Friday, November 16, 2007

Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be so hard
I'm going back to the start

YAY! I'm back from camp. I miss my bed and friends so much man! :DDDDDDD As you can see, i'm happy to be home. Okay i'm gonna summarise the whole camp. Cause i don't wanna write a grandmother story.

Preparation day for the Student Leaders only

Arrival of the leaders(campers). IN the night we made them watch horror movies. More then 5 people cried. They kept screaming each time a scary part comes up. After that we brought them to the cemetery. Most of em walk so fast during their night solo walk. After their night walk, we ran 8km back to the campsite. By the time we bathed and all, it was going 5am already.

Theory theory theory

We moved to Labrador Adventure campsite. Then we went to Labrador Park in the afternoon. Leaders take over the camp. Councilors just observe. So while the leaders were playing their games, some of the councilors played catching in a maze. Freaking fun la. We screamed like nobody's business. We played till night time. We were saying that Luthfi looks like a mad banglah. Cause can't see him in the night and when he runs he looks like one. LOL. Damn funny la. Me, Des, Luthfi, Justin, Christopher, Adrian, Kenneth, Irfan, Javier and one other person( forgot who) got lost cause the leaders walked so fast. We walked the wrong way. Thinking that they would reach the campsite first cause we were really far behind, we just went off first. But when we reached they weren't even there. Mr Loh and 2 other councilors were looking for the 10 of us. When they reached, we got a really bad scolding. Mr Loh punished us by making us run up and down the hall. Then after that he made us do handstand. Cause i don't know how to do, he ask me to do pumping until they finish. But obviously the 9 of them can't do handstand at the same time what. So it took very long. Cause Mr Loh said they have to do until they go up at the same time. & My arm was damn pain. I had to do pumping till they finish.After awhile he told them to stop and he talked to us.

LAST NIGHT OF CAMP! Heh :D Went to Sentosa to play some games. Then went Vivo for lunch. Then LTC night, which is the best night. Me and Jac were the emcees. Buffet dinner. Then movies all the way. Slept around 3am.
Mitchell sabo-ed me la. Idiotic uh. I already told the brothers not to do anything to me. Cause usually on the last night, people who are sleeping will be sabo-ed. Meaning they'll draw on their hand, or put powder on them etc. Then that stupid Mitchell, he put ALOT of powder on my hair. And my hair is very long, he put on my whole hair la. Wtf. And he put this sticky, minty facial cream on my hand. So that when i touch my face it'll be smeared onto my face. In the middle of the night i was like' Why's my hand so sticky uh?' So i just went back to sleep. When i finally woke up, everyone was still sleeping. I saw my hand and bed. Full of powder. I wanted to scream la. Then Mitchell was sleeping infront of me. He told me he did it. I was like jnsfjasndna !
Urgh. I had to bath early in the morning when everyone's still sleeping.

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