.

Cotton On dress from N178 (: Kinda big, but thanks .

Chinese written letter from Zackee(ShiKin bro). Haha super funny.

Body Shop Perfume from mmy boss (:

Victoria Secret tube from my dad :DD
Thanks everyone for the gifts. Too lazy to upload all the photos. I thank God for having such wodnerful friends & a great boyfriend (: Thanks to all of you who remembered my birthday.

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