Wednesday, August 26, 2009


He is the Lord of Lord,
& The King of Kings.
He is whom i can put my trust in & know for sure,
He WILL come true for me.

After my study session with my friends, i had dinner with my dad. & He talked to me about his job. Which is a taxi driver.

Have you ever scolded a taxi driver for driving the wrong way, charging you extra, cheating your money, driving too slow etc. ? Well, i def have scolded a taxi driver for driving the wrong way. LOL. Then again, being a taxi driver is a very tedious job. Especially for those who work night shift. Take my dad for an example, he works night shift. He comes home every morn looking so worn out. He drives all night long, picking up ALL kinds of people. People who are unreasonable, rude, kind & entertaining. However, sometimes lady luck ain't on my dad's side when he picks selfish people who run off after reaching their destination. It is a waste of his time & petrol. To travel so far & have a run-away customer.

Whenever the driver goes a longer way, it is not cause they wanna cheat your money (Well not most of the time). They go the way they are used to & what they think is the shortest/best way. But to us, it's as if they are trying to get more money outta us. So when we yell & scream at them for going to what seems like the longer way, there's nothing much they can say. If they were to retaliate, the argument will never end. So, no point. & The fare is charged by meter & time. Ever reached the same destination the same time, but the cab fare is totally different? Again, not tt they are cheating us of our money, but because of the waiting time at the traffic. Each time the car stops because of a traffic, the meter will still running & prolly add 10-20 cents more.

Or have you ever met an extremely talkative driver? As irritating as it may be at times, give the guy a break. They drive all day long, no one to talk to. So they tend to chatter non-stop to whoever they pick up. So be a kind soul & don't ignore the lad. He just wants a person to talk to.

So yeah. When my dad told me all these, it totally changed my perspective of Taxi drivers. The wrong judgments we have on them, are totally not what we see it as. They have their say too yknow. But some taxi drivers are evil. I'm not saying ALL are good.

I really admire my dad because he doesn't complain about his work. He said 'This is a very tiring job. But God spoke to me & told me to stay in this job because he wants to use me for a greater purpose- To help others by putting positive thinking into their mind.' I am glad he still keeps close to God. I just thank God for protecting my dad all these years. For answering my prayers (:

Ok ima go study again before i head to bed (:

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