Monday, April 29, 2013

Little kitties.

Recently, R and his colleagues found a pair of kittens & decided to bring em home. They were skinny & looked scared. I've been taking care of them for abt a week & sisters brought them to a vet for check up. The kittens are looking very healthy now. Also, they hv been such a joy to play w! They are so soooo puny! Super adorbs!!! We named them Charlie & Sophie (:

 photo IMG_6895_zps67279b0c.jpg
 photo IMG_6892_zpsf90aa8f0.jpg
 photo IMG_6897_zpsc09dc371.jpg
 photo IMG_6896_zps71567762.jpg
 photo IMG_6825_zpsd5d84bef.jpg
 photo IMG_6824_zps0da004d4.jpg
 photo IMG_8634_zps73541406.jpg
 photo IMG_8635_zpsbe305c5a.jpg
 photo IMG_6845_zps49c5d3cf.jpg
Aren't they js the cutest?! So tiny & super soft when carried. Dd has taken up the role of being a patrol police officer ever since i brought the kittens home. She comes into my room & starts sniffing every inch of the place, she stares at the kittens like a hulk & every time they meow, she goes crazy. Haha & she thinks they are moving toys tt makes noises. She attemtped to roll one of em over. Dont worry, we stopped her before she cld do worse!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nutella maltesers "Cup" cake.

 photo IMG_6379_zps7d47ec77.jpg
 photo IMG_6382_zps671c45db.jpg
 photo IMG_6380_zps66e528b3.jpg

It's been sometime since i last baked something for a friend or anyone of tt matter. Shi Kin asked for a favour & i decided to do it. She wanted lots of nutella & so i made a nutella layered cake in a cup i bought from ikea tt cost abt $1.50 ech. Also, i added maltesers to the cake as it goes well w it! (: 
Received feedback from Sk tt she & her friends love the cake! (: Makes me so happy to received such feedback! (*:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Habitat Coffee

Habitat Coffee
223 Upper thomson rd
Thomson ridge estate

Opening hours:

Tues-Thurs: 11am-10.30pm
Friday-Sun: 1-.30am-10.30pm

 photo IMG_6408_zps4de7ac96.jpg
 photo IMG_6407_zps2ef286a7.jpg
 photo IMG_6406_zps90a9ca4d.jpg
 photo IMG_6409_zps4fbabb9f.jpg
 photo IMG_6410_zpsd47dae24.jpg
 photo IMG_6411_zps223aab30.jpg
 photo IMG_6428-1_zps0ae48304.jpg
Mama's Banana pancakes ($10)

The pancakes were light & fluffy, & bananas were well caramelized. Drizzled w maple syrup, straberry & choc syrup! So so yummehhh! I loved this very much! Def a filling dish though.
 photo IMG_6415_zpse64e7599.jpg
Blackened Dory ($16)

This was super delicious! Very flavorful i must say! Tash is a v fussy eater & she absolutely loves this!
 photo IMG_6421_zps1d0e3a49.jpg
Tiramisu w alcohol ($5.90)

They hv 2 kinds of Tiramisu. One w alcohol & w/o. Tash ordered this as tiramisu only taste better w alcohol & looking at it through the glass window was rly tempting. We both didn't like it as much. It had wayyy TOO MUCH alochol! & The liquid all sank down to the bottom of the cup! Tiramisu isn;t supposed to hv so much liquid at the bottom!
 photo IMG_6420_zps35f55ce1.jpg

I wld def be back to try the rest of the dishes. Tash said she;ll come back agan but w Nik. I love their concept of an All-Day brunch! I loveee brunch but hate tt there's a timeframe to hv your daily brunch dishes. So Habitat Coffee is def gna be my new fav spot to go to when i feel like eating brunch dishes! ^^

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Random snippets of R's birthday.

 photo IMG_8378_zps405c9228.jpg
 photo IMG_8406_zps9ab0b077.jpg
 photo IMG_8415_zps8eb27035.jpg
 photo IMG_8408_zpsa538a8cf.jpg
 photo IMG_6364_zps00c4a625.jpg
 photo IMG_6326_zpsc97e8b13.jpg
Oh yeah.. I forgot to mention in R's 24th birthday post tt thetv can swerve to face the bathtub! HOW AWESOME IS TT! Watch tv while u relax in a tub of warm water. Shiok max!!
 photo IMG_8348_zps2a46d325.jpg
 photo IMG_8351_zps4e6bb9e6.jpg
 photo IMG_8357_zps9aadc75d.jpg
 photo IMG_6375_zps1bb2428e.jpg

A summary of R's b'day all in 1 photo collage (:

Friday, April 19, 2013

Morton's Steakhouse

On the night of R's birthday, we had dinner at Morton's steakhouse! I called to make reservations a few days before & told them it was for a birthday celebration. The staff informed me tt they wld give us a complimenatry dessert. Upon reaching the restaurant, we were shocked & yet overjoyed to see R's name printed on the menu. Also, they went the extra mile by decorating the table a lil bit.

