Saturday, November 10, 2007

It stabbed us in the back this time
Is this the end of the line
'cause that'd be a crime

It's going 11pm and i haven't even packed my bag yet. Ahhhh! I seriously need to start packing right after i'm done blogging. I met Archie, YiFu & Justin to buy some of the prom stuff. Walked around half the day. My legs were practically gonna break man.
I reached home around 5pm. I slept till 7 plus when Alfred called me. Few minutes later he messaged me saying' Open the door'. When i opened the door, i expected to see him standing outside the door. Instead, i saw a paperbag with my name written on the front. & Guess what i saw inside?
Heh. He really bought it for me. I love it like cbnjshdaskjd ! I love you la Alfred Lim! Then he came out from where he was hiding and hugged me. The first thing he asked was
Alfred: ' Did i surprise you this time?'
Me: ' No, i suspected already. I could hear your background. Plus when DouDou started barking, i knew you were outside.'
Again, you failed. Lol. But nvm it's not your fault. Doudou ALWAYS spoil your surprises. Haha. What matters most is that you came to see me right before i leave for camp. & Even though we had a tiff in the afternoon, you still came to look for me. You actually sneaked away from your family gathering knowing that you weren't allowed to go out. All these tiny details i have at heart. You never fail to make me smile Alfred.

Okay. I'm so gonna miss my boyfriend, Raihanah, ShiKin, Beloved and my beeddddd ! ):
Okay now i really gotta go. Haha. I have to start packing my bag already. Somore gotta pack 2 bags. The camps gonna be fun i guess. It always is. With teh student councilor, it never bores me. I just hate camps cause i get homesick. Alright, i'm gonna miss you aliennnnss! (: Takecare. Till then ..

To You,
/You choose to walk out of my life
There's nothing left for me to say
But if you ever need me, i'm here for you.

Apart of me feels empty. Yet, i know this is not the end.

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