Sunday, November 23, 2008

To cut bangs or no bangs?

Asia conference was awesome! The queue's were extremely long man. People queued at 8am for the 6pm service. I envy their great hunger & thirst for God. I enjoyed Rev Benny Hinn's preaching the most. It was great! The miracles were the best. Jut shows you that God's really moving in our midst. The lame could walk, the deaf could hear, & those with cancer were healed! :D PTL! Today was the grand finale. Celebraties like Liu Geng Hong, JJ Lin & Vivi Wang performed etc. The service ended with a song & with balloons, coloured papers and sparks flying everywhere. Lol. It was a beautiful sight. Ended super late. Thank goodness my mum fetched me back tgth with Zy (:

That boy's finally getting better. His exams are coming. Aftertt i can spend as much time i want with him. In fact, during service today i had so much laughter disturbing him. For once, he actually smiled & laughed so much. I love it when he laughs! Super contagious &.. His charming (: Okay to sum it up i really love that ninny boy.

I'm tired & i misplaced my ez link. Lol have to find it. Anyway i'm thinking of dying my hair light brown & doing coloured hair extensions. Sounds so wild eh? I'll think about it first. Oh well.


The super long queue. There was more behind me. Plus it was firgging hot.

My sister & me ! (:

Manhunt! Yan ming! Couldn't stop laughing at him.

Deborah! She won 2nd place!!!

Iris! (:

The balloons were pratically everywhere.

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