Friday, November 21, 2008

Pull me close; Don't let me falter.
Ima stay close by your side.

Just got back from OAC camp this morning. I'm really worn out. I'm bruised all over from playing paintball & rugby. Mainly paintball. Paintball's fun to the maxxx! Overall, here's what we did in camp over the days. We hiked more than 10km, less than 15km carrying heavy-huge haversacks. Didn't bath, just powder bath. Super sticky feeling. High elements, Kayaked, dragon boat, badly drenched in the rain right after we bathed -.-, walked around the shopping centre drenched, played waterbomb filled with food dye, paintball & hardcore rugby! I must say i had lots of fun. Paintball gave me 7 bruises on my leg, back, & hand. & I got shot in the head -.- Super pain man. Rugby got me a scratch on the neck, a bite on my finger, dragged across the room, knock down & squashed horribly by many people. Everyone, esp the girls, were extremely rough to the core. They just ramp each other, kick, bite, punch and more at anyone and everyone. Lol. Super hiong. Waterbomb- Got hit in the eye & a bite on my hand. From this camp, i made a conclusion that the girls love to bite people. Lol. I got to fiddle around with Ramdhan's Nikon dslr camera. Super cool! Ahhh when am i gonna get mine?! ): Oh well. When i get the pictures i will post it so you guys can get a rough idea of how fun the camp was.

Mum send me home. Met hun to bring him to the doctor as he was really sick. Then he came over to my place to rest while i took care of him (: Hope he recovers soon. I feel so helpless seeing him suffering in pain. I wish there was something more i could do to help ease his pain. Get well soon baby dearest :D

Went for Asia Conference. It was SUPER pack to the maxx! But the service was good. Very happening. I'm looking forward to go for the next few sessions. It's gonna be great. (:


Scratched on the neck. Idk which bugger scratched me. Lol. Super pain.

Huge bruise on my calf. Real life it looks much more worse. Got it from paintball. Worth it though. Cause i had hell lot of fun! (:

Asia Conference! Power pack event! :D
& Now the photos i promised for the Bling2 party session 2!

SiJia, me & Torance.



& Lastly...

It's superrrr nice. I like :D But it's too big for my hand. Nvm i don't care. I love love love the colour.

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