Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No one said it would be easy.
It just takes time & effort.
If only you knew, i'd be rejoicing by now.

Had Chinese oral today. I think my Chinese deproved like, alot? Lol. If the syllabus hadn't been changed, i'd most probably be able to pass. Now tt it's not textbook based, i'm screwed. After school celebrated Mr Loh's belated birthday at Mr Kong's homeroom. Hi homeroom is like a house. Lol. His got many pets. Such as, marine fishes, starfish and hamsters. Plus there are games and a sofa in the classroom too. There was plenty of food. After the celebration i rushed home to bath then met Al, Louis & Samantha at Far east. I did my homework at Coffee Bean, while Al did his school stuff on his laptop. Anyway, i'm kinda lazy to blog. So i shall post the pictures of everything that happened today :DD Pictures speak a thousand words.

Stacy playing PSP during Chinese lesson. Lol

Javier & Justin.

If you're wondering what his doing. His actually sleeping.

Look at the number of blanks on my Chinese worksheet. & Tt's only the first pg.

Mr Kong's starfish.

Cute right??! That's how tt hamster slept. Damn adorable!

Javier took off the roof of the house. & Look what we saw. It's damn cute.

Chloe & Irfan flashing their Mega watt smiles :D

That's Mr Loh (:

Javier somehow scares the crap out of JunWei. Lol.

Their're younger then me, but sadly their're taller ):

Dhan ate some chips off the floor.

Al was lucky this time. Lol. He caught this pic in time before i knew it.

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