Thursday, November 6, 2008

He makes me happy, really happy.
At times, you upset me.
But all in all, i enjoy spending time with you (:
& I love you for you; Every single thing bout you, i love.

Fell super sick. Got worse instead of better. Went home halfway during work. My mum gave me the wrong med -.- SUPERRRRR drowsy med which made me feel like i'm floating in the air & extremely tired to the maxxx that i kept dozing off. Vomitted. Yuck. Super sick/disgusting feeling. Went home to rest.

Zheng Yang came to accompany me. He did that yesterday too. Thank you so much for taking time off to spend time with me baby. (: He came all the way to my place sweating, & not complaining much. & He kiss me all over my face telling me i'll recover soon cause of his kisses. Haha. Plus, since i was in bed most of the day, he entertained me by dancing for me! That boy made me laugh. Superrrrrr funny! But he danced really well. Not bad eh. You've got a hidden talent. He did popping. Can't believe he can dance. He did many spastic stuff too. He played this slap your hand quick reflexes game with me. & He sucks big time at it. Anyway, i couldn't ask for more but your presence (: Cause with Zheng Yang by my side, that's the best gift/medicene :D I am truly blessed to have sucha wonderful boyfriend.

Watch this video! It's a vid of Zheng Yang playing the guitar and singing. Superrr nice. He can sing really well. (: Everytime he sings i'll automatically smile. It makes me feel super superr elated whenever he sings and plays the guitar :D MUST WATCH! Half of the cg was watching him play & sing. Super super nice (:

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