Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More than just words, i can't describe further how much i really do love you. & Though we have gone through so much crap, we still stand strong tgth as one. Because great minds think & act alike right? You better agree! LOL. Okay whatever it is, this is your first time celebrating such stuff, & i hope you enjoyed yourself hun :D I love you very much b (:

  • B came my place to watch tv. Spend some homey time together (:
  • Went out to watch movie (HSM 3). I vow the movie's superrrrr nice! I love the movie to the maxxx. Except tt b didn't like it. Lol.
  • Night, he went for leader's meeting while i walked around
  • Went home tgth (: I'm happy yes i am cause i've got me boyfriend by my side & with him i'm really happy :DDDD

10 Nov '08
Went out with Beloved today. Took many pictures. Spastic ones. Had much fun catching up with her. & Shopped too! I shall let the pictures do the talking. I had really much fun with beloved. We're def gonna have more outings! :DD


BELOVED! She's wearing a diff colour!!! Not Black anymore!!! Pretty right my beloved? ((:

Happy shoppinggggg :DD

'I am not short, i am concentrated'.

Yes, self entertainment. Lol

Mega watt smile :DDD

Bob the builder bag!!
Dora the explorer! HAHA
Prettttty Claris :D

Beloved smile like tt soft-toy right?

Beloved stressed! Hahahaha
Banana pizza & apple crumble pizza. Superrrrr delicious.
Beloved thanks for the Zara Turquoise tank top & ear rings. (: I love it very very much ;DD My fav colour!! Thank you & i love youuu!
Zheng Yang :DD He looks super cute right? He looks lost. LOL.
Now his back to normal = Spastic.

I wanted to purchase tt yelow dress. No money!!! Lol.
My dear boy got me this. (: Just what i needed. Photoframe filled with pictures with him & my loved ones.
I got him 2 shirts & made a video.

Okay that's all. I can't emphasize more on how tired i really am. I did not sleep at all last night. I only slept at 7.30am. I was up all night doing the video. It drove me nuts! LOL.

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