Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Above all else,

He always pulls me through it all.

Went to Mount Alvernia hospital to visit my grandfather today. He has hallucinations. He was "cooking" in the hospital bed. He thinks he's cooking. He kept moving his hands in circular motion, as if
his stirring the frying pan. Then he told my uncle to keep the fish & meat (No such ingredients present) into the fridge. Then later on he asked to close the window, which he referred to the door, then close the curtain cause no sunlight. So we switched on the roomlights to make it seem like the sunlight from the window. Lol. Plus he hept speaking to me & Nik in TeoChew. We just stared at him & went ..' Huh?'. At least he remembers us. Hopefully he gets well soon! & My uncle's watch is a phone. Super cool man. Lol. His watch called my phone. Not only that, it's touch screen! HAHA super funny.

After tt met Jasmine for early dinner! I missed her so much. We caught up on alot of things and all (: Then i left to visit Steph's grandma, who is also cute. Haha. The way the grandma sleep super cute. Anyway, we ate at HK cafe tgth with Steph's mum. 2 Hospital visitations in one day. Haha.

Gotta turn in soon. Gotta reach the airport by 7am tmr to send Sumitra off. Till then.. (:

My moo moo mummy! Remember Jas? HAHA.

Blonde streaks. Cant really see -.- Oh well.

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