Friday, October 26, 2007

The best of the best
Today, you've got me so mesmerized

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ! xDHaha. Damn happy la. Hees. Okay.
Firstly, i would like to thanks all those who messaged me at 12 am telling me happy birthday. Thanks for remembering.
And also thanks to those who called me just to wish me happy birthday.
Secondly, to my class people who celebrated my birthday. Even though you guys may be irritating, but i still love you guys. (: Thanks. Thanks for the presents.
Thirdly, to the softball clique. Even though Alfred ruined the surprise by telling me by accident, thanks! I was effing happy when you guys came. Cause i thought you're weren't gonna celebrate my birthday. Thanks for coming to my place to surprise me. Haha. I was effing happy. (: Thanks for the presents too. Oh and, thanks for singing to me in 3 languages. LOL. Chinese, English, and Nepali.
Fourthly, to ShiKin and Kamal, thanks for celebrating me birthday with me. You guys made me damn happy la. Plus i love the tiny cakes.
Last but not least, to Alfred. Thanks for coming to my place at 12am to surprise me. Yes, this time i really was surprised. You succeeded for once. Even though i sorta suspected. Thanks for the gift too. Oh &.. It doesn't matter that you couldn't stay long. The fact that you came to my place at midnight even though your parents were mad at you, is more then enough. And also for joining forces with the softball clique to surprise me. You're the best. (:

To everyone who wished me and all, i love you !! Thanks for everything ((:

Outing with Kamal & Shikin

Softball Clique

Alfred Lim (:

You never fail to make my day*
Thanks for tolerating all my shit.

Thanks for everything. I shall upload the rest of the pictures tmr.
Thanks again everyone. (:

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