Friday, November 7, 2008


They say i'm a fool.
A fool to fall for you; a fool in love.
But you know what i think? - I don't give a damn.
Because i love you & that's all that matters.
Because, i know you're the one for me.

Saw a doc yesterday with my mum. How i got sick? From someone -.- Haha. The medicene makes me super drowsy. Had dance today, no work. Super tired man. We're so much more synchronised! YAY! :D Performance tmr!!! Ahhh this is nerve wrecking.

On our way back, after eating at ljs, John Chew wore this scary mask walking around Dhouby Gaut with his hoodie. Funny thing is mostly people either ignored him, or refused to look. In the car, i wore the mask & as the cars passed by, i stuck my face super close to the window & there was this lady tt took a photo of John Chew wearing the mask. The facial expression of the people were pricless! Superr funny. We were all in the car laughing like mad. I laughed so much tt i cried man. Some just stared at me, some laughed and waved back. Super funny! Rushed back for cg, & scared Steph! Haha super hilarious man. I enjoyed myself.
Come to think of it, i should get an award for being able to stand strong and have so much energy still when i'm sick!! LOL.

My morning was filled with love love love (: Because it was spent with my incredibly sweet boyfriend. Haha (:

This time we're gonna pull through.
No more empty promises. No more words with no action.
Ima put in as much effort as i can,
Just so we'll both work out.
Because the bottom line is, We love each other very much (:


John Chew & i.

Scary right. Somore he wore his hoodie.

& He walked like an ah beng instead of a normal person -.-

ME! HAHA. They said i look scarier cause of my hair. Lol. I wore tt scaring people who drove pass. Super funny. I couldn't stop laughing.

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