Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You could be my unintended choice
You should be the one i always love

Today is Bandana's birthday. Happy birthday! (:
Haha. You'll get your late present okay. Sorry about that.
(: Again, happy birthday!

My birthday's in 3 days time! Ahhhh* I'm so excited. And i don't know why. Lol. Okay that's all. Toodles people. (:

To Shaa & ShiKin :
Your tears are how you learn and grow
So better off to let it flow
Stains on cheeks will come to know

Cheer up okay? You've still got me ((: Pick yourself up from where you left off, and get back on track. You deserve much better. Seny um uh prettyheads ! I lovee youu both la. <3

/It's not always me being paranoid, It's not.
& When will you come to a point where you understand
What i'm really saying is from the bottom of my heart

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