Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oh boy didn't you see the beautiful stars tonight?
It shines bright, showing us the way to life.
So we need not worry, & just follow the light.

Woke up at 5.30am today to send Sumitra off. Jasmine, Zanna, Annie & some others were there to send her off. It was super sad. Quite afew ppl cried. Of all the nepalese i've ever sent off, this one is the saddest. I guess it's cause Sumitra stayed on with us longer & she played a big role in my life as a friend, & softball captain. Hell yeah she did a great job being the captain & more than tt, a true friend. She never fails to make us all laugh with her nonsensical jokes. She held back her tears, putting up a tough front. We hugged her real tight before she went in. The next one would be pabitra. One by one all the nepalese leave -.- If only they could stay in S'pore forever.

Met Mitchell after tt as he wanted to pass me my late birthday gift. he bought me a orange guitar necklace. Thanks Mitchell! You even got one of my fav colour. I love it, but not more than my other guitar necklace! HAHA. Still, i will wear it kay. Thanks Mitchell! :DD

Reached home early afternoon & slept all the way till evening & went shopping with my sisters & mum. Sisters looking for prom dress. The best thing is tt there was a discount in certain shops like Forever 21, Topshop/man, Miss Selfridge, warehouse etc. Gotta say a particular password to the cashier 'Closet Therapy', & you'll get a 40% discount. Good right? Haha. Thanks to Justin for telling me. End up also didn;t buy anything -.- My sisters walked the whole of Marina Sq & didn't even buy anything. Waste of time can. Other than tt, i got to meet ZhengYang!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD Oh after 2 long days of not seeing him. I missed tt ninny so much. ((((: Lol.

PICTURES (: (& The ones from OAC camp. Part of it.)

Ima miss you a great great deal! Thanks for scolding me just so i'll wake up to my senses during the hardest time of my life. Thanks for encouraging me, & most of all, being there for me making me laugh super much! (: I love youu Sumi! :D

A card made by Zanna. Nice right? Super artistic.

Jasmine & Sumi. Bestfriends in class (:

Me & Sumi! (:

Me & Jas (:

Mitchell! (:


High Elements!

Me & Irfan

Maggie for dinner.

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