Thursday, October 4, 2007

Like a hopeless child
My mind's in a whirl
I'm totally abandoned by you
And i'm hanging on a thin thread that's about to break

DouDou hid under my mum's wardrobe. Lol. She refused to come out uh. Lol
I feel so sorry for Scott la. My mum keep wanting me to put him down. It's not easy la. I know his suffering, but i love him alot la. ): Ahhh! Don't know whether to put him down or not eh. Everytime i see him i tend to tear. His really in a bad condition. There's a picture of him below. It's sick, but .. That's how sad it is. I really love him to the core uh.
Sometimes not everything can last just cause we want them to. Letting go of something i adore so much, has always been my weakest strength. Now, it's back to haunt me.

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