As for the food, HEED MY ADVICE PLS!
  • Order only ONE main course(steaks in particular) to share between 2 ppl.
    *Trust me it's MORE than enough i swear!*
  • Do NOT order a side dish if you decide to order mains individually.
  • When the waiter ask if u wld like to drink Sparkling/Still water, js ask for tap water if u aren't fussy w drinking from the tap. If not, pay $14 for a bottle.
The major thing i was pretty upset w the restaurant abt wld be tt the few staffed who tended to us from the sart of the dinner service, DID NOT explain the menu to us. When we ordered steaks for both ourselves, the male waiter who took our order DID NOT take the initiative in informing us tt it may be too much for us as it is a huge portion. 
When we were eating halfway through our steaks, i heard a waiter(whom i assume is a manager cause he was wearing a blazer) telling a group of ang mohs before they even ordered tt maybe they cld consider sharing the steak as the portion is huge & he can show them the size of the steak if they'd like to see it. I was shocked & insulted when i overheard tt. Cause none of the staff told us. Idk if it's cause they see us so young & decided to squeeze us of our money but, i wld hv liked it if they'd explained the menu to us right BEFORE we started ordering!

All in all, despite tt, we did hv a wonderful time spent at Mortons. The female waiter who served us aft our mains were served was a real gem tt night. She made conversations w us & ensured our dining experience there was a good one. 

Morton's Steakhouse
Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Fourth Storey
5 Raffles Avenue
Marina Square, Singapore

Phone: 65-6339-3740

 photo IMG_8301_zps45ae4651.jpg
 photo IMG_8232_zps4a52c0bf.jpg
The staff were so sweet! They decored the table by putting coloured confetties all over. It was so pretty!
 photo IMG_8231_zps75fe69aa.jpg
 photo IMG_8230_zps12434ce0.jpg
They even printed a "Happy birthday Wan" on the top. Restaurants who go the extra mile by doing little gestures like these are worth ur time & moolahs (:
 photo IMG_8235_zpsaaea8635.jpg
 photo IMG_8241_zps89fd032e.jpg
Appetizer: 1/2 dozen Oysters ($38)
 photo IMG_8244_zps8803433b.jpg
Glass of red wine: CS Beringer FE ($23)
Medium-bodied. Went v well w our steaks! (:
 photo IMG_8251_zps67c8123b.jpg
 photo IMG_8263_zps53bf5334.jpg
Ribeye steak ($99.50)

The steak was huge!!!! I am amazed tt i managed to finish at least 3/4! I was struggling halfway through man. BUT, i wld say it's worth ur money! Cause it was damnnnn good!!
 photo IMG_8265_zpsed28c185.jpg
Medium rare! Js the way we like it! Hehe :D
 photo IMG_8264_zps7c57e8f4.jpg
Porterhouse steak ( $117)

Ridzuan & i loved this steak very very much! The marbling of the steak was evenly spread out & every bite was tender & juicy. R too, had a difficult time finishing his steak. But it tasted so damn good i swear!!
 photo IMG_8252_zpse32dfeb8.jpg
Steamed asparagus served w hollandaise sauce ($22)

The asparagus was cooked perfectly! Not too soft which i dont like. I kinda regret ordering this though. Alr struggling to finish our steaks & yet i go order a side dish. Zzz.
 photo IMG_8283_zpsa64e10f1.jpg
 photo IMG_8276_zps9c1794bf.jpg
Raspberry souffle ($18)

The souffle's SOOO darn yummy! Ate it w the chantilly cream & it was a perfect combo! Very light & fluffy. This was given to us as a complimentary since it was R's birthday (:
 photo IMG_8289_zps4b143f14.jpg
 photo IMG_8285_zps040cd955.jpg
 photo IMG_8300_zps2de1755f.jpg
 photo IMG_8237_zpseef9d79b.jpg
 photo IMG_8291_zps0a71c0b7.jpg
This kind service staff was a gem the whole night. She made sure we enjoyed our food & everything was well taken care of. She was showing us the desserts they have but we were too full by then.
 photo IMG_8292_zpsfd804be9.jpg
 photo IMG_8294_zps4846a8c3.jpg

We had a great dinner & this wld def rank as the best dinner we've had. Though the total bill came up to a whooping $368.. I ordered too much w/o knowing i over ordered. Still, i wld say dining at Morton's Steakhouse was worth it! The level of service, quality & quantity of the food def exceeded our expectations! We were pretty much blown away.