Saturday, October 6, 2007

F it, you don't feel my pain.

Went Out with Al today. Studied in the afternoon then went Suntec City to get what i bought online. Lol. Have been shopping online. Cause most of the stuff online are hard to find, plus it's unique. (: Anyhoos, Al's really nice to me uh. He treats me so well. I feel guilty sometimes. Lol. Seriously, his sweet la. Ahhh! I want an SLR camera damn badly. But it cost1000 SGD.
Anyway, 4-2 half went converse warehouse sale today. I wanted to go but couldn't ): . Nvm. There's still many more hols to come and i can go out with them. Oh & .. For those of you who are wondering what's 4-2 half, it's a group. Kenneth, Irfan, Justin, Yifu = The 4 people. Me(Nadine) and Javier = 2 halves. Why we're halves? Cause they say we're the smallest. So insulting la. Lol. Anyway, i needed to buy something from the Converse warehouse sale. So they helped me. They're really sweet la. They stayed there so long just to find the shoe. Sending me a pic of it and all. Haha. (: They rock la.
Exam ends this Tues. After Tues, i'll be happy like jbdbnvjhsnf !
So those of you who has been asking me to go out, i'm free after 9th October. ((: Wheeees.
Gonna go gym & jogging tmr. Till then .. (:

Pciture time. Just some random pictures.

How can i put something that adorable down. It's just to difficult, too pain.

My robot, that's being held hostage by WeiHong.
& i want it back. Lol.

Conversation with Elmo.

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