Thursday, August 20, 2009


This issue is escalating like crazy.
I can't take it; No i can't.

I GOT C6 FOR CHINESE -.- Wth wth wth wth!!!! I was aiming to get B3 man. At least i got 'Merit' for my oral. Better than getting a 'Pass'. Lol. Wahh this is damn... I have no words to describe how bad it is. Ima retake even though some advice tt i shouldn't. No harm trying, right?

Anyhoos, i got back not long ago from tuition & supper with dad. He talked to me bout some stuff tt i was on the brink of tears. Having some problems at home. I just pray tt things will be alright soon. Yknow sometimes i wish i had a perfect family. But tt's just impossible. Oh well. I shall not lean on my strength but God's. Please pull me through Lord.


& Recently i dreamt of Scottie. In the dream i was damn shock yet SUPER UBER FREAKING ULTI MILLI ZILLI HAPPY to see him. Like, literally. I was overjoyed tt i could hold him in my arms again & all. But, when i woke up.. It was just a dream ): I really do miss him. Whenever i think of him, i would tear cause i just miss him so so much. No doubt, Scottie will ALWAYS remain my number one lil precious treasure.

P.S. Sorry for this emo post. It just so happen tt i had a dream about Scottie & having problems at home.

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