Sunday, April 20, 2008

Breathing is harder.
You tell me to take it easy.
Maybe it's too soon to see if i'm happy.

Last Friday Beloved sang for the chinese competition. She sang really well :DDD Haha. She really put alot of effort into it. & She got FIRST place! Ahhh so proud of her!!! (: She deserves to win.
Anyway, played Squash today after church. Started at 4-7pm. Played continuously. Damn tired. I'm physically drained. My wrist hurts too. I got to play with Anja!! Haha. Damn happy. I took afew videos of her. Will post the pictures & vid below. Oh &.. Not forgetting, Beloved's singing video! Yes i took it down :DD

Beloved's Singing :D

Anja. (:

